Substance abuse in Beaverton, Oregon is a serious illness, not just a personal choice or failing. Addicts don't think like themselves because drugs and alcohol so fundamentally alter their minds. The temptation to use can be overwhelming, particularly given that addiction may be in our genes; research suggests that even our animal cousins use and become addicted to mind-altering substances. Recovery from drugs and alcohol really is possible, though, and drug treatment programs make the process far less daunting.

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Drug and Alcohol Rehab and Treatment Options in Beaverton, Oregon

Nestled just outside of Portland, the suburb of Beaverton boasts a population of 90,000. Much like Portland, it is home to a bevy of artists, writers, and musicians, as well as an active and vibrant cultural life. Unsurprisingly, though, Beaverton is also home to many people struggling with drug and alcohol addiction.

A legislative referendum may soon legalize marijuana in rehab, but this doesn't change the fact that marijuana is a problem for many users. About half the Beaverton population uses marijuana, and 5% of marijuana users eventually become addicts. Marijuana rehab might seem stranger than drug rehab in Beaverton, but it is increasingly becoming necessary for people who grow dependent on this potentially powerful drug.

Many more residents also need the assistance of alcohol rehab in Beaverton, Oregon. Alcohol and alcoholism plays a key role in Beaverton's cultural life, and is readily available practically everywhere. Though alcohol is sometimes marketed as a relatively harmless drug, it has an exceedingly high rate of addiction. Fully 15% of adults admit to an alcohol addiction, and 10% of teens regularly binge drink.

In recent years, Beaverton has seen a surge in prescription drug abuse, and residents are increasingly seeking prescription drug rehab. Prescription drugs cause more drug-related deaths than any other group of drugs, and the problem is made even worse by the fact that some addicts may need these drugs to combat serious medical conditions.

Beaverton is witnessing a huge increase in heroin rehab admissions, with abuse of other street drugs also increasing. Many addicts need assistance getting off of drugs such as PCP, crack, meth, and cocaine. Getting clean on your own isn't always easy, but drug rehab can change lives. In rehab, you'll learn to combat triggers for abuse, gain mastery over your cravings, and even learn how to be around drug users without feeling tempted to use.

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Why Should I Seek Alcohol Rehab in Beaverton?

While people who abuse other drugs typically do so in secret, many alcoholics publicly abuse the drug for years. Alcohol forms an important part of cultural life in Beaverton, acting as a social lubricant, a friend in times of stress, and a way to celebrate achievements. This ubiquitous nature of alcohol, though, makes it tough for alcoholics to admit they have a problem, let alone recover. Moreover, the legal nature of alcohol serves as a ready excuse for addicts who aren't yet ready to quit. Make no mistake about it, though. Alcohol is a dangerous and potentially fatal drug. Every year, it kills 88,000 people.

Ninety percent of Beaverton residents drink – a fact that can make quitting seem daunting. Recovering alcoholics must learn to be around alcohol without caving into pressure, and alcohol rehab in Beaverton can help you master this skill. By the time you complete your alcohol treatment program, you'll be fully equipped to live a life of sobriety. Delaying only allows alcohol to further harm your life, so call for help today.

Why Should I Seek Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Beaverton?

Drug abuse isn't a choice any sane person would willingly make. Instead, addiction to drugs is a chronic illness that dramatically alters addicts' brains and behavior. One of the lies addiction tells its victims is that they're not actually addicts. This problem is particularly pronounced among people who abuse prescription drugs such as OxyContin, Ritalin, Adderall, or Valium. Prescription drug addiction in Beaverton is extremely dangerous, though, particularly when you abuse a drug you need to treat a medical condition.

Likewise, marijuana users frequently reside in a permanent state of denial about their addictions. Marijuana is a bit less addictive than some other drugs, but this by no means makes it safe. Some marijuana addicts use marijuana to self-medicate against symptoms of mental illness, anger, or stress, thus preventing them from getting the help they need. This approach also makes quitting marijuana markedly challenging, and can give rise to chronic and long-term marijuana abuse.

Street drugs such as crack, meth, cocaine, and PCP are even more dangerous. Simply purchasing these drugs puts you in danger of arrest – or worse, leaves you at the mercy of an unpredictable and unstable drug dealer. A stunning 50% of street drug abusers are arrested at least once, and an arrest can wreak havoc on your life.

No matter what drug you need to quit using, drug rehab in Beaverton, Oregon can offer you hope. Drug addiction kills more people each year than any other accidental cause of death, and addicts make 2.5 million trips to emergency rooms every year. You deserve better than living with the endless danger and hopelessness of addiction, and the cost of treatment is nothing when compared to the toll drugs exact on your life. If you're still not sure you need help, here are some clues that you're an addict, not just a casual user:

  • Repeatedly trying, but failing, to get sober on your own.
  • Relapsing after successfully quitting.
  • Experiencing psychological or physical withdrawal symptoms.
  • Using drugs or alcohol to manage a mental or physical health condition.
  • Structuring your day around when you'll next be able to use drugs or alcohol.
  • Using drugs or alcohol reflexively, without even thinking about your choice.
  • Experiencing guilt, depression, shame, anxiety, or hopelessness about your addiction.
  • Needing a steadily larger dose to get the same high you once got.
  • Lying to loved ones about using drugs.

The best time to seek meth rehab, cocaine rehab, or rehab for your drug of choice is always now. Drug addiction is a progressive disease that only gets worse with time, so each day you delay treatment is a day you delay a better, more meaningful life.

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What to Expect in Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Beaverton

Every alcohol treatment program and drug treatment program is a bit different, just like the addicts to whom these facilities cater. Some are luxurious facilities featuring chef-cooked meals and endless activities, while others focus primarily on getting you sober. The cost of rehab, though, is partially determined by how many extras the facility offers, so bear this in mind when shopping for a program. Your goal should be to choose the right place for your needs. Focus on a facility where you feel comfortable and welcome. No matter where you go, you can expect at least the following services:

  • Group support programs such as Alcoholics Anonymous, group therapy, or informal support group meetings.
  • Medical assistance through the detox process, as well as a doctor's care to manage mental or physical health conditions.
  • Educational seminars, pamphlets, or brochures about the disease of addiction; your facility may offer education for your family as well.
  • Family programs such as group activities or family counseling.
  • Individual counseling to help yo understand the specifics of your addiction while aiding you in devising and implementing a long-term sobriety plan.
  • Help creating and implementing a long-term sobriety plan.
  • Educational and recreational programs.

Rehab usually lasts between 30 and 60 days, with the average stay hovering around 45 days. The length of time you stay in rehab, though, depends on your specific addiction. Long-term addicts may need more time, while some users are able to get clean and sober more quickly. Your goal should be to collaborate with your treatment team to determine how long you need to be in rehab and what goals you need to accomplish while there.

How Can I Tell if I Need Rehab?

It's not easy to admit that your life is dominated by drugs and alcohol. Admitting that you have a problem, though, finally empowers you to get the help you need. Still on the fence about whether rehab is right for you? Here are some signs that you may need the supportive environment of rehab to achieve lasting sobriety:

  • You're addicted to multiple drugs, or you have previously battled addiction.
  • You've experienced health problems due to your addiction.
  • You use drugs or alcohol to mask health symptoms.
  • You've been an addict for more than a year.
  • You've hurt family or friends because of your addiction.
  • Addiction runs in your family.
  • You live with addicts or in an otherwise abusive or dysfunctional environment.
  • You are addicted to drugs you need to manage a medical condition.
  • You've experienced financial or legal problems due to your addiction

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