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An Ohio Drug Detox Program May be the First Step in Getting Your Life Back

Choosing an Ohio drug detox is the very first step you should take when you’re ready to quit using. Maybe you weren’t really aware that this was something you should be considering. You’ve thought about recovering from your drug addiction, but you thought you’d need drug rehab. Going to a rehabilitation center is an important part of the process, but detoxing should come first.

This concept might be new to you, and if it is, we’re glad you’re here. We’d like to provide you with all the information you need about going to drug detox in Ohio. We will do our best to answer all of your questions in the information that follows.

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What Happens When You go to an Ohio Drug Detox Program?

When you arrive at the Ohio detox center, you’ll be greeted warmly as soon as you walk in. If you’re nervous, you’ll soon realize that there’s no need to be. The staff will all make you feel right at home.

The first order of business will be to complete your assessment. This allows the staff to get to know you better and understand what your needs are. They’ll ask you about the types of drugs you have been using and how frequently you use. They will also ask you about any medications you take, or any health problems you have. The more information they can gather at your intake, the better.

Afterwards, you’ll get to see your room, and you’ll have a medical exam with a doctor. The doctor will assess you for any medical needs that should be treated right away. He’ll talk with you about his recommendations for your detox program. We’ll discuss what those may involve in just a moment. 

After this, your detox will begin. You won’t be worried about experiencing something unexpected because everything will be explained. You’ll feel comfortable and confident that you’re getting the care you need.

The goal of the detoxification process is to rid your body of toxins. This serves a few different purposes. It will:

  • Allow the healing process to be more comfortable for you
  • Help you feel better faster
  • Allow you to get relief for many, if not all of your withdrawal symptoms
  • Help to prepare you to enter drug rehab
  • Protect you against experiencing any complications that can result from quitting your use of drugs

It may seem strange to you that your body would react in a negative way when you stop using. Most people feel this way because quitting is supposed to be a good thing. While it is a very good thing, your body has gotten used to the presence of drugs. When they’re no longer there, it’s as though your brain and your physical body get confused. They don’t know how to respond, and the result is withdrawal.

Don’t worry, because with the right treatment, withdrawal can be overcome. You’ll be feeling better before you know it, as long as you go through the detox process first.

Common Symptoms of Withdrawal Many Addicts Experience

The symptoms of drug withdrawal can vary from person to person. What you experience is likely to be quite different from what someone else goes through. This can be true even if you’ve both become addicted to the exact same substance.

Information on Drug Detox in Ohio

Still, there are some withdrawal symptoms that are considered to be typical. Many of these often occur when stopping most types of drugs, and they are:

  • Hot or cold sweats
  • Bouts of nausea
  • Excessive vomiting
  • Painful headaches
  • Symptoms of depression
  • Symptoms of anxiety
  • Diarrhea and/or constipation
  • Insomnia and/or fatigue
  • The onset of physical pain
  • Cravings for the drug of choice
  • Anger or irritability
  • Shaking or even tremors

Sometimes drug withdrawal can even become dangerous. There may be some addicts who develop seizures, heart problems or even suffer from strokes. These aren’t quite as common as the symptoms on the list above, but they have been known to occur.

Yes, there are various stages of withdrawal that addicts will experience. Fortunately for most drugs, the symptoms don’t all hit at once. Instead, withdrawal tends to occur in a certain progression. For example:

  • Stage 1: This refers to the period of time right after you quit using. You may start to experience symptoms within 6 to 12 hours. Most people have gone through this type of “early withdrawal” and they often don’t realize it gets worse. At this point, you may only have a few signs, such as cravings or perhaps a headache.
  • Stage 2: Your symptoms will begin to intensify slowly over the next 24-48 hours. You should see new symptoms begin to develop as the time goes on. At times, they may become unbearable for you. It is at this point that most “cold turkey quitters” decide that they’d rather use to get relief.
  • Stage 3: This is the peak of your withdrawal. You should experience this right around the 72-hour mark. At the peak, your withdrawal symptoms are the worst they will become. The temptation to give up is right there, but it does get better from here.
  • Stage 4: Symptoms begin to decrease in their severity once you reach this stage. Some of them may disappear completely, while others may linger, but not be as bad. This stage may continue for about a week.
  • Stage 5: Most of your withdrawals are gone, and you’re starting to feel more like yourself again. This stage is usually experienced during the second week after your last use.
  • Stage 6: Not everyone experiences this stage, which can last for several months after quitting. During this stage, random withdrawals may return without warning. They can be very severe and hard to deal with.

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What About Using a Drug Detox Kit or Cleanse Instead of Going to a Professional Drug Detox Center in Ohio?

It’s tempting to consider just going to a local pharmacy in Ohio and getting something to help with detox. You may have seen detoxification kits, drug detox pills, cleanses or even drinks. Quite often, people going through opiate withdrawal believe that home remedies are all they need. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

We live in a world that has become very “natural” minded. This is a good thing, but it can also cause problems. The FDA has not approved any at-home treatments for drug withdrawal symptoms. This means that they might not be safe. There hasn’t even been any proof that they are effective at all.

It’s best to steer clear from these types of solutions. They may sound good, and they may make grand promises to work. However, you’re much safer if you choose a professional detox program to recover in.

What Makes Drug Detox Programs in Ohio Different From Quitting Cold Turkey?

It’s not safe for you to quit some types of drugs cold turkey. For example, if you’re addicted to prescription opiate drugs, quitting cold turkey isn’t recommended. You could force your body into a shocked state, which can make recovery very difficult for you. You may also end up relapsing, and even have an overdose.

When you enter a detox center, you get the drug withdrawal treatments you need. This might include tapering if you’ve become addicted to a prescribed medication. Tapering isn’t something that you can do on your own.

Above all, you’ll get the support you need to be successful in a professional setting. You won’t find that if you attempt a cold turkey quit. Even if your family is very supportive, it’s not the same.

If You’re Not an Addict, do You Need Substance Abuse Detox?

It’s possible that you are someone who abuses drugs, but you’re not an addict. Maybe you’ve even talked with someone about your drug problem and they confirmed this. If you’re a substance abuser, you don’t need to go through the detox process.

At this point, you might be able to quit using drugs with very little difficulty. However, you may find that it is very hard for you to remain off them. We would recommend that you talk with a therapist to get some help with this. You can easily find a therapist in Ohio that can help you. Even if you don’t have insurance, many of them charge sliding scale fees.

Even if you’re abusing drugs, and not addicted to them, you are still at risk for addiction. If you continue in your drug abuse, the chances of addiction increase with every use. Please keep them in mind, and take quick action if this is your situation.

Types of Ohio Detox Facilities

There are different options available to you for drug detox in Ohio. Research shows that there is no one right way that works well for everyone. As a drug addict, your needs are going to be different from someone else’s. It’s important for you to get the right kind of help that will work best for you.

Inpatient detox is definitely the most common form of drug detoxification. This method is usually done as part of an inpatient rehab program. You will enter the facility as a patient, and be assessed by the staff. With this method, you will probably be in detox for several days. It’s safe to plan on being there for ten days, although you may be finished sooner.

Inpatient detoxification is very popular because it’s so effective. During your stay, you will be continually monitored. The staff will help you get through withdrawal, and assess you for any possible complications. In the event that you have a medical emergency, you’ll be given treatment right away.

Sometimes people find that they need more intensive treatment for their addictions. For these individuals, inpatient drug detox and rehab usually aren’t the best options for them. Fortunately, residential or long-term rehab exists for this reason. You can also access detoxification services at many of these facilities.

A residential detox might work very well for someone who has been through more than one relapse. At that point, it may be determined that they need to remain in treatment longer. This is the type of program that allows for that, and patients can often stay for a few months.

Typically, one-day detoxes aren’t considered to be the safest form of drug detox. However, you can still find them in various locations in Ohio. They sound promising, and it makes sense that you would want to get through withdrawal quickly. They can lead to some problems that you may not be aware of.

The premise behind many one-day detoxification programs is to force toxins out of your body quickly. This can be done with medications, or it can be done with IV drugs. Sometimes people are placed under general anesthesia during the process. This carries risks of it’s own.

It’s possible that your body might not respond favorably to a one-day program for detox. It’s much better to choose a different method, even if it takes a little longer.

Treatments Typically Used to Help With Withdrawal Symptoms

During your stay at the drug detox in Ohio, you’ll be assessed carefully as the staff prepares your treatment plan. You’ll find that there are several different types of withdrawal treatments that may work for you. This will all be discussed with you before you begin.

Medical detox is a method that is very popular during the drug detox process. This may involve tapering if you’ve been using a prescribed drug to get high. Doctors will typically prescribe certain medications to help treat withdrawal symptoms as well. For example, you may be prescribed:

  • An anticonvulsant medication to help you avoid developing seizures
  • An antidepressant to treat symptoms of depression
  • An anti-anxiety medication to treat symptoms of anxiety
  • Something for pain if you are experiencing physical discomfort
  • Medications to help with digestion issues

If you go to an Ohio drug detox center with an opioid addiction, ORT may be prescribed for you as well. This simply means that you will be given different opiate medications that will help with your symptoms. These drugs have been approved for this purpose, and they’ve proven to be very effective.

Some of the more common ORT drugs include:

  • Suboxone
  • Methadone
  • Subutex
  • Buprenorphine
  • Butrans

Of course, there are risks involved with opioid replacement therapy. Your doctor will discuss these with you before you start your treatment.

Some detox programs subscribe to the holistic model of drug detoxification. Rather than give patients medications, they use more natural methods to remove toxins from the body. There is a lot of support for this method among experts. It basically removes any risk of secondary addiction, which can occur with ORT. Also, patients seem to have a better chance for long-term recovery.

Some of the types of treatments that may be prescribed for you with holistic detox include:

  • Implementing an exercise regimen
  • Nutrition therapy
  • Yoga
  • Meditation and prayer
  • Deep relaxation

What to Look for When Searching for the Best Drug Detox Center in Ohio

It is our hope that you’ve decided that going to a detox facility is right for you. The problem is you’re not sure which program you should choose, or what you should look for. You’re going to find that Ohio is filled with various options. It can be hard to know which one you should choose.

Above all, you want to know that the facility you’ve chosen is accredited through The Joint Commission. You also want to be sure that they’re using the most modern detox methods available. It’s helpful and convenient for you if they also have an inpatient drug rehab on site. Also, look for programs that ensure that you will have medical care around the clock. This is vital in the event of an emergency.

We’re Here for You if You’re Looking for Drug Detoxification in Ohio

If you’re seeking a drug detoxification center in Ohio, we’re here for you at NorthPoint Recovery. With so many different options available to you, choosing an excellent drug detox can be so confusing. You may even want to consider a location that’s not very close to your home. This will allow you to take the time you need to focus on your recovery needs.

We only use the most modern treatment methods for detoxing with our patients. After all, you place your complete confidence in us, and we want to give you the very best.

Can we answer any more of your questions about Ohio drug detox programs? If so, or if you’re ready to get started right now, please contact us. We’ll be happy to assist you right away.

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