The Dabs Addiction and Information

Dabs gets its name from the fact that it only takes a very small amount (or a dab) in order to produce a high.

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The Dabs drug is a part of the Cannabinoid category of drugs, and it’s made from the marijuana plant. An addiction to Dabs generally comes about because you’re no longer able to get the same kind of high just by smoking marijuana. As a result, you try different variations of the drug, and because Dabs is one of those variations that’s fairly easy to obtain, it’s often a go-to solution.

If you’ve been using the Dabs drug, and you’ve become addicted to it, it’s important to realize the negative consequences that can go along with continued use. Dabs addiction treatment can assist you with recovering from this addiction so that you can heal from it.

Dabs Addiction Information

The Origination of Dabs and the Ease of Dabs Abuse

Dabs is made by extracting the THC from the marijuana plant. Once that is done, a wax or butter substance is produced, and this substance is highly concentrated with the drug. In fact, there are some versions of Dabs that are as much as 95% THC, and that makes it extremely potent. One hit of some types of Dabs can be as strong as ten inhalations of ordinary marijuana plants.

Dabs abuse happens with just one use of the drug because of the fact that it’s illegal. However, continued use only promotes abuse, and eventually leads to addiction. The addiction can become so strong that users are no longer to obtain any kind of high with traditional marijuana use.

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Do Dabs Drug Withdrawal Symptoms Exist?

Typically, marijuana is thought to produce no physical withdrawal symptoms of its own, and because Dabs is so closely related to marijuana, the same is true for this drug. However, there are psychological symptoms that go along with using any form of THC, and these are magnified when using Dabs.

Some of the Dabs withdrawal symptoms you might expect to experience are:

  • Difficulty falling asleep at night
  • Problems with staying asleep
  • Symptoms of depression
  • Symptoms of anxiety
  • Panic attacks

These psychological symptoms can become really problematic and troublesome, and they’re usually enough to cause people to go back to using Dabs, unless they get professional help through a Dabs addiction treatment center.

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Are You Addicted? Identifying Dabs Addiction Symptoms and Behaviors

It’s common for some people to live their lives in denial that they’re addicted to Dabs, even if they’ve been using it for quite some time. In addition, some people have friends or family members who use this powerful, potent drug, and they need proof as to whether or not their drug abuse has become an addiction. It’s easy to recognize a Dabs addiction if you know what to look for. The following are some of the most common Dabs addiction behaviors and symptoms:

  • Dabs drug users will frequently experience hallucinations
  • Dabs users may talk about having strange tactile sensations
  • Dabs users may complain having problems with sleeping
  • Psychotic breaks are common in Dabs users
  • They may exhibit common marijuana use issues like paranoia and anxiety
  • They may develop symptoms of depression

Whether you’re concerned about your own Dabs drug use, or you’re thinking of someone you care about, treatment is essential if you’ve noticed any of these symptoms or behaviors.

Finding the Best Dabs Rehab Programs for Your Recovery

When you need to get help for a Dabs addiction, it makes sense that you would want to choose one of the top Dabs rehab centers, and one is located right here in the Pacific Northwest. Northpoint Recovery is there for you during this difficult time, and we can provide you with the addiction treatment services you need to help you recover. If you’d like to learn more, please contact us today about your dabs drug use.

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