Is an Albany, Oregon Drug Rehab the Right Option for You?

There’s no question that Albany, Oregon is one of the most beautiful places in the state. With its ever-increasing population of 51,412 people, it’s become a wonderful place for individuals and families alike. However, even the best communities in the United States struggle with drug addiction problems, and Albany is no exception to that rule. Even so, many people fail to enter an appropriate drug rehab in Albany, Oregon.

Like other cities in the United States, Albany, Oregon also has a serious addiction problem. The statistics are haunting, and there is a clear indication that there is a need for improved addiction treatment facilities. For example, did you know that:

  • In 2013, there were 222 drug-related deaths in the State of Oregon?
  • Of those deaths, heroin was involved with 65% of them?
  • During the same year, there were 58 deaths that were linked to the use of meth?
  • Over the years, the number of drug-related deaths has increased, and there are now 12 deaths for every 100,000 people in Oregon?
  • Police have seen a rise in the number of times heroin and meth have been used together in Albany, OR?

These statistics point to a need for drug treatment in Albany, OR, and the fact remains that approximately 26% of all adults who need help for their addictions do not seek out a formal program for drug rehab.

Perhaps this is the situation you have found yourself in, as well. As you’re reading this, you know you would like to do something different. You feel as though you’ve become a slave to your drug use, and you want to make a change. It’s possible that you’ve even tried to stop using drugs in the past, but you weren’t able to on your own.

Here at Northpoint Recovery, we want you to know that we understand where you’re coming from. We know the uneasiness that can come with not knowing what you should do next, or from being afraid to reach out for professional help through drug rehab. In Albany, Oregon, we can help you. Let’s begin by answering some of the questions you might be having about drug treatment.

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Is Going to the Best Drug Rehab in Albany, Oregon a Real Necessity in Order to Quit?

Unfortunately, people often look at going to drug rehab as an inconvenience, rather than something that could potentially help them break their drug addictions. As a result, they opt to try to quit using drugs on their own, and this generally turns into a cycle of drug use, withdrawal and relapse. Withdrawal symptoms can be extremely powerful, and with every relapse, the addiction to drugs becomes deeper. It also becomes easier to relapse time and time again because of the mentality of “I’ll try again next week” or “I’ll quit again when there isn’t so much stress in my life.” These thoughts only serve to feed the addiction.

Going to an Albany, Oregon drug rehab facility is one way to arrest addiction and avoid this never-ending cycle. For the majority of people, it takes professional drug treatment to help them understand the roots of their addiction, and they need the support in order to stay on their recovery journeys.

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Will the Best Albany, OR Drug Treatment Facility Cost a Lot of Money?

Before The Affordable Care Act was put into place, the cost of drug treatment varied, depending on your insurance plan. Not everyone had health insurance, and so those individuals either went without the substance abuse treatment they needed, or they had to come up with a way to pay for it out of pocket. As you can probably guess, most of these individuals generally just tried to quit on their own, and they probably weren’t very successful at it.

Now that The Affordable Care Act is in place, not only are all Americans required to have health insurance, but all health insurance plans are required to provide for some type of coverage for drug treatment. For some people, this translates into having their addiction treatment completely paid for by their plans. Others may have a small out of pocket expense, but it still makes getting help for your addiction so much more affordable than it once was.

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What Can I Expect by Going to Addiction Treatment in Albany, OR?

When you get addiction treatment in Albany, OR, you can expect it to be fairly intense. Some facilities highly recommend drug detox as a way to get your body through the withdrawal period much faster than it would if you were just quitting cold turkey. This is quite beneficial for you health wise, as well, simply because there are some drugs that can cause a host of serious medical problems if you stop them abruptly.

You can also expect to meet with a counselor who will work with you on an individual basis. Your counselor will help you work through the reasons behind your drug use. Not everyone is aware of the source of their addictions, and trauma victims are an excellent example of this. It’s important to uncover the reasons why you turned to drug use in the first place. Healing those areas of hurt and pain can go a long way toward bringing your body and your mind the healing that needs to take place. Additionally, you’ll also work on plans to make some changes in your life so that you can avoid using drugs again in the future.

Group therapy is also a major component in most drug rehab facilities in Albany, Oregon. Research has shown, time and time again, that people in addiction recovery gain a lot of insight into their own addictive behaviors when they learn from and alongside a group of their peers. Not only will you be able to learn from their experiences, but you’ll also provide them with the help they need too.

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Is it Worth Traveling Away from my Home in Albany, Oregon for a Drug Rehab Center?

Perhaps when you think of going to drug rehab, the thought of traveling away from your home in Albany, OR didn’t really cross your mind. It might surprise you to learn that many people have found that being away from home was one of the key components that made their addiction treatment more successful. For them, it helped to have some time to themselves, where they didn’t have to worry about the challenges of day to day life as much. They were able to focus on their treatment and healing from all the damage that drugs have done to them. Once their treatment was finished, they felt as though they had made great strides, and they were ready to return home with a brand new outlook on life. You might find that you have a similar experience.

Here at Northpoint Recovery, we want you to know that our facility is there for you if you’re searching for a place to obtain the best drug rehab and addiction treatment services in the region. We have worked with many individuals from the Albany, Oregon area, and we would love to have the opportunity to assist you with your recovery goals as well.

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