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Drug and Alcohol Resources in Butte, Montana

Addiction may look like a choice, but it's anything but. Addiction is a progressive disease that steadily robs an addict of his or her ability to make intelligent decisions, care about things that matter, and avoid the temptation to abuse drugs or alcohol. Treatment at a place such as Northpoint Recovery offers you the chance to achieve lasting sobriety in a comfortable environment. If you're not ready for rehab, want to supplement the skills you learned in rehab, or are interested in testing the waters to see what addiction treatment is like, a support group near you can get you on the road to recovery.

AA Meetings for Butte

The Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) model is the single most successful and popular addiction treatment program in the world. Created by a recovering alcoholic, the program revolves around 12 basic steps. Through these steps, addicts come to understand the ways addiction controls their lives, work to make amends to those they have hurt, and then help other addicts overcome their addictions. Meetings are free, with an optional donation, and groups meet at virtually every time of day. Find your nearest Alcoholics Anonymous group by clicking here.  Other local programs include:




NA Meetings for Butte

Narcotics Anonymous (NA) relies on a model that's almost indistinguishable from AA, except that NA focuses on recovery from drugs, including prescription drugs. Participants can also join drug-specific spin-off groups, such as Pills Anonymous and Cocaine Anonymous. To find your local NA meeting, click here. Other local resources include:



Al-Anon and Nar-Anon Meetings for Butte

Addiction doesn't just touch the lives of addicts. Friends, family, and other loved ones can suffer immensely due to a loved one's addiction. They may spend months or even years trying to get an addict to seek help. Loved ones are also frequently victimized by addicts who lie, steal, and don't uphold their obligations. Al-Anon and Nar-Anon aim to help families protect themselves and move on, even when an addict never opts to get clean.

Al-Anon and Nar-Anon also sponsor two separate spin-off programs: Alateen and Narateen. Both groups work to help teenagers who have a loved one struggling with the disease of addiction.

You can find a Nar-Anon family group near your home by following this link.

You can find a local Al-Anon meeting here.

Drug Support Groups for Butte

No support group can possibly meet the needs of everyone. NA isn't right for all addicts, and some addicts prefer a program build on a secular model. SMART Recovery offers an alternative model. You can find local meetings here.

Alcohol Treatment Resources for Butte

Like NA, AA encourages users to place their trust in a “higher power,” and prayer often plays a role in meetings. If you prefer a secular program, Secular Organizations for Sobriety offers online drug and alcohol support groups here.

Reasons to Seek Help for Your Addiction

Addiction is an illness just like osteoporosis or arthritis; it won't get better on its own, and the longer you go without treatment, the worse your symptoms will likely get. Denial, though, can keep addicts out of treatment indefinitely.