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Alcohol and Drug Detox in Thornton, Colorado: The Best Start to Your Addiction Recovery

Thornton, Colorado has a population of close to 120,000 people, and it is located in Adams and Weld Counties. It’s a very popular place among college students, who often live there while they attend Everest College Thornton, Front Range Community College or Regis University.

Perhaps you live in Thornton, Colorado as well, and you’re suffering from a drug or alcohol addiction. You may feel as though you’re out of options because every time you try to stop, your drug detox symptoms drive you right back to using again. Going to a detox center in Thornton, Colorado is the best way to overcome your addiction.

You’re not alone in your struggles against addiction. In fact:

  • In Thornton, alcohol consumption is much higher than the national average
  • Alcohol addiction has increased 17% in Thornton over the last year
  • Nearly half of all 18-25-year-olds admit to binge drinking just last month
  • In 2014, there were 489 deaths because of drug overdoses
  • 80% of all heroin users start by using prescription pain killers

Fortunately, there’s something you can do to heal from your addiction, and by going to a detox center, you can avoid becoming included in any of these statistics.

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Drug and Alcohol Detox in Thornton, CO: Should You Choose Medical Detox or Natural Drug Detox?

Everyone who needs to go to drug or alcohol detox has two choices. They can choose medical detox or natural drug detox.

Medical detox is a method that involves giving patients drug detox pills to facilitate the detoxification process. It’s quite popular because it’s so effective, but its effects rarely last a long time. In fact, many people go right back to using after they stop taking the medications.

Natural drug detox relies on a holistic approach to detoxification that actually empowers your body to rid itself of toxins. This is generally done through diet and exercise. Natural drug detox is very effective with a much lower relapse rate.

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What are the Benefits of Rapid Drug Detox in Thornton, Colorado?

There are so many great benefits to going to rapid drug detox, and these include:

  • Having access to medical care at all times in case you experience severe complications
  • Being able to learn more about why addiction occurs in the brain and body
  • Overcoming the physical part of your addiction
  • Getting a referral to inpatient treatment to work on the psychological component of your addiction
  • Improving your overall physical health
  • Having a much better chance of being successful with your quit

Holistic rapid drug detox has been proven to be a vital part of addiction recovery for so many people. It really helps to address your physical symptoms, and research has shown that those who do have a better experience in addiction recovery.

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How Can I Find Drug Detox Centers Near Me in Thornton, CO?

When it comes to drug detox centers, there are a lot of options available to you. However, here at Northpoint Recovery, we’re considered to be one of the best. We would love the opportunity to help you overcome your addiction the right way. Our goal is for you to be successful.

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