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LGBTQ Drug Rehab in Boise, Idaho: You Are Not Alone

Boise, Idaho is a city that is located in Ada County on the Boise River. Its estimated population was over 214,000 in 2013. The city occupies close to 65 square miles, and it includes several neighborhoods and communities. Downtown Boise is home to many businesses, both large and small. It is a wonderful place to live, and those who call it home wouldn't rather be anywhere else.

Boise, Idaho also has a long history of offering support to the LGBTQ community. As a matter of fact, they have a history of ranking highly on Advocate's Queerest City in America List, and they were recently at number 12. The city has gay rodeos on a regular basis, and they were the very first city in the United States to build a gay bar in 1976. Every year, the city holds Pridefest, which is a celebration of the LGBTQ people.

If you're someone who identifies as lesbian, gay, queer, transgender, bisexual or questioning, and you have an addiction, it's possible that you don't know where to turn for help.

Although it may seem as though Boise, Idaho is a great place to call home if you identify with the LGBTQ community, the people who live there who call themselves gay, lesbian, queer, bisexual, transgendered or questioning most likely have a different opinion. Regardless of how supportive the city is, the fact remains that opposition still abounds, and progressivism has done very little to diminish the way many people feel about this community of people.

It's not surprising that many people who identify as LGBTQ also have drug or alcohol addictions. As a matter of fact, the number of people within this population who suffer from addiction is much higher than addiction rates in the population as a whole. If you're someone who identifies as lesbian, gay, queer, transgender, bisexual or questioning, and you have an addiction, it's possible that you don't know where to turn for help. Fortunately, you're in the right place to get some great information.

LGBT Rehab in Boise

The Need for the LGBTQ Community to Get Drug Rehab in Boise, ID

Discrimination is a serious problem for those in the LGBTQ community. Coming out is rarely an event that doesn't cause stress. More often than not, people find that they have to come out more than once, which causes repeated instances of stress in their lives. Once they've admitted the truth about their sexual orientation to those they love, they often have to explain themselves repeatedly, and listen to hours of pleading for change.

It's not surprising that addiction plagues this group of people; even more so than heterosexuals in the United States. In fact:

  • LGBTQ youth are more than three times as likely to turn to addiction as a way to cope with their problems.
  • Gay men are 12.2 times as likely to use amphetamines than heterosexual men.
  • Gay men are 9.5 times more likely to use heroin than heterosexual men.
  • Alcohol use among both gay men and women is much higher than it is among the general population.
  • Relapse rates among those in the LGBTQ community are much higher than they are in the general population.

The Cost of Addiction Treatment in Boise, Idaho

So many people put off even getting information about their options for alcohol and drug treatment in Boise, Idaho because they're sure they can't afford to get help. Many of them once had health insurance that didn't offer coverage for addiction treatment. However, that is very different today.

If you have health insurance, your insurance company is now required to provide you with benefits to help cover the costs associated with drug rehab. This is thanks to the Affordable Care Act, which has made it possible for so many more people to get the help they need for their addictions. Many people don't realize that this new healthcare law actually did so much more than simply require people to carry health insurance. It also made it possible for more people than ever to be able to get help when they needed to go to drug rehab.

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What Makes Gay, Lesbian, Transgender, Queer and Questioning Drug Treatment in Boise, ID Different?

When you choose to go to a drug rehab that specializes in treating those who are a part of the LGBTQ population, you'll find that a number of different things are true.

  • You'll be given a treatment plan that specifically addresses the issues you're facing in your addiction.
  • You'll be able to converse with others who identify as LGBTQ, just as you do, and so you'll no longer feel as though you're all alone in your struggles.
  • You'll have the opportunity to meet regularly with a counselor who will help you to understand the issues behind your addiction.
  • You won't have to feel like you need to explain your sexual orientation, and you'll be accepted and celebrated for who you are.
  • You'll have the benefit of being listened to, and you'll receive help through multiple tools that you can actually put into practice in your life.

LGBTQ drug rehab can help you in a number of different ways; and that includes assisting you with rebuilding family relationships that may have been tarnished in the past.

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LGBTQ Drug Rehab in Boise, Idaho: Northpoint Recovery Can Help You

How many years has it been since you began self-medicating with drugs or alcohol? Maybe it's been occurring for most of your life, or perhaps your addiction is still fairly new. Regardless of how long you've been addicted, please know that there is a way out for you.

Here at Northpoint Recovery, our caring and qualified staff has been carefully trained in LGBTQ issues and addiction treatment methods. We understand how you feel and what you're going through, and we've designed our program so that we can help you. We don't want you to continue to suffer in silence.

If you would like to learn more about how you can get help for your addiction at an LGBTQ drug rehab in Boise, Idaho, please contact us today.