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Alcohol and Drug Rehab Resources for Orofino, ID

Orofino, Idaho Addiction Rehab Resources

If you, or someone you love is going through addiction, these rehab resources for Orofino, ID matter. Professional addiction help is known to improve your chances of recovering. There is more help than ever before too. The opioid epidemic changed the face of addiction. There are millions of Americans suffering from addiction. The government has stepped in to make sure everyone gets the help they need. Whatever your financial situation or time commitment to recovery is, rehab is available.

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Recovery Meetings In Orofino, ID

Detox and rehab in Orofino is the first step. It gives you a good foundation to work from but you also have to consider the aftercare plan. When you go home, you should continue to focus on a life of sobriety. This can be done through one-on-one addiction counseling available. You should also consider AA and NA meetings in Orofino. This is where you can find a community of people going through the same struggles as you. For family members, there are Al-Anon groups they can join.

Sunday 4:00 pm/Monday 7:00 pm
We’ll Figure It Out
Next to Stoddard Electric
10494 US-12
Orofino, ID


7:00 pm
City Hall
217 1st St
Orofino, ID


6:00 pm
155 Main Street
Orofino, ID


3:00 pm
Freedom Place Drop-In
235 Johnson Avenue
Orofino, ID


12:00 noon
Women’s Book Study
Episcopal Church
8 th St. & 8th Ave.,
Lewiston, ID

Orofino Resource Profile

Addiction in Orofino, ID

The opioid epidemic is just one story when it comes to addiction in America. Orofino was affected equally as hard as anywhere else. The overprescribing of prescription medications lead to more people abusing heroin. Due to the rise in Fentanyl on the streets, it has caused many sudden death overdoses. This is where the government began making changes, ensuring anyone could go to rehab in Orofino. If you have insurance, they are obligated to offer you coverage for rehab. We can verify your insurance to see what’s available to you.

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What to do in case of a drug overdose or alcohol poisoning in Orofino?

In the event that some overdoses or has alcohol poisoning in Orofino, it’s important to get medical help. If you can’t move the person, call emergency services and have an ambulance come. While you’re waiting, remain calm and keep talking to the representative. They can walk you through helping the person. Try to answer their questions as best as you can as it can save their life. When someone overdoses, they may finally realize that their behaviors are causing harm. Once they’ve recovered from the overdose, this may be a good time to step in and do an intervention. At this point, there’s no denying the person has a serious problem.

Rehab Recovery Options in Orofino, ID

There are a few different kind of rehab programs because addiction differs for everyone. Here are the most common addiction programs for Orofino residents:

When you choose an inpatient rehab program in Orofino, you are getting a high level of treatment. You stay in a residence which prevents triggers that exist in your normal life. You focus only on your recovery during this time. The treatments are daily and intensive. They include one-on-one therapy and group peer sessions. Inpatient programs will develop a series of treatments specifically for your needs during the admissions process. It is generally a 28-day program and sets you up for long term recovery.

In some cases, you might not be ready to go home once rehab is done. If this is the case, there is the PHP which is a transition program. You stay in a sober living setting while getting treatment daily. You choose the treatments you want to attend which will take place in a clinic or hospital. These programs can last anywhere from 90-120 days. They are particularly good for someone who needs the extra care. For those with dual diagnosis, the PHP might be necessary to stay on the sober path.

If you need to stay at home while going through addiction rehab, outpatient treatment programs are available. They are often low-cost or cost nothing to attend. You’ll go into meetings and various treatments in different locations. They are flexible which has it’s pros and cons. If you’re at risk of relapse, this program might not be enough. It is usually a good step-down option once you’ve gone through inpatient rehab.

IOP is also an outpatient program but is more intensive than normal outpatient rehab. You are still staying at home but you have to meet an obligation to several hours of treatment per week. The treatments last longer and are more intensive. Many of the Intensive Outpatient Programs are designed after inpatient programs and the quality treatments they provide.

The very first thing you’ll do when you’re starting recovery is go through detox. Detox is when you stop abusing the substance and get your body clean. It takes several days and up to a week for the substances to be completely cleared from your system. It’s important to do this properly and get professional help. All too often, people relapse when trying it on their own. That comes with serious health risks you may not be familiar with. To deal with psychological reasons for your addiction, you must first clean out the body. Detox is going to bring on withdrawal symptoms. When you go to inpatient detox, you get 24/7 medical assistance. This might entail medical detox but should be followed by therapy.

Our Addiction Treatment Facility

Orofino to Northpoint Recovery in Boise is about a 5 hour drive. There are also flights that leave daily. Check with your insurance to see how much of your travel costs they will cover. We have a 28-day inpatient rehab program that is available to everyone.

Our Closest Inpatient Location:

Our Closest Outpatient Location:

Is Inpatient Rehab Right For You?

Inpatient rehab will give you all the high quality treatment and personal attention that makes a difference in your recovery. You will feel fully supported while you learn the valuable tools to get past your addiction. For some, it’s not the right program for them. It may be that you don’t have the time to take away from your life. If this is the case, the Intensive Outpatient Program may suit you better.

If it’s a question of money, make sure you get in touch with your insurance company to see what’s covered. It may well be that you can afford the inpatient rehab program. The important thing is that you do get the help that’s available for you.

We at Northpoint Recovery in Boise, care about your recovery. When you enter into our 28-day immersive inpatient program, you gain all the knowledge you need to get past addiction. We use the most advanced methods available for addiction recovery. Our professional staff will offer you a welcoming environment where you can heal and grow. We are waiting for your call, contact us today and let us help you begin your journey to recovery.

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