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Rathdrum, Idaho Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Rathdrum,Idaho, with its tiny population of 7,024, might as well be Anytown, USA. And just like thousands of other small, family-friendly locations across the United States, Rathdrum, Idaho faces a serious drug and alcohol addiction problem. Addicts in Rathdrum, Idaho may feel alone and as if they have no place to turn, but drug and alcohol addiction is a treatable medical condition. NorthPoint Recovery is an ally, offering the best drug rehab in Rathdrum, Idaho.

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Rathdrum Drug Rehab Information

Understanding Addiction in Rathdrum, Idaho

Almost one in five residents of Rathdrum, Idaho has struggled with addiction, and fully 50% of the population knows a close friend or relative who has faced addiction. There's no reason to feel ashamed of being an addict. This challenge is one many people have faced and overcome. Drug and alcohol rehab in Rahtdrum, Idaho can help you learn to thrive.

Of course, many addicts don't want to accept that they need help, so it's important to keep in mind that addiction is a serious, potentially life-threatening illness. Every year, alcohol addiction alone kills almost 100,000 Americans. Prescription drugs—thought by many teens and adults to be safer than street drugs—lead to more overdoses than any other group of drugs. And let's not neglect the power of illegal street drugs to destroy lives. Heroin rehab admissions have skyrocketed over the past decade, and law enforcement officials are now called to more than 10,000 meth lab incidents each year.

The pain of addiction can also hit a lot closer to home. Children of addicts can suffer depression, anxiety, PTSD, attachment issues, and anger toward their parents. They may constantly worry about whether mom or dad will survive, and other family members may also struggle with constant worry. Even if you think you've managed to escape the risks of addiction for yourself, rest assured that your addiction directly harms the people you love the most.

Why Should I Seek Alcohol or Drug Rehab in Rathdrum, Idaho?

You wouldn't willingly admit to being a criminal, a bad parent, or an abusive person. Sadly, this is exactly how the media portrays addicts. But you can't trust everything you read, see, or hear, and nowhere is this more true than in the world of addiction. Addiction doesn't make you a bad person. It's not something you caused or asked for, and it's not something you can will away.

Addiction is a disease, just like diabetes or pancreatitis. And just like these debilitating conditions, addiction has the power to kill if it's left untreated. You may be skeptical about the claim that addiction is a disease, but researchers have repeatedly demonstrated that some people are more genetically vulnerable to addiction than others. Some other interesting research findings include:

  • 12-step programs, such as Narcotics Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous. These accessible programs, which are entirely free, allow you to draw upon the experience and wisdom of other addicts.
  • Therapy, which affords you the chance to explore your addiction, triggers for use, and any history that may compound your addictive tendencies.
  • Medical care, which includes detox support, prescription drugs to manage cravings and withdrawal, and the long-term treatment of any chronic medical conditions with which you struggle.
  • Life skills training. Meditation, exercise, and even just developing a new hobby can all help you overcome addiction.
  • Education about the disease of addiction for both you and your family.

Of course, you'll never become an addict if you don't use drugs or alcohol, so the best thing you can do if you're vulnerable to the disease of addiction is abstain. Abstention becomes even more important after you get sober, since even a single use has the potential to reignite the addiction drama. In short, once you become an addict, you will always be an addict. That means you deserve comprehensive treatment, and you'll need assistance if you want to stick with your sobriety.

NorthPoint Recovery

NorthPoint: Shelter From the Storm of Alcohol and Drug Dependency

If you're ready to leave addiction in the dust, NorthPoint recovery just might be your new best friend. Located in Boise, Idaho, we offer you a break from the stress of home, but we're still close enough for you to remain in touch with your family, friends, and job. Our team of addiction experts has skillfully helped thousands of adult men and women recover from addiction, and so we know that we can help you, too. It doesn't matter whether you struggle with drug addiction or alcoholism in Rathdrum, Idaho. We can help.

Every addict is different, and every addict has a story. We think it's important to hear those stories before devising a treatment plan. For that reason, we attentively listen to your story, then collaborate with you to create a long-term recovery plan that feels right. Hate meditation? We can show you other ways to calm your anxious mind. Outdoor enthusiast? We'll show you how outdoor exercise can help you fight off even the worst cravings. We wholeheartedly believe that addiction treatment is best when it amplifies your quality of life, so we offer holistic solutions, and a host of options for dealing with recurring challenges.

We don't pretend the journey to sobriety is easy. Instead, we know the struggles you'll face, so we'll never diminish the power of your emotions. But we'll also walk alongside you, cheering you on, offering you knowledge, and picking you up when you fall. It's not easy, but nothing worthwhile ever was. And your life depends on your recovery. We're not going to let you forget that.

We don't know you yet, but we can assure you that we're ready for whatever you bring to the table. So stop torturing yourself and seek the recovery you deserve today. We offer drug and alcohol rehab that can help you surmount even the most challenging obstacles. Our alcohol and drug rehab programs work, and we have the happy clients to show it. We offer affordable drug rehab in Rathdrum, Idaho. Call us now!

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