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Detox in Loveland, CO: Starting Your Recovery Journey the Right Way

Loveland, Colorado is located in Larimer County, and it’s just 46 miles north of Denver. In 2014, there were an estimated 72,651 people who lived there. Loveland has received many rewards for being a great place to live by USA Today and Money Magazine, and it’s known for its focus on the arts. It’s also popular among the college crowd, and Institute of Business and Medical Careers, Colorado State University Fort Collins, and the University of Colorado Boulder are all located nearby. 

Perhaps you live in Loveland, Colorado, and you’re addicted to drugs or alcohol. Either addiction can be deadly, and it’s so important for you to get the professional treatment you need to recover. Drug detox and alcohol detox are the best places for you to begin your recovery journey. 

You’re certainly not alone if you need to recover from an addiction. In fact: 

  • 4% of the people in Loveland, Colorado admit to being heavy drinkers
  • Loveland is listed as number 1 on a list of the heaviest drinking cities in Colorado
  • In 2015, 81.4% of accidental overdose deaths were because of Opium
  • Just four years prior, only 62.2% of overdose deaths were because of Opium
  • In Larimer County, there were 4 overdose deaths from crystal meth, and 7 from cocaine in 2014
  • That statistic is expected to have increased by a lot more since that time 

It’s so clear that there needs to be a different approach to addiction treatment, and here at Northpoint Recovery, we believe that going to a detox center can make such a positive difference. 

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Which is Better – Natural Drug Detox or Medical Detox in Loveland, CO? 

There was a time when it was assumed that using drug detox pills was the best way to help patients get through their drug detox symptoms. Medical detox is not quite as popular as it once was because of the dangerous side effects that can result, and because the pills often lead to additional withdrawal when they’re stopped. 

Natural drug detox is a holistic form of detoxification that helps the body get rid of toxins on its own. This method is preferred by many professionals because it’s safer and much more efficient. 

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What are the Benefits of Rapid Drug Detox in Loveland, Colorado? 

There are many benefits to going to rapid drug detox, and these include: 

  • Getting the support you need during the beginning stages of your quit
  • Being able to talk with others and gain peer support
  • Addressing the physical part of your addiction first
  • Being able to learn more about why addiction occurs in the body
  • Preparing yourself for the next phase in your treatment at addiction treatment 

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How Can I Find Drug Detox Centers Near Me in Loveland, CO? 

Alcohol and drug detox symptoms are often enough to cause someone to relapse when they’re trying to recover. Here at Northpoint Recovery, our goal is to provide you with the help you need through our detox center. If you are ready to begin your recovery, and you’d like help from one of the best detox centers in the region, please contact us.