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Mountain Health Co-Op Insurance for Addiction Treatment

Will Mountain Health Co-Op Pay for Addiction Treatment?

People with Mountain Health Co-Op health insurance (also known as MH Net) often wonder if it will cover alcohol and/or drug addiction treatment in Idaho. The good news is that they will, at least partially, based on the plan that they have in place. This fact alone makes going to a rehabilitation center in Idaho a lot more affordable. It also makes recovering from a substance abuse problem much more attainable.

Affordability is so important, and we are proud to be in-network with Mountain Health Co-Op. Because of this, we have been able to provide so many people with the services they need, which they would not have been able to obtain otherwise.

People often have questions about their health insurance coverage when it comes to addiction treatment. We would like to take a moment to answer some of the most common ones.

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What is the Best Way to Determine Coverage With Idaho’s Mountain Health Co-Op?

There are a few different ways that people can learn more about what their coverage is if they have Mountain Health Co-Op insurance. Some may prefer to contact the insurance company on their own. Their website offers a lot of great information that may answer all of their questions. But that might not be the best way for them to find out what they need to know.

Most drug and alcohol rehab programs offer free phone assessments, and that is usually the best place to begin. In many cases, people may know they need treatment, but they might not be clear on what method would be right for them. For instance, they may think that they would do well in an outpatient program only to find that an inpatient rehab is really much more appropriate.

Once the phone assessment is completed, the admissions specialist can contact Mountain Co-Op on the behalf of the patient. They will verify their health insurance and do their best to maximize their benefits as well. In this way, they may be able to get better coverage than what is stated on the website.

Fortunately, Mountain Health Co-Op health insurance is very flexible as far as what types of addiction treatment programs they will cover. They understand that every addiction is different, and that people have varying needs when it comes to getting treatment.

This health insurance company offers benefits that will either pay for or help to pay for the following types of programs:

In addition, Mountain Health Co-Op offers coverage for a lot of services while people are getting treatment. Therapy is a major component of the recovery experience, and it is covered in full under many policies. For those who suffer from co-occurring disorders, they will also be able to get the help they need.

Mountain Health Co-Op does not differentiate between the types of addictions that people suffer from. They understand that regardless of what substance is being used, substance abuse needs to be treated across the board. People can get the help they need whether they suffer from:

Of course, there are many other addictive drugs that require treatment. But regardless of what someone is addicted to, they can get the help they need. This is also true if someone is using more than one drug.

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Will MH Net Pay for Drug and Alcohol Detox?

Drug and alcohol detox is often a very important part of the recovery process for someone who has an addiction. It is common for people to feel worried that while MH Net will pay for rehab, they will have to cover the cost of detox themselves. This does not need to be a concern.

Health insurance companies understand the important role that the detoxification process plays in recovery. For many, it is the difference between a successful recovery and relapsing. That is why it is included in MH Net health plans.

Detoxing means different things to different people. It really all depends on the type of drug being used. There are a lot of ways that someone can go through this process, but most people will be prescribed medical detox.

When a patient is recommended for medical detox, they are able to take medications to help them through the withdrawal period. Both drug and alcohol withdrawal symptoms can become quite severe, and in many cases, they can even be life threatening. There are medications that are designed to address specific symptoms so that people can quit using safely. Incidentally, these medications are also covered under Mountain Health Co-Op health insurance plans.

There are a number of different medications that may be prescribed for someone in need of medical detox. For instance, they include:

Does Mountain Health Co-Op Cover Rehabilitation Programs?

After detox has been completed, Mountain Health Co-Op will continue to provide benefits for drug and alcohol rehab. This form of treatment is an essential part of the healing journey for someone with an addiction.

It is so important to identify and work through the issues that led to the addiction. Once someone knows why they started using, they can take steps to address that root cause. In many cases, that will mean treating a co-occurring disorder, learning how to prevent a relapse, and making significant changes to one’s whole life.

Alcoholics often do not realize that they need to go to treatment in order to recover. Many may think they can just stop drinking, or that attending AA meetings is sufficient enough. But that is not the case at all.

Mountain Health Co-Op health insurance offers coverage for alcoholism treatment as well. This includes both detoxification, as we mentioned earlier, and rehab.

Mountain Health Co-Op is likely to pay a significant portion of the costs associated with drug rehab as well. Many may find that their insurance will cover it in full. Others may learn that they have a small co-pay, but that even with that, it is still very affordable.

It is not enough for someone to go to treatment for 28 days or so, and expect them to be fully recovered. That amount of time is not enough, and they understand that at Mountain Health Co-Op. They do offer coverage for follow-up care in an outpatient setting.

In many cases, outpatient treatment is covered in full for people with this type of health insurance. That makes it even easier for them to follow up and get the continuing help that they need.

In-Network Providers Vs. Out of Network Providers

In order to get the best possible coverage, it is vital to choose a provider that is in-network with one’s health insurance plan. That means that the facility has partnered with the insurance company, and will pay them directly. The coverage is better, and people need to pay less money out of pocket.

It is possible to go to rehab through an out of network provider, but this presents several challenges. Many will require payment upfront, which most people cannot afford to do. The facility will usually provide a detailed invoice that can be sent to the insurance company for reimbursement. However, the rates at which essential services are reimbursed are typically quite small.

It is much better to choose an in-network provider. That way, people are sure to get the help they need at a fraction of the cost, and without paying much out of pocket.

About the Affordable Care Act

All of this is only made possible because of the Affordable Care Act, which is a law that was put in place in 2010. Because of the ACA, all health insurance companies are required to offer benefits to help cover the cost of addiction treatment. This is a significant change because at one point, insurance companies did not have this requirement. That meant a lot of people either paid for treatment themselves, or they did not get help at all.

Contacting Mountain Health Co-Op Health Insurance

Contacting Mountain Health Co-Op to learn more about their coverage and policies is very easy.

For general inquiries, please call: (855) 447-2900

For customer service, please call (844) 262-1560.

Alternatively, members may email them at:

Get Started With Addiction Recovery Today With Mountain Health Co-Op

For those with addictions who want to recover, there is no need to put it off any longer. Mountain Health Co-Op is ready to lessen the financial burden so that they can focus on getting their lives back on track.

At Northpoint Recovery, we have one of the best addiction treatment programs in the region. We are proud to partner with Mountain Health Co-Op, and proud to provide our services to their customers. If you have questions about getting started with recovery, please contact us.

All of the information presented on this website is for informational purposes only. It is not intended to take the place of medical advice from a doctor, and it should be substituted for medical advice, a diagnosis or treatment. Relying upon anything discussed here is done at your own risk. Do not disregard medical advice you have received or put off getting help because of something you have read on this website. Please call 911 in the event of a medical emergency right away.

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