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Sandpoint, Idaho Alcohol and Drug Rehab

Sandpoint Idaho, the county seat of Bonner County, Idaho, and a neighbor to Post Falls, Hayden, and Rathdrum, has a population of just 7,000. Yet the area is known for its bustling forestry based economy, light manufacturing, and small-town charm. Like many small towns across the United States, though, Sandpoint also faces a serious addiction problem. If you or someone you love are struggling with the agony of addiction to alcohol or drugs, NorthPoint Recovery can help you put the pieces of your life back together. Our comprehensive alcohol and drug rehab program offers drug and alcohol rehab in Sandpoint, Idaho.

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Sandpoint Drug Rehab Information

What is Addiction?

To the uninitiated, addiction can look a lot like a choice. After all, no one puts a gun to an addict's head and forces him to keep drinking or stick a needle in his arm. But this appearance of choice is a mere ruse. Addiction is actually a clinically diagnosable disease that produces predictable changes in the body and mind. For instance, research has repeatedly shown that addicts—and those vulnerable to the disease of addiction—respond more quickly and more strongly to drugs and alcohol.

The disease of addiction centers around chemical dependency. When you first begin using drugs and alcohol, your body quickly develops a tolerance that forces yo to use larger and larger quantities to get the same result you once achieved with a lower dose. Over time, this process encourages many addicts to continually increase their dosage. Eventually, this can lead to a chemical dependence wherein your body treats alcohol and drugs as if it needs them to continue to survive. When you try to quit, the response is a predictable and unpleasant reaction known as withdrawal.

This withdrawal is the clinical hallmark of addiction, but there are other signs as well. Many addicts no longer feel drunk or high, relying instead on alcohol and drugs just to feel “normal.” Others give up the people and things they love the most to keep using. Still others find that they can care about nothing but alcohol and drugs, or that they can't imagine a life of sobriety being a good life. If this sounds like you, the disease status of addiction means that your condition will not get better on its own. Instead, it's likely to get worse. Drug and alcohol rehab, though, can stop the process and help you heal.

What Are My Alcohol and Drug Treatment Options?

If you're ready to treat the disease of addiction, it's easy to feel overwhelmed and unsure of where to turn. The good news is that the medical profession is increasingly attuned to the challenges of addicts, and the high rate of addiction in Sandpoint, Idaho means that help is readily available.

Alcohol and drug rehab in Sandpoint, Idaho offers you hope for the fastest possible recovery. You'll get access to a safe, supportive, alcohol and drug-free environment where you can get detox assistance and learn the skills you need to maintain your sobriety out there in the real world. Rehab is not for everyone, though. Maybe you can't leave work, find child care, or afford inpatient treatment right now. Or perhaps you're an independent-minded do-it-yourselfer who wants to try less drastic options first. Some of the best treatment options for addiction include:

  • 12-step programs, such as Narcotics Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous. These accessible programs, which are entirely free, allow you to draw upon the experience and wisdom of other addicts.
  • Therapy, which affords you the chance to explore your addiction, triggers for use, and any history that may compound your addictive tendencies.
  • Medical care, which includes detox support, prescription drugs to manage cravings and withdrawal, and the long-term treatment of any chronic medical conditions with which you struggle.
  • Life skills training. Meditation, exercise, and even just developing a new hobby can all help you overcome addiction.
  • Education about the disease of addiction for both you and your family.

What matters most is not which treatment you choose, but whether it works for you. Feel free to ask lots of questions, and remember that addiction is a disease. Steer clear of treatment options that leave you feeling judged or blamed. Whether you need drug or alcoholism treatment in Sandpoint, Idaho, you need and deserve help today.

NorthPoint Recovery

How NorthPoint Helps Sandpoint, Idaho Addicts Recover

Located convenient to Sandpoint, Idaho, in bustling Boise, Idaho, NorthPoint is the best alcohol and drug rehab for addicts from all walks of life. We offer the best drug rehab in Sandpoint, Idaho. The secret to our success is the blend of our holistic, compassionate approach with cutting-edge research. We rely solely on evidence-based treatments; in other words, if we use it, it's because it works. But it's not just science that helps keep our residents clean; it's also our compassionate team of skilled and experienced addiction experts and therapists.

We believe that every addict deserves to be treated as a worthy and decent human being. We know that many addicts are not. So from the moment you walk through our doors, we'll work to rebuild your sense of hope, your self-esteem, and your life. Our style is collaborative, which means you don't have a treatment plan forced upon you. Instead, we listen to you to discover what might work, then develop a treatment plan with your input.

We know that the first steps of the journey of a lifetime are often the most challenging. But every journey begins somewhere. We hope yours will begin with a phone call to us. NorthPoint's affordable drug rehab in Sandpoint, Idaho offers hope for recovery. You deserve to feel better. Call us today so you can!

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