Learn more about drug rehab in Corvallis, Oregon, and whether or not inpatient drug rehab is the right option for you.

There are so many people in Corvallis, Oregon who struggle with a drug addiction. In fact, looking at the statistics can be very eye-opening regarding how serious this issue is in this part of the state. Statistics show that: 

  • Close to 6,000 people in Corvallis, Oregon struggle with some type of drug addiction problem
  • Opiates and tranquilizers are among the top prescription drugs that are abused in Corvallis, and they’re used by close to 300 people
  • Heroin addiction has increased dramatically in Corvallis, OR, and there are more than 1,000 people who admit to being addicted to it
  • Almost 900 people in Corvallis, Oregon admit to being addicted to cocaine
  • Close to 1,000 people in Corvallis admit to regularly drinking alcohol and using drugs at the same time 

Corvallis, Oregon is certainly a wonderful place to live. However, it must be stated that there is a severe drug problem there, with about 10% of the population admitting to being addicted to some type of drug. Perhaps you’re one of these people, and regardless of how long you’ve been addicted, you know that you’re in need of help to stop using. 

Here at Northpoint Recovery, we want you to know that we’re here for you. We understand that you probably have a lot of questions about drug rehab; especially if that’s a step you’ve never taken before. We want to answer your questions and help you understand how drug treatment can help you with your recovery. 

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How Can the Best Drug Rehab Centers in Corvallis, OR Help You Recover? 

When you spend your days battling a drug addiction, recovery seems as though it’s so far away from you. Maybe you woke up this morning and you decided that today was going to be the day you stopped using any drugs whatsoever. Unfortunately, your resolve didn’t last very long, and before you knew it, you were using again. 

Sadly, this is a way of life for many people, and it isn’t that they lack the willpower that’s needed to stop using. It’s that they don’t have the knowledge, support and skills to maintain a quit for a long period of time. The best drug rehab centers understand exactly what you need, and they’re able to provide you with the support that’s necessary during this critical time in your life. Drug rehab programs assist their patients by offering them: 

  • A place to stay that’s comfortable, modern and relaxing, so that it’s free from stress
  • A place to retreat from the challenges of everyday life so they can focus on their recoveries
  • Professional support that’s always present so that they can feel as though they’re not alone
  • Coping skills that they can put to good use once drug rehab is over
  • Healing for other areas of their lives that possibly led to the formation of their addictions 

That list is just a few of the things you’ll find when you go to one of the best rehab centers in Corvallis, Oregon. There are so many great benefits, and you’ll be able to experience them all. 

Are Drug Rehab Programs in Corvallis, Oregon Affordable? 

Let’s talk about the costs associated with drug rehab programs. This is a big problem for a lot of people because when you have to pay out of pocket for drug rehab, it can get expensive very quickly. However, that should not be an issue for most people because of recent changes in our country’s healthcare laws. 

You’re probably familiar with The Affordable Care Act because you were required to obtain health insurance, either through your employer, or through one of the government policies. However, what you might not be aware of is the fact that The Affordable Care Act also made it required for all health insurers to at least partially cover addiction treatment. Many of them took that one step further because they saw the value in helping people recover from addictions, and they started covering it in full. This is such great news because now, so many people who weren’t able to get help for their addictions can finally find a drug rehab facility that will give them the care they need. 

You can find out how much your health insurance policy will cover by talking with someone here at Northpoint Recovery. We’ll recommend drug treatment for you, and then contact your insurance company on your behalf to inquire about your benefits. 

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Can You Try Quitting on Your Own Before Going to Drug Treatment in Corvallis, OR? 

If you’re like many people, you may be thinking that you’d rather try to quit using drugs on your own before you opt for some type of professional drug treatment. This is actually quite a common mindset because most people feel as though they’re addictions are entirely within their control. Unfortunately, that’s usually not the case. 

While you can try to quit on your own, it’s generally not recommended for anyone to attempt addiction recovery without professional monitoring and supervision. The withdrawal symptoms you experience might be quite severe, and they can result in some serious medical complications. At the very least, they’re likely to lead to a relapse, which can drive you further and further into your addiction. 

Some of the most common drug addiction withdrawal symptoms are: 

  • Chronic and painful headaches
  • Stomach upset, including nausea and vomiting
  • Digestive problems, including diarrhea and constipation
  • Muscle pain and joint aches
  • Shakiness in your hands
  • Mental issues such as anxiety and depression
  • Intense cravings that are difficult to overcome
  • Trouble sleeping or falling asleep at night 

There are some even worse side effects too. Heart issues are common when stopping certain drugs abruptly, and you might experience heart palpitations or even have a heart attack. You’re also at risk of seizures or stroke. Historically, some people have even committed suicide because they couldn’t handle their withdrawal symptoms. 

You should never attempt to quit using drugs on your own, and the safest way to quit is by talking with a professional about what your steps should be to get help. 

What are the Various Types of Addiction Treatment in Corvallis, Oregon? 

There are a lot of options available to you when you want to stop using drugs, and you should definitely know what they are so you can make the decision that’s right for you. 

  • Drug detox – This is often recommended for those who have been using alcohol, prescription drugs and cocaine, but it can be recommended for those who use other types of drugs too. Your risk of dangerous withdrawal symptoms is severe with certain types of drugs, and drug detox moves toxins out of your body faster so that your withdrawal time is much shorter.
  • Outpatient treatment – There are some people who aren’t able to go to inpatient drug rehab, and for them, outpatient can be a good decision. Most outpatient clinics offer sessions once or twice a week with a therapist, and they may also offer group therapy.
  • Intensive outpatient treatment – This type of treatment is still outpatient, but it’s much more intense. Patients generally go for three to five times a week, and they have group therapy and individual counseling. This method is often chosen for people who need a “step down” approach to their follow up care after inpatient treatment has ended.
  • 12 Step Programs – The 12 Step Program method of drug addiction treatment has grown in popularity since it was started several decades ago. It works very well because it connects drug users with each other in a group setting, and it allows them to talk and offer each other support throughout their recoveries.
  • Inpatient Drug Rehab – In many ways, inpatient drug rehab is considered the “gold standard” of addiction treatment. This method is what most people think of when they think of drug treatment and it involves patients staying at a clinic for about 28 days while they participate in group therapy and get counseling. 

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What Makes Inpatient Drug Rehab in Corvallis, OR the Best Option? 

Inpatient drug rehab is probably the best option for you, whether you’ve been addicted to drugs for a long time, or you’ve just formed an addiction to them. This type of treatment has so many benefits, and it’s helped many people recover successfully. 

When you go to an inpatient drug rehab facility, you’re removed from the environment where your drug use occurs, and that alone is often a big help to people who want to stop using. Perhaps you have friends who use, or maybe you live in a home where drug addiction is a part of what happens during the course of every day. When you go to an inpatient drug rehab facility, you’re taken out of that environment, and you’re able to learn about why your addiction is so dangerous. 

Inpatient treatment also gives you access to professional insight and support, which is something you definitely need during this crucial time in your life. It can be so helpful to talk with someone who understands what you’re going through when you’re working on your recovery, and they’ll be able to offer you tips to get your mind on other things so that you can be successful. 

For those who choose inpatient drug rehab, they’re usually very thankful that they made that choice because it gave them what they needed to recovery without relapsing. 

How Can Families Encourage Drug Rehabilitation in Corvallis, OR? 

For families who have a loved one who struggles with addiction, it can be so difficult to communicate your concern to them. However, here at Northpoint Recovery, we offer intervention services that will allow you to communicate how you feel effectively. We can even arrange for addiction treatment to begin right away. 

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What Can You Expect from Corvallis, Oregon Drug Rehab Facilities? 

You can expect so many things from Corvallis, Oregon drug rehab facilities, but most of all, you should expect to receive excellent care, 24 hours a day that provides you with everything you need to be successful in your recovery. You can expect a modern, comfortable facility that provides you with a great level of support, and you can expect to learn so much about your personal experience with addiction, and how to heal so that you never return to it again. 

Drug Rehab near Corvallis, Oregon: Choosing Northpoint Recovery 

Corvallis, Oregon is a city that’s located in the central western part of the state, and in 2013, the population of Corvallis was estimated to be about 56,000 people. The city’s motto is “Enhancing Community Livability,” and that’s certainly a motto that we can get behind, here at Northpoint Recovery. It is our goal to do our part to enhance the communities in Corvallis by offering access to the best drug rehab centers there. If you’re in need of addiction treatment, and you’d like to talk with someone about the various options that are available to you, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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