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Drug and Alcohol Treatment Resources in Corvallis, Oregon

Addiction is a painful and often debilitating disease with the potential to cause unimaginable pain. One of the cruel ironies of this disease is that, the longer you remain addicted, the more likely you are to refuse treatment. Addicts frequently believe they're beyond redemption and help, and may avoid rehab because they feel such shame about the direction of their lives. Rehab, though, is the most effective treatment option, and a place such as NorthPoint Recovery can help you begin putting your life back together.

Support groups play a key role in the journey. Your support system can supplement what you've learned in rehab, or can serve as a stop-gap measure until you have the time or money to attend inpatient treatment. A local group offers you support when you need it, maximizing your chances of getting clean.

AA Meetings in Corvallis

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) has been around for more than a century, and has helped million of alcoholics get clean in that time. Participants work through the program's 12 steps, which encourage personal accountability, healing, and permanent abstinence from alcohol. AA meetings are available at all times of the day, which means you can probably find a support group whenever you need it. To find an Alcoholics Anonymous group near you, click this link. Some other local options include:




NA Meetings in Corvallis

Narcotics Anonymous (NA) relies on a model very similar to AA's, and its 12 steps are almost identical to those of Alcoholics Anonymous. NA also sponsors drug-specific groups such as Cocaine Anonymous and Marijuana Anonymous. To find a local group, follow this link. Some other local resources include:





Al-Anon and Nar-Anon Meetings in Corvallis

Addicts often spend months, or even years, refusing to seek help. Even when an addict immediately pursues assistance for his or her addiction, though, addiction wreaks havoc on loved ones. Friends and family may be endlessly lied to, stolen from, or ignored. They may wonder if their relationship with the addict will ever be the same. Al-Anon and Nar-Anon offer support to loved ones, encouraging them to set boundaries and work toward happy, independent lives. These groups also sponsor groups specifically designed for teenagers – Alateen and Narateen.

You can find a Nar-Anon family group near your home by following this link.

You can find a local Al-Anon meeting here.

Drug Support Groups in Corvallis

NA isn't right for everyone. Some addicts don't like step-based programs, while others are uncomfortable with the programs vaguely religious references to a “higher power.” In other cases, addicts simply want an additional program to supplement their regular NA meetings. If you need an alternative or supplement to Narcotics Anonymous, consider a Smart Recovery program.

Alcohol Treatment Resources in Corvallis

AA uses a model almost identical to NA, so like NA, it's not right for everyone. You may also want a group with a slightly different philosophy so you can decide which model works best for your needs.

Why Should I Seek Help for Addiction?

No matter who you've hurt, how hopeless you feel, or how daunting recovery seems, treatment works. Addiction is a disease, not something you willingly choose, and support groups can help you begin fighting back against this terrible disease. Many addicts, though, struggle with denial for months or even years before seeking help. Denial is a common symptom of addiction, but denying your addiction will never make it go away. Still unsure whether you need help? If you can answer yes to three or more of the following questions, you may be an addict:

  • Do you go through withdrawal when you can't use drugs or alcohol?
  • Do drugs and alcohol affect how you schedule your day, or do you take breaks to use alcohol or drugs?
  • Do you have a history of addiction?
  • Have you previously relapsed?
  • Does addiction run in your family?
  • Do you live or spend most of your time with addicts?
  • Have you tried to quit, but so far been unable to do so?
  • Do you need drugs or alcohol to feel normal?
  • Do you worry you won't be able to do your job without drugs or alcohol?
  • Has your spouse threatened to leave you over your use of drugs or alcohol?
  • Have loved ones expressed concerns that you may be an addict?
  • Do you miss important events, ignore hobbies you care about, or neglect loved ones because of drugs or alcohol?
  • Do you prioritize drugs and alcohol over events you previously enjoyed or people you love?
  • Do you say or do things you regret when you're on drugs or alcohol?
  • Do you use drugs or alcohol around your kids?
  • Do you have a dysfunctional home environment?
  • Have you ever become violent with loved ones or behaved in abusive ways because you were intoxicated?
  • Do you break the law, doctor-shop, or steal to gain access to alcohol or drugs?
  • Do you have health problems because of alcohol or drugs?
  • Do you go to work drunk or high?
  • Have drugs or alcohol caused you legal, financial, career, or family problems?
  • Have you gotten into legal trouble due to drugs or alcohol?
  • Do you lie to others about your drug and alcohol use?