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Ketamine Addiction, Abuse, Detox and Rehab in Idaho

Professional Treatment in Idaho for Ketamine Abuse and Addiction

Ketamine addiction and abuse has been a serious problem in Idaho for a number of years.

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Getting off it can be a challenge, and people usually need to go through detox and rehab. This drug is powerful, and while it does have appropriate medical uses, it is dangerous to misuse it. Still, people do.

Because Ketamine is a hallucinogenic drug, people often think they can use it without consequences. But they do not realize that the short and long-term repercussions can be extremely serious. Most become addicted to it thinking that an addiction is impossible.

We want people to be made aware of the dangers of abusing Ketamine. It may not take very long for a regular user to become dependent on this drug. Once they are, treatment is necessary in order to quit. We would like to take this opportunity to discuss the risks involved with using this substance as well as where people can get recovery help.

Ketamine Addiction, Abuse, Detox and Rehab in Idaho

What is Ketamine?

Ketamine is a drug that is often used during surgical procedures for both humans and animals. Anesthesiologists use it as a part of the drug cocktail that causes sleep prior to surgery. But it can also be used as a pain reliever during medical procedures or tests. But, like other drugs, this one can be found on the street and people do abuse it recreationally.

Special K is Ketamine’s most common street name. It usually comes in liquid form and most people take it by injecting it. It is possible to make it into a powder, which can then be snorted or swallowed.

Ketamine has become a known party drug, and it can be found pretty easily at nightclubs and raves. Its hallucinogenic effects lead to both visual and auditory hallucinations, but people do not stay high for very long. They typically start the comedown after thirty to sixty minutes.

The Short Term Effects of Ketamine Abuse

The original and proper use of Ketamine is during surgery while you’re under anesthesia, so it’s not surprising that some of the short term effects of the drug mimic what would happen to you in that situation. It’s very common for people to become catatonic when they’re using Ketamine. Others can feel as though they can’t think straight, or they may feel like they’re in a dream-like state. Additional short term effects of Ketamine abuse can include:

  • The elimination of pain
  • Bouts of nausea
  • Feelings of anxiety
  • Symptoms of depression
  • Amnesia regarding past events

As you abuse Ketamine, you generally need to take larger doses of the drug in order to get the same experience. Larger doses carry more risks, and there is a terrible side effect that’s known as “K-hole.” If you experience this, you feel detached from your body, and you may even feel as though you’re dying.

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The Long Term Effects: Ketamine Addiction Symptoms

With long term usage of Ketamine, you are likely to develop serious issues with your memory, and learning difficulties are very common as well. You may have consistent flashbacks about your experiences while you were high, and this can continue for weeks. Medically, there is a tremendous concern about the possibility of having respiratory failure and continuing psychotic episodes.

Quite often, when Ketamine is in its powdered form, it’s cut with other drugs. For that reason, it can be hard to determine exactly what the long term effects of using the drug might be. You could experience:

  • Serious injuries because you no longer perceive pain
  • Severe abdominal pain
  • Thickening of the bladder and urinary tract
  • Kidney problems
  • High blood pressure

It’s clear that this drug is extremely dangerous, even when it’s only being used for a short time. To avoid experiencing any of these long term effects, it’s essential to get help from one of the best Ketamine rehab programs in the U.S.

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Are There Ketamine Withdrawal Symptoms After You Stop Taking it?

The good news is that because Ketamine isn’t physically addictive, there aren’t really any physical withdrawal symptoms that result when you stop taking it abruptly. Even so, immediate cessation of the drug without professional support is never recommended because of the psychological withdrawal symptoms that can result. It is common to experience extreme anxiety (including panic attacks) and some people go into a severe depression. Getting counseling and psychotherapy at one of the top Ketamine rehab centers can help to control the symptoms associated with these withdrawal symptoms.

Ketamine Addiction Behaviors: Recognizing the Addiction in Loved Ones

If you’re concerned about a loved one who is taking Ketamine, you’re certainly right to be worried. Ketamine is incredibly dangerous; especially considering the fact that the drug is often cut with other drugs that can cause a great deal of harm. The line between abuse and addiction is very unclear, so it’s important to know what Ketamine addiction behaviors you should be looking for. Your loved one may become withdrawn socially, or he or she may exhibit bouts of paranoia. You may notice that your loved one has financial problems because of the amount of money that’s being spent on drugs as well.

Ketamine Abuse and Addiction in Idaho

Over the years, Ketamine has been found to have additional medical uses. But it is still a popular drug of abuse. For example, a man from Caldwell, Idaho was sentenced to 15 years of prison for vehicular manslaughter. He had this drug in his system at the time, along with alcohol and Fentanyl.

The man had been driving southbound in US93 at the time of the accident. He crossed the center line, which resulted in a head-on crash with another driver. She died as a result of the accident.

This story is not the only one. Ketamine is often used either on its own or in addition to other drugs. It can be extremely dangerous to operate a vehicle on this drug because of its hallucinogenic properties. But in a medical setting, research has shown that it is actually very useful.

When Prozac came on the market in 1987, medical professionals believed they found a “wonder drug” treatment for depression. But the FDA recently approved a medication containing Ketamine which some say works even better. Considering the fact that approximately 16 million people in the United States suffer from depression, it is not surprising that so many are intrigued.

Over time, drugs like Prozac no longer work as well as it did in the beginning. This is a problem that can leave a lot of sufferers feeling hopeless. In addition to trying the new medication, esketamine, some doctors are treating their patients with IV injections of Ketamine. It has been shown to curb suicidal thoughts and treat chronic depression that has proven to be treatment-resistant.

Idaho doctor Ryan Cole, MD states, “It was accidental that we discovered that it actually works in depression. So people would go in for general surgery, have Ketamine as a treatment or as anesthesia, they would come out of it, and go, ‘Why is my depression gone?’”

One of doctor Cole’s patients is amazed at how well it works for both anxiety and depression. It might be a good treatment, but it is also an expensive one. Still, many people are willing to pay the high cost for something that actually works.

Getting Treatment for Ketamine Addiction

There is a big difference between medical Ketamine and the kind that is available on the street. The street version may or may not be pure, and it can be mixed with other drugs or substances that are also dangerous. Either way, it is possible to become addicted to this drug, and once people are addicted, treatment is needed to stop.

When a person stops using Ketamine on their own, they typically go through withdrawal. They may become depressed, struggle with symptoms of anxiety, have flashbacks or deal with insomnia. For these reasons, detoxing is recommended, and rehab should follow that treatment.

Our Inpatient Detox and Rehab Program at Northpoint Recovery in Boise, Idaho

At Northpoint Recovery, we offer an inpatient drug treatment program that includes both detox and rehab. We recognize that people handle addictions differently, which means they need personalized approaches to recovery. That is exactly what we offer at our Boise, Idaho facility.

Patients who are addicted to Ketamine are always recommended for detox first. Medical detox is usually the best option, along with holistic treatments for withdrawal. Afterwards, patients move on to rehab, where they work with a therapist and in multiple group settings. Many people who are addicted to this drug suffer from depression and/or anxiety, so treating their co-occurring disorders is a must.

Learn More About Ketamine Abuse, Addiction and Treatment in Idaho

At Northpoint Recovery, we know how challenging it can be to admit that you have an addiction. You may not be able to imagine living your life without Ketamine. But we want you to know that it is possible, and we are here to help.

Do you have more questions about Ketamine addiction and abuse? Would you like to learn more about treatment and recovery in Idaho? Please contact us right away.

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