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Allegiance Rehab Information

Does Allegiance Insurance Offer Drug Rehab Coverage?

Congratulations on making the decision to pursue drug rehab for your addiction! This is a very important step, and now you probably have questions about drug rehab coverage if you have Allegiance insurance, which is a Cigna company. Many people are under the false assumption that their drug treatment will not be covered with Allegiance insurance, but the truth is that, depending on your policy, your addiction treatment will at least be partially covered when you have Allegiance insurance. Now that you know that, you need to know what you should do to verify your benefits and maximize your coverage.

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Allegiance Insurance and Addiction Treatment: Obtaining Coverage

Once you’ve made the decision to enter some type of drug rehab for your addiction, you need to know if your drug treatment will be partially covered by Allegiance, or fully covered. To obtain that information, you need to talk with an addictions specialist at your chosen facility to determine what type of addiction treatment they recommend for you. Once you know, you can take their recommendation to Allegiance (or Cigna) and inquire about coverage.

Allegiance Insurance Makes Addiction Treatment Affordable

So many people put off getting the substance abuse treatment they need because they assume that Allegiance insurance will not pay for it. As a result they try other methods, such as going cold turkey, or holistic methods that don’t always work. Because of The Affordable Care Act, all health insurance providers are required to allow for some type of coverage for drug rehab, and Allegiance is no different.

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Types of Alcohol Drug Treatment Covered by Allegiance Insurance

Regardless of what type of drug treatment you need, Allegiance insurance will pay for at least a portion of your drug rehab. This includes:

Finding out more information about your benefits is easy, and here at Northpoint Recovery, we can help you with that. We can talk with Allegiance insurance to find out what your deductible is and what types of benefits you have available to you. To get started, please feel free to fill out our free insurance verification form.