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GEHA Rehab Information

Does GEHA Offer Coverage for Drug Rehab?

It took a lot of determination for you to decide you wanted to go to drug rehab. If GEHA is your insurance carrier, it's normal for you to wonder if your policy will cover your drug treatment. The good news is that thanks to The Affordable Care Act, insurance companies are required to offer coverage for substance abuse treatment. While every policy is different, GEHA does provide some type of coverage for drug rehab. Let's talk about that in more detail.

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Types of Drug Rehab GEHA Covers

There are all different kinds of drug rehabs, and GEHA wants to be sure you're able to participate in the type of substance abuse treatment you need. They will cover (either partially or fully) inpatient treatment and outpatient drug rehab. These include:

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Finding Out More about Coverage for Drug Rehab with GEHA

The best way to get more information about your own insurance policy for drug rehab with GEHA is by having an assessment done to determine the type of addiction treatment you need to recover. This is done by an addiction specialist at the facility of your choice. Once you know what type of drug treatment you need, you'll be able to find out more about your benefits so that you can maximize them.

Northpoint Recovery Can Help with GEHA Benefits for Drug Rehab

Here at Northpoint Recovery, our goal is to give you the type of help you need to obtain information about your GEHA benefits for drug rehab. WE're happy to sit down with you and discuss the various options that are available to you, including inpatient drug rehab and outpatient drug treatment. Your GEHA policy might even cover drug detox or alcohol detox if you are a candidate for that type of drug treatment too.

If you'd like us to help determine your benefits with GEHA for drug rehab, we can do that for you. Please fill out our insurance verification form and we'll get started right away.