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Women's Rehab in Meridian, Idaho: Is a Women's Addiction Treatment Center Right for You?

Whether you have become addicted to drugs, alcohol, or both, you now know that it's a serious problem for you. You need to stop using, but you're not really sure what you should do. Here at Northpoint Recovery, we understand the dilemma you're facing, and we also know that women's rehab is the right course of action for you to take at this point.

For a lot of women, the thought of going to a women's recovery center can make you feel very uneasy. You might not even be sure that you need professional treatment at an alcohol or drug rehab for women. You're in the right place to find out, and to get your questions answered. Questions like:

  • What are the signs that I need to go to a drug or alcohol rehab for women?
  • What are the treatment methods that are commonly used at a women's drug rehab?
  • What treatment options are available at a women's treatment center?
  • Before considering women's drug rehab centers, can I try quitting on my own first?
  • Can Northpoint Recovery help me find rehab for women?

Let's talk in more detail about the answers to these questions.

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Women's Rehab Centers in Meridian, ID: Signs You Need Addiction Treatment

It's possible that you're thinking about going to an alcohol and drug rehab for women, but you're really not sure if you would be considered a candidate. There are several signs you can look for to determine whether or not a women's addiction treatment center is right for you, and they include:

  • You've tried to quit in the past, but you weren't able to
  • You've experienced withdrawal when you've tried to stop using drugs or alcohol
  • Your friends and family are concerned about your substance use
  • You're worried about the example you might be setting for your children
  • You've experienced relationship problems that are related to your substance use
  • Your job performance is suffering because of your drug or alcohol use

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Treatment Methods Used at Women's Rehab Programs in Meridian, Idaho

Experts agree that modern treatment methods are the best course of action in women's rehab programs, and you'll benefit from these methods as you go through your recovery journey. Going to a women's treatment center means participating with a wide variety of treatment components, including:

  • Individual counseling sessions with an addiction therapist
  • Group therapy that allows you to connect with other women
  • Nutritional therapy that addresses your overall health
  • Team-building events and activities to help you improve your life skills
  • Relapse prevention treatment to help you prepare for the future

Treatment Options Available at Meridian, ID Women's Drug Rehab Centers

Maybe in the past, you've gone to NA or AA. Women often find that they need a more intense form of women's rehab when they're trying to quit using alcohol or drugs. It might seem scary to think of going to an inpatient women's recovery center, but studies have shown that this is usually the level of support that most people need. Even so, there are outpatient options that you can discuss with your admissions professional. You should also ask about whether or not drug or alcohol detox is something you should be considering as well.

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Women's Rehab Programs in Meridian, Idaho vs. Quitting on Your Own

Like many women, you might be thinking that you'll only go to a women's treatment center if quitting on your own doesn't work. Unfortunately, so many women regret this decision for a few reasons. Quitting on your own is rarely effective, and it can also drive you further into your addiction once you relapse. Withdrawal symptoms like intense cravings, chronic headaches, insomnia and stomach issues are usually enough to thwart even the best intentions when you try to quit on your own. However, going to a women's drug rehab and alcohol rehab provides you with the perfect level of support.

Choosing Northpoint Recovery for Women's Rehab in Meridian, Idaho

Here at Northpoint Recovery, we offer women's rehab programs that will help you overcome your addiction to either drugs or alcohol. We've helped so many women in the past, and because of our high rate of success, we're confident that we can help you too. If you'd like to learn more, or if you're ready to get started with women's drug rehab or alcohol rehab, please contact us today.