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Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Nampa, Idaho

Addiction isn't a choice or personal failing. It's a disease that demands treatment, and people struggling with drug and alcohol addictions need intensive assistance and support from those who love them most.  Drug and alcohol rehab in Idaho can help families get the support they need to navigate the challenges of assisting a loved one through the recovery journey. Recovery from substance abuse really is possible, and the right drug rehab or alcohol treatment in Idaho bring this possibility well within your grasp.

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Drug Rehab and Alcohol Treatment Options in Nampa, Idaho

Nampa is a rapidly growing suburb of Boise, Idaho, and boasts a population of more than 80,000. As Nampa has grown in size, so too has its difficulties with drug and alcohol addiction. Many residents struggle with drug, alcohol, or co-occurring addictions, with a stunning nine percent of teenagers in the area using at least one illegal drug every month. Fifteen percent of adults have dealt with the scourge of alcoholism, and sixteen percent of teens admit to illegally using alcohol in the last month.

In a culture saturated with drug and alcohol addiction, getting clean in Nampa, Idaho, can seem like a daunting – and perhaps even impossible – task. But people who struggle with addiction can choose from a wide range of options. No matter what you choose, a residential rehab facility in Nampa coupled with alcohol detox in Nampa can help get you out of your usual routine, free you from the stress of peer pressure, and enable you to begin working toward a happy, fulfilling, and sober life.

Nampa Drug Rehab Information

Why Seek Alcohol Treatment in Nampa, Idaho?

Alcohol addiction is a serious and progressive illness, which means that it gets worse over time. If you need help managing your addiction to alcohol in Nampa, ID, now is the very best time to seek the help you need. Alcoholism causes 88,000 deaths every year, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Drinking also plays an indirect role in hundreds of thousands of other deaths, by increasing your odds of developing cancer, cardiovascular illnesses, and even organ failure. Delaying rehab only increases your odds of developing these terrible conditions, and each day that you live as an alcoholic increases your risk of experiencing legal, financial, or relationship sanctions due to your addiction.

Alcohol is both a habit and an addiction, which means that it may be such a central part of your life that you cannot imagine your day without it. Some alcoholics try to reduce their drinking rather than cutting alcohol out completely. This strategy, though, only prolongs your suffering and withdrawal, and won't treat the disease of addiction. Few drinkers are able to get sober without help, and you deserve a better life today – not at some imaginary point in the future when you're able to stop on your own.  Alcohol treatment in Idaho and drug treatment programs really do work.

The Benefits of Drug Treatment in Nampa, Idaho

For decades, drug addiction – not car accidents, falls, or the many other risks we worry so much about – have been the leading cause of accidental death in Nampa, Idaho, as well as throughout the nation. Whether you're struggling with an addiction to prescription drugs such as Xanax or Klonopin or seeking help to manage an addiction to street drugs such as heroin, marijuana, cocaine, crack, or meth, every day you use drugs is a day you put your body at risk. Drug abuse can lead to organ failure, accidental overdose, mental health problems, cardiovascular difficulties, and dozens of other medical conditions. By seeking help now, though, you're taking a powerful first step toward undoing the damage. Rehab in Nampa, Idaho, pairs you with a skilled treatment team that can aid you in weaning yourself off of the drug, ensure you get proper medical and psychological care, and provide you with plenty of support as you embark on this new chapter in your life.

If you're like many Nampa, Idaho addicts, you may wonder if your drug problem has crossed the line from abuse to addiction. Wasting time worrying whether you're really addicted, though, won't help you get clean. If you're wondering whether you're an addict or not, you probably are. Still in doubt? Consider how your drug use has affected your life. If you're taking illegal measures – such as doctor shopping or looking for a drug dealer – to get drugs, you need help now. Some other signs that you have an addiction include, but are by no means limited to:

  • Wanting to stop using drugs but being unable to
  • Experiencing physical discomfort, such as vomiting, shaking, or difficulty sleeping, when you can't use the drug.
  • Changes in appetite.
  • Difficulty in your relationships because of your drug use.
  • Feeling like you need the drug to feel normal.
  • Prioritizing the drug over all other pursuits.
  • Difficulty focusing on daily tasks.
  • Constantly thinking about when you'll next be able to use the drug.
  • Experiencing legal, health, or financial consequences as a result of your drug use.
  • Sudden mood swings when you can't use.
  • Using drugs to cope with mental or physical health challenges.
  • Lying about your drug use.

Don't delay meth rehab, heroin rehab, prescription drug rehab, or marijuana rehab. The cost of treatment is surprisingly affordable, and every day that you delay drug detox and rehab is a day you delay a better life.

What Is An Idaho Drug and Alcohol Rehab Like?

Nampa drug rehab facilities are as unique as the individuals who seek these services. Residential rehabilitation is the gold standard for treating addiction in Nampa, Idaho. Living at the facility affords you a break from your triggers for use and everyday pressures, while offering you round-the-clock care that can help you get and stay clean.

In most cases, you'll stay in drug or alcohol rehab in Idaho between 30 and 45 days, but your stay may be shorter or longer depending on your situation, how long you have used, your health status, and other factors. Most rehabs offer the following services:

  • Education for you and your family about the disease of addiction.
  • Therapy designed to help you better understand why you use, how you can reduce your triggers for use, and what you can do to increase your likelihood of long-term success.
  • Family intervention programs, including family therapy and assistance talking to your family about your addiction. You may also receive help with navigating troubled family relationships.
  • Medical care designed to help you remain physically healthy while managing the physical effects of both withdrawal and long-term drug or alcohol abuse.
  • Daily activities designed to take your mind off of your addiction, teach you life skills, or help you pursue your educational and career goals.
  • Support from other addicts, both in informal friendships and in formal group sessions. Many rehab facilities rely on group treatment or the 12-step model.

Drug and alcohol rehab in Idaho is a voluntary process, which means you can leave at any time. Your treatment team will let you know when you're ready to leave, though, and this won't happen until you're prepared to face life without drugs or alcohol. At most facilities, you'll begin working on your long-term sobriety plan early in your treatment process. 

Should I Go to Drug or Alcohol Rehab in Idaho?

Many Nampa addicts go through a period of denial during which they can't accept that their addiction is controlling their life. If you're considering rehab, this is a sure sign that you probably need help. Still on the fence? Some signs that it's time to consider rehab include:

  • Living in an environment that makes sobriety difficult because of peer pressure, an abusive family, or other stressors.
  • Failing to remain sober when you've tried on your own.
  • Experiencing serious withdrawal symptoms, or having been an addict for so long that you're concerned about the effects withdrawal will have on your health.
  • Being arrested due to your drug or alcohol abuse.
  • Harming another person because of your addiction, or hearing from family or friends that your addiction has harmed them.
  • Using drugs or alcohol to mask a mental health condition, manage emotional pain, or cover up symptoms of a physical illness.
  • Making dangerous choices because you are drunk or high. For example, getting into bar fights or emotionally abusing your spouse can be signs that you need help.
  • Experiencing medical challenges because of your drug or alcohol abuse.
  • Losing a relationship because of drugs or alcohol.

Understanding Detox

Over time, the body gets used to drugs and alcohol. When you stop using, then, your body goes through a sort of shock called detox. During this period, drugs and alcohol leave your system. Your body, then, is left to cope with this withdrawal, and it can take some time to adjust. This adjustment period is known as detox, and can be challenging – both emotionally and physically – for addicts. The symptoms of detox vary depending on a variety of factors with some addicts experiencing only minor symptoms and others experiencing life-threatening seizures, dehydration, or suicidal thoughts.

If you're worried about the detox process, rehab is the place you need to be. You'll get support through withdrawal, as well as medical supervision to ensure you're safe and as comfortable as possible.

How Long Does Will Detox Take?

Many people seeking rehab in Nampa, Idaho are hopeful that detox will be short and relatively painless in Idaho. Detox can take as little as a day or two, though the specific amount of time depends on what you're taking. Drugs such as opioids and Xanax say in your system for longer periods of time, while marijuana and alcohol leave your body relatively quickly. Some drugs necessitate up to two weeks in detox, but it's more common to spend a week or less detoxing.

What to Take to Detox

Ask the facility you've chosen what you can and can't bring. Then take the necessities you'll need for a week or so of rehab, including food and toiletries, as well as some entertainment in the form of a book or journal. Items that tempt you or others to return to an addiction – such as mouthwash containing alcohol or over-the-counter drugs that can be used to get high – may not be allowed. Similarly, you won't be allowed to take dangerous items, such as knives or guns, to rehab.

NorthPoint Recovery

Is NorthPoint Right for Me?

NorthPoint offers drug and alcohol treatment convenient to Nampa, Idaho in Boise, Idaho. We cater to adult men and women from a variety of backgrounds. Our treatment protocols are tailored to meet the needs, values, and personality of each addict with whom we work. We know that seeking rehab is never easy, but we've dealt with everything, and we can deal with your addiction, too. From the moment you call us, we'll begin helping you put the pieces back together, and will constantly offer reassurance that recovery is not only possible, but just around the corner.

Nampa residents get the added benefit of knowing friends and family are just up the road. NorthPoint is only about 20 miles from Nampa, making it possible to stay in touch with people you love while simultaneously avoiding triggers for use. We're the ideal place for Nampa residents to begin the next chapter.

Our services are evidence-based, backed by years of scientific research. We offer each resident a safe, clean, and welcoming place to begin the journey of sobriety. We can help you get the life you deserve. Don't suffer longer than you have to. The next chapter of your life begins with a call. We're waiting to help you.

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