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Post Falls, Idaho Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Post Falls, Idaho, with its population of 28,000, might seem like a small town in a sparsely populated state. But by Idaho standards, this city is relatively large. Located near Rathdrum, with easy access to border cities such as Spokane Valley, Washington, Post Falls retains the charm of small-town life with the accessibility and business-friendly climate of a much larger city. And like many up and coming cities, Post Falls also harbors a serious alcohol and drug problem. NorthPoint Recovery is the best drug rehab in Post Falls, Idaho.

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Post Falls Drug Rehab Information

Am I a Drug or Alcohol Addict?

If you think you might be a drug or alcohol addict, this is a clear signal that somethings going wrong. People who don't have an issue with alcohol or drugs don't typically worry about whether or not they're addicts. The fact that you have this concern should give you serious pause. Ultimately, it doesn't matter which drugs you use. What matters is how they affect your life. Some common signals of addiction include:

  • Feeling out of sorts when you can't use
  • Facing withdrawal symptoms in between uses or when you try to quit
  • Relying on alcohol or drugs to self-medicate or to feel normal
  • Using progressively larger doses
  • No longer feeling drunk or high
  • Repeatedly trying to quit
  • A family history of drug or alcohol addiction
  • Difficulty concentrating when you're not using
  • Endangering people you love because of drugs or alcohol
  • Lying to your doctor about your addiction
  • Saying things you regret when you're craving drugs or alcohol, or when you're under the influence
  • Requests from loved ones that you pursue alcohol or drug rehab

It doesn't matter whether you need help with drug addiction or alcoholism in Post Falls, Idaho. The key is to seek prompt help

What Are My Drug and Alcohol Treatment Options?

Drug and alcohol addiction is a disease, not a personal choice. After all, who would willingly choose something that destroys their life and endangers their health? The problem is that once you start using, chemical dependency renders it nearly impossible to quit. Many addicts experience intense and challenging withdrawal symptoms, and for some addicts, the symptoms of drug and alcohol detox can even turn deadly.

There's good news, though. There are many effective treatment options for battling the disease of addiction. Some possibilities include:

  • Making lifestyle changes that prioritize sobriety, wellness, and good health
  • Discussing your history of addiction with a therapist who specializes in addiction
  • Drawing upon the wisdom and guidance of other addicts in support groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous
  • Seeking support in the form of group therapy
  • Prescription drugs to help reduce the severity of cravings and protect you from the health risks of withdrawal
  • Medically supervised detox

While it's certainly possible to pursue these treatment options on your own, drug and alcohol rehab in Post Falls, Idaho remains your best shot at recovery. Alcohol and drug rehab in Post Falls, Idaho not only offers a safe and drug-free environment. It also gives you a break from the stress of home and a chance to focus on prolonged and comfortable sobriety.

Addiction in Post Falls, Idaho

Post Falls, Idaho is far from immune to the disease of addiction. Indeed, addiction has ravaged the local community, with between 15% and 20% of people struggling with addiction. It's not just addicts who suffer when addiction takes hold, though. Many addicts mistreat, neglect, or even outright abandon their families. Some engage in criminal activity that gets them locked up, subjects them to financial strains, or forces their family to deal with the effects of an incarcerated loved one. Some even turn abusive toward those they love the most.

One of the cruelest lies of addiction is that it hurts no one. This is simply untrue. Denial may make you feel better right now, but it will not protect you from the long-term consequences of your addiction. People suffer because of your drug or alcohol use, and the suffering will only get worse if you delay treatment. You and the people you love deserve better, and drug and alcohol addiction treatment offers you the chance to bring “better” to fruition.

NorthPoint Recovery

NorthPoint: Idaho's Premier Drug and Alcohol Rehab

NorthPoint has it all-- holistic approach to recovery, a chance to learn from other addicts, intensive individual counseling, and a safe and low-stress environment. Conveniently located in Boise, we offer access to your family but a break from the stress of home, making NorthPoint the best of both worlds. Are facilities are luxurious and welcoming, but if you're worried about money, there's good news there, too. We endeavor to make our program as affordable as possible, and we'll work with you to devise a payment plan that works for you.

From your first day here to your last, we keep your long-term well-being in mind. We're not satisfied with just getting you sober. W want to see you overcome life's most challenging obstacles, sculpt the life that dreams are made of, and fix the problems your addiction has caused. We know you can't do it alone, and we don't expect you to. We'll walk alongside you, encouraging you, supporting you, and reminding you of why you're doing this. We never quit on you, even when things get tough.

You deserve this sort of compassion and support. You deserve NorthPoint. We offer affordable drug rehab in Post Falls, Idaho Don't suffer another day. Call for help now!

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