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Eugene, Oregon is located near the McKenzie River and the Willamette River about fifty miles east of the coast. Eugene is actually the second most populated city in the state, and in 2014, the population was about 160,000. Eugene, Oregon has a few nicknames that it’s easy for this area to live up to. It’s been called Emerald Valley and the Emerald City, and it’s clear that it earned these names because of its natural beauty. 

Living in Eugene gives you access to some of the most incredible conditions for outdoor activities. People who live there love to go bicycling, rafting and kayaking. The city is also a great place for business, and even the sports equipment giant, Nike got its start in Eugene. 

Even though Eugene might be a wonderful place to live, work, and raise a family, there is no perfect city in our country. All of them harbor dark secrets, and there are so many people living in Eugene who have problems with drug addiction. It’s possible that you’re one of them, and maybe you’ve been looking for a way to recover from your addiction for a long time. Perhaps you have questions about drug rehab, and what it will mean for your life if you choose to go. No matter where you are in your considerations of getting professional treatment for an addiction, here at Northpoint Recovery, we want you to know that you’re not alone, and you deserve to get answers for any questions you might have. 

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Do the Statistics Indicate a Need for Drug Rehab in Eugene, Oregon? 

It’s easy to think that the drug problem in Eugene might not be all that bad because you don’t see it very much. Many of the people who live in Eugene are professionals, and a lot of them have become quite good and keeping their addictions a secret. Even so, the statistics certainly tell a different story, and they indicate that there is a serious need for many people in this beautiful city to seek out professional help for their addictions to drugs. 

Consider the following: 

  • Of the 160,000 people who currently live in Eugene, about ten percent of them suffer from some type of drug addiction
  • Close to 3,000 people in Eugene, Oregon currently use drugs and regularly drink alcohol at the same time
  • Crack cocaine use is on the rise in Eugene, with close to 2,000 people admitting to this type of addiction
  • The number of people who are addicted to prescription drugs in Eugene, OR has climbed to more than 2,000
  • Almost 2,500 people in Eugene are addicted to heroin 

What about your addiction? Do you believe you’re counted in with these individuals? Regardless of your answer to that question, you don’t have to remain a part of these statistics, and you don’t need to become a statistic either. Going to drug rehab offer you the opportunity to leave your addiction behind and concentrate on building a life that’s full of hope and freedom. 

How do You Find the Best Drug Rehab Centers in Eugene, OR? 

If you go to any online search engine, you’re bound to find many options for drug rehab centers in Eugene, Oregon. The question is, how do you know you’ve found the best one for you, or the one that offers the most promise of a successful recovery? There are several characteristics you can serve for specifically that can help you determine that. 

  • Choose drug rehab programs that talk about their success rates with great confidence
  • Choose a drug rehab that provides nursing care around the clock
  • Choose a drug rehab that will help you get insurance coverage rather than making you pay out of pocket
  • Choose an addiction treatment facility that provides patients with their own personal treatment plans
  • Choose a drug treatment center that offers support to families as well as to patients
  • Choose a drug rehab that emphasizes the importance of drug detox to help with withdrawal symptoms 

These are just a few characteristics you should be looking for when researching the best drug rehab centers. If you find all of them in one, you can be sure you’ve chosen wisely. 

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How Can Drug Rehabilitation in Eugene, Oregon Help You Quit? 

When you go to a drug rehabilitation facility, you’ll find that they utilize a lot of great tools to help you be successful in your recovery long term. First of all, they’ll provide you with drug detox services that are appropriate for the type of drug you’re addicted to. This process helps your body rid itself of those harmful toxins much faster than it would if you were to quit on your own. 

Secondly, they’ll give you a treatment plan that will help you by addressing each area of your addiction. You’ll have the chance to talk with other patients about their experiences with drug addiction, and you’ll have plenty of time to work on your own issues that quite possibly led to your addiction in counseling sessions. You’ll find that because they’ll offer you such a well rounded level of support, it’s much easier for you to quit using drugs. You’ll be empowered to quit! 

Will Your Insurance Cover Inpatient Drug Rehab in Eugene, Oregon? 

It’s normal for people to be concerned about how they’ll be able to pay for inpatient drug rehab. Maybe you were under the impression that your health insurance might pay for an outpatient program, but not for an inpatient program. This isn’t the case at all. 

Your health insurance will cover the recommended level of addiction treatment for you, and this is due to changes in our country’s healthcare laws. Many people find that their insurance will pay for inpatient drug rehab in full, although not all of them do. Even if yours doesn’t, your out of pocket costs should be quite minimal. 

The best way to find out what your health insurance company will cover for you is to contact us here at Northpoint Recovery. We would be happy to provide you with a treatment recommendation over the phone, and we can even check your health insurance benefits. You should never have any surprises when it comes to paying for inpatient drug rehab, and we’ll make sure that you’re completely informed. 

How Can Families Encourage Admission Into a Drug Rehab Facility in Eugene, OR? 

Quite often, families have a hard time talking with their loved ones about their need for admission into one of the many drug rehab facilities in Eugene, Oregon. That’s because people have a tendency to believe that they can stop using on their own, and many of them don’t really see an issue with their drug use at all. For them, using drugs is just something that’s a part of their daily lives. 

However, families often see a very different picture. They see someone they love whose life is falling apart. They may see financial difficulties, children being hurt because of drug addiction, and marriages that are falling apart. Maybe these are some of the things you’re seeing, and you want to do everything you can to help your loved one. 

When you have tried to communicate your concerns, but they’re not being heeded at all, it’s time to take the next step. For many, that means scheduling an intervention. Interventions can be so helpful because they force the person who is addicted to make a decision. You’ll be talking with a group of people who are all very concerned about your loved one, and he or she will hear everything that’s said too. Once the intervention is over, your loved one can even opt to get help right away, and leave for drug rehab immediately. 

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Are There Different Types of Drug Rehab Programs in Eugene, Oregon? 

There are several types of drug rehab programs in Eugene, and it’s important to note that not everyone is going to be appropriate for the same level of care. You can opt for: 

  • Inpatient drug rehab
  • Outpatient drug rehab
  • Intensive outpatient drug rehab
  • Drug detox
  • 12 Step Program involvement on an outpatient basis 

Drug detox is usually done in an inpatient drug rehab facility as a precursor to inpatient treatment. It’s an excellent way to begin because it allows your body to get rid of toxins that can slow down the withdrawal process. 

Outpatient or intensive outpatient treatment are great for those whose addictions aren’t quite as severe, or for people who have small children or jobs that don’t allow them to be away from home for an inpatient program. 

12 Step Programs are done on an outpatient basis, and they usually involve going to weekly meetings with a support group and talking about your addiction. 

All of these methods are very good, and they’re all available in Eugene, Oregon. However, it must be stated that most people do require the added level of assistance and support they get at an inpatient facility. 

Eugene, OR Drug Treatment: How do You Get Started? 

Getting started with drug treatment in Eugene, Oregon is very simple, but it must begin with you making a decision to get help. Once you’ve made the decision, all you need to do is contact a drug rehab facility like Northpoint Recovery. We will talk with you over the phone about your options for drug treatment, and you’ll be able to tell us about your addiction history. Once you’re finished, we’ll make a recommendation for you and offer to contact your insurance company to get the admission process started. 

When you arrive at our Eugene, Oregon drug treatment facility, we’ll do some paperwork with you and introduce you to our admissions staff. They’ll check your belongings and show you to your room. Before long, you’ll meet a doctor and other members of our medical staff so that your treatment can begin right away. 

It really is that simple to get the help you need to recover from an addiction. You’ll have a treatment plan that’s designed for you specifically, and you’ll be involved in every step of your recovery while you’re here with us. 

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Choosing Addiction Treatment near Eugene, Oregon at Northpoint Recovery 

Are you suffering with an addiction? Are you tired of feeling as though it’s dragging you down all the time? Maybe you feel like you just can’t get ahead, or perhaps you even feel like a failure because of how many times you’ve tried to quit using drugs without being successful. You are certainly not alone. Many people have tried to quit using drugs on their own, and most of them failed. An addiction to drugs can be so incredibly powerful, which is why you really need the help of supportive professionals in order to quit and stay quit. 

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