Are You in Need of a Grants Pass, Oregon Alcohol Rehab Program?

While Grants Pass, Oregon is a growing community, its population of 61,239 indicates that there is probably a need for alcohol rehab in this particular part of Oregon. Alcohol is a major problem all over the country, and Grants Pass is certainly no different. Thousands of people in this city are affected by an alcohol addiction, and it’s important to note that alcohol treatment is the best way to overcome it.

Perhaps you are also struggling with an addiction to alcohol. Maybe you’ve even tried to quit drinking many times in the past, but you weren’t able to follow through with staying quit. Many people fall into that trap, and it results in a cycle of addiction that’s really hard to stop. Let’s talk about alcohol rehab in Grants Pass, Oregon in more detail.

Do Statistics Demonstrate a Need for Alcohol Rehab Programs in Grants Pass, OR?

It’s no secret that alcohol is, by far, the most abused drug in the United States. The statistics surrounding alcohol addiction in Grants Pass indicate that this particular area is no different. In fact:

  • 55% of all people who are in alcohol treatment in Grants Pass are there because of their involvement in the criminal justice system
  • Only 27,558 people in Grants Pass, Oregon report not drinking at all
  • 14,697 people in Grants Pass report heavy drinking on a regular basis
  • 900 individuals admit to drinking and using at least one other substance
  • Only 1.17% of people in the State of Oregon get the alcohol addiction treatment they need

With those types of statistics, it’s clear that there is a real need for alcohol rehab in Grants Pass. If you’re considering it for yourself, you probably have a lot of questions about what you can expect.

What Can You Expect at the Best Grants Pass, OR Alcohol Treatment Facility?

When you go to an alcohol rehab in Grants Pass, you will find that the staff will provide you with a personalized treatment plan, according to your unique needs. That’s because every person is different, and your treatment needs should be recognized and tended to while you’re getting professional help. You will participate with one-on-one counseling sessions with an addictions therapist who will help you understand more about your own addictive behaviors and histories. You’ll learn about why you became addicted, and you’ll also learn about ways to cope with your stress without having to turn to alcohol once you finish your alcohol treatment.

In addition to counseling, you’ll participate in group therapy. 12 Step Programs continue to be one of the most popular ways to treat alcoholism, and that’s because they have been so effective for so long. You should also expect to be a part of other types of support groups as well. It’s really incredible how helpful it is to know that you’re not alone in your struggles, and there are people out there who can relate to your story. They will help you, and you will help them too.

What are the Benefits of Alcohol Addiction Treatment in Grants Pass, Oregon?

There are so many benefits to getting alcohol addiction treatment in Grants Pass, OR. Many people suffer serious consequences once alcohol takes over their lives. They lose important relationships, they may lose contact with some of their closest friends, and many of them even lose their jobs. With the right type of professional support, you will start to work on repairing those broken relationships and even working toward being able to re-enter the workforce or go back to school. There are so many tremendous benefits to going to alcohol rehab in Grants Pass, Oregon, but above all, it will help you take the right steps to get your life back on track.

Should You Travel Away from Your Home in Grants Pass, Oregon for an Alcohol Rehab Center?

Perhaps you’re considering going to alcohol rehab in Grants Pass, Oregon, but if you’re being honest, you don’t like the idea of getting alcohol treatment so close to home. Many people appreciate being a bit further away from home when they get help for their addictions, and if that is how you feel, here at Northpoint Recovery, we want you to know that we’re here for you.

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