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CNIC Health Solutions Rehab Information

Is Drug Rehab Covered by CNIC Health Solutions?

It's wonderful that you've decided that you're going to get more information about drug rehab so that you can recover from your addiction to drugs and/or alcohol. If you have CNIC Health Solutions which is A Rocky Mountain Health Plan TPA, you'll be happy to know that they do allow for coverage for drug rehab. Your policy might allow it to be paid in full, or you might have to pay a small amount out of pocket. Either way, CNIC Health Solutions makes addiction treatment much more affordable for those who need it.

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How Can I Maximize My CNIC Health Solutions Benefits for Drug Treatment and Alcohol Rehab?

You're probably concerned about the type of drug treatment you can get with CNIC Health Solutions in order to maximize your benefits. The good news is that there is a way to find out. You should definitely meet with an addiction specialist to talk about the type of drug treatment that will work for you. Once you know your recommended drug treatment, you can begin to understand how to make the most of your CNIC Health Solutions benefits, and your addiction specialist can help you with that.

What are my Options for Drug Treatment with CNIC Health Solutions?

There are many different options that are available to you when you require drug treatment and you have CNIC Health Solutions. These options include:

No matter what type of addiction you're struggling with, CNIC Health Solutions offers the benefits you need for drug rehab, whether it's inpatient treatment, outpatient drug rehab or sometimes even drug detox and alcohol detox.

We Accept Most Major Insurance

Most insurance companies will cover 100% of the cost. We also help with financing. Call Now.

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Obtain Benefits Information for Addiction Treatment with CNIC Health Solutions

Here at Northpoint Recovery, we want nothing more than for you to get the drug treatment you need. We work with CNIC Health Solutions to help you maximize your benefits and reduce your out of pocket costs. We are happy to help you. Simply fill out our insurance verification form and we'll get in touch with them right away. We will contact you with the information.