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Northpoint Recovery is in Network with First Choice Health

Attention: Northpoint Recovery is in Network with First Choice Health

When you’re suffering from an addiction, the thought of going to get professional treatment can often become a burden on you and your family. It seems as though it’s the right thing to do, but when you think about covering the cost of rehab, it becomes more difficult to justify the expense. The fact is that getting professional addiction treatment can be very expensive. This is especially true when you factor in all of the different components of treatment, and the aftercare that you’ll most likely need.

As a result, thousands of people forego any type of professional treatment in favor of attempting to quit on their own instead.

Here at Northpoint Recovery, we always strive to put the needs of our patients first. We know how difficult it can be to cover the cost of treatment, which is why we’ve worked really hard to partner with as many different health insurance plans as we possibly can. We don’t want the fact that you need addiction treatment to be a burden on you or your family. Partnering with multiple health insurance companies gives us the ability to offer help to more people.

In Network with First Choice Health

Northpoint Recovery is excited to announce that we are now in network with First Choice Health Insurance.

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Covering the Cost of Treatment on Your Own

When it comes to getting help for your addiction, there are a lot of options available to you. Maybe you’ve even thought about choosing a state facility because of the lower costs, but that might have been before you realized the fact that First Choice Health would assist you with the costs.

There was a point in time when health insurance companies didn’t assist with the cost of drug and alcohol rehab, or any other form of addiction treatment. Most people had to pay for it out of their own pockets, unless they had a plan that offered benefits once they reached their deductibles. Fortunately, our healthcare industry has changed quite drastically over the last few years, and this isn’t an issue most have to be concerned with any longer. Everyone is now required to have health insurance, and health insurance companies are required to provide benefits to cover the costs of addiction treatment.

Paying for Alcohol Rehab and Drug Rehab: Why is Choosing an In-Network Provider Beneficial?

You may wonder about the benefits of choosing an in-network provider over choosing an out of network provider. The main benefit is the cost savings that you receive. When you choose an out of network provider, your health insurance will still cover at least some of the costs of your treatment. However, the amounts will be much smaller. You will also probably have to pay for your treatment upfront, which can create a heavy financial burden for you, initially. With out of network providers, you’ll submit their paperwork to your health insurance company, and then wait for reimbursement. This can take several months, and the reimbursement rates are generally pretty low.

With an in-network provider like Northpoint Recovery, we bill First Choice Health directly, and they pay us directly. The reimbursement rates are much higher, and you’re responsible for very little of the remainder.

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How Does First Choice Health Insurance Help You Save Money on Treatment Costs?

Every health insurance plan with First Choice Health is different. Even so, having this insurance will certainly save you a great deal of money on your treatment costs. When you choose a rehab facility like Northpoint Recovery, you’re opting for the type of addiction treatment that most likely has multiple components. For example, you’ll be receiving:

  • Drug and alcohol detox
  • One-on-one counseling with a therapist
  • Group therapy sessions
  • Family therapy sessions
  • Referrals for outpatient treatment

These components are all quite expensive when they have to be paid for out of pocket. Fortunately, because you have First Choice Health, that’s not something you need to be concerned with. Your out of pocket costs will be minimal, and some people are surprised to find that their health insurance policies cover their treatment in full.

Paying for Detox: Will First Choice Health Insurance Cover It?

Doctor and Patient in Rehab

Some people view drug and alcohol detox as an additional treatment that’s really elective, and not necessarily something they need to participate in for recovery. Studies have shown that detox is essential for a successful recovery, which is why insurance companies like First Choice Health have made the decision to offer coverage for it. If you have First Choice Health, the cost of your drug or alcohol detox will be included in your benefits. This is excellent news because this type of addiction treatment gives you a much better chance of being successful in your recovery.

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First Choice Health Insurance: Paying for Addiction Rehab at Northpoint Recovery

Most people are very relieved to learn that they don’t have to worry about how they will cover the costs of their addiction treatment when they come to Northpoint Recovery. We’ve partnered with so many different health insurance companies that this is a concern that we’re able to get rid of for a lot of our patients. Maybe you’re someone who was not aware of the fact that First Choice Health Insurance offered you benefits to help pay for the cost of addiction treatment. Now that you know, you’re looking forward to getting started with your recovery as soon as you can.

If this is the case, we would love to talk with you. You’ll find that our detox and rehab programs are among the best in the country, and we’ve worked hard to put together an addiction treatment method that will address your specific needs and help you achieve a successful recovery from your addiction. To learn more about how you can get started with Northpoint Recovery, or to have us check your benefits with First Choice Health Insurance, please contact us.