Drug and Alcohol Detox in Albany, Oregon: Exploring the Benefits

If you live in Albany, Oregon, you’re fortunate to live in one of the most beautiful cities in the region. It has a growing population of 51,412, and that number is increasing with every passing year. While the area is growing and prospering, the number of people in need of addiction treatment is also growing. In Albany, Oregon, drug and alcohol detox is one of the most important components of any substance abuse treatment program.

Perhaps you’ve been battling an addiction to drugs or alcohol for a long time, and you’ve thought about getting help, but you’re just not sure. It might even seem as though it should be something you can beat on your own. Unfortunately, most people are not able to quit on their own, but the right drug rehab or alcohol rehab in Albany, OR can help. For many people, a successful quit begins with alcohol detox and drug detox.

Do the Statistics Demonstrate a Need for Drug and Alcohol Detox Programs in Albany, OR?

The statistics do demonstrate a need for drug detox and alcohol detox in Albany, Oregon, and the amount of people who need addiction treatment, but who fail to get it is incredible. In fact:

  • Nationwide, 20.8 million people who need substance abuse treatment never get it
  • Albany, Oregon has become an area of great concern for heroin and meth use, according to the Albany Police Department
  • In Albany, OR, the amount of heroin recovered by police doubled from 2009-2012
  • In Albany, Oregon, the amount of meth recovered by police tripled during that same time period
  • 26% of adults in Albany are alcoholics in need of treatment

The right drug and alcohol detox program can assist with helping you get on the road to recovery, even though it might seem like it’s impossible right now. Professional alcohol and drug detox can give you the tools you need.

What is Albany, Oregon Alcohol and Drug Detox Like?

There are various forms of drug and alcohol detox, and not every type is appropriate for all people. During alcohol and drug detox, your body goes through a lot of changes as it grows accustomed to not having those substances any longer. For those who choose to quit on their own, withdrawal symptoms can become intolerable, and they are what drive people back to using. However, detoxification combines nutrition, physical exercise and sometimes medication to improve the way you feel and minimize or even eliminate those symptoms. It can last for a few weeks, but most people feel that it was a vital part of their recoveries.

What are the Benefits of the Best Drug and Alcohol Detox in Albany, OR?

The biggest benefit of going through drug detox and alcohol detox is being able to experience what it feels like to have your body free from all of those toxic substances. It’s normal for your overall health to improve as they leave your system. Other benefits include things like regaining your ability to control your addictive behaviors and improving your relationships with the people you care about the most. Many who are addicted to drugs and alcohol are unable to maintain jobs or even continue to go to school, so for those individuals, a major benefit of drug detox and alcohol detox is getting those important parts of their lives back.

It’s important to note that a lot of people report that going through drug and alcohol detox allowed them to avoid relapsing in the future when the opportunity presented itself. They felt much more prepared to handle the temptation of using, and they were able to resist giving in.

Should I Travel from my Home in Albany, Oregon to go to a Drug and Alcohol Detox Center?

While drug and alcohol detox is an excellent option that may be available to you prior to going to drug treatment Albany, Oregon, you may want to consider traveling to a facility that’s a bit further away from home to get the help you need. Here at Northpoint Recovery, we’ve worked with many clients from the Albany, Oregon area, and they have all appreciated becoming a part of a smaller, more personalized facility for their addiction treatment. Being away from home gives you the opportunity to focus on yourself and your treatment goals first and foremost.

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