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Alcohol Rehab in Longmont, Colorado: Do You Have an Alcohol Addiction?

Longmont, Colorado is located in both Weld and Boulder Counties, and it’s found just northeast of Boulder, and 33 miles from Denver. In 2010, there were over 86,000 people who lived in Longmont, which made it the 13th most populated city in Colorado. Longmont is a thriving city, and some of the most popular businesses are  Seagate Technology, Longmont United Hospital and DigitalGlobe. These and other businesses are responsible for employing thousands of people each year, which helps to keep the unemployment rate in Longmont quite low. 

In addition, Longmont is quite popular among college students. Front Range Community College is located there, and nearby, you’ll find the University of Colorado Boulder, DeVry University Colorado, and the University of Northern Colorado. Many students choose to go to school in or near Longmont because of the promise of excellent employment opportunities once they finish. 

Perhaps you live in Longmont, and while you love it there, you’re finding that you’re struggling with an alcohol addiction. When you’re addicted to alcohol, it can very easily take over your entire life. You’re looking for a way out, and the best way for you to recover is by turning to an alcohol rehab in Longmont, Colorado to get the assistance you need. 

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Alcohol Addiction Statistics: The Need for Alcohol Rehab Centers in Longmont, Colorado 

There is a serious need for alcohol rehab programs in Longmont, Colorado. Even with the more strict DUI laws that have been put into place, more and more people are getting into legal trouble because they’ve been drinking. Also, alcohol addiction is affecting so many more in Longmont than ever before. 

The statistics tell us that: 

  • This year, on the 4th of July, there were 312 citations given for DUIs
  • This is up from last year’s citations, which were counted as 271
  • Alcohol use has increased in Longmont, Colorado by 17%
  • One out of every seven people will die an alcohol related death
  • Between 2006 and 2010, 1,200 adults died from alcohol related deaths
  • Both adult and juvenile alcohol violations are at an all time high 

Now is the time for you to get the help you need if you suffer from alcoholism, and the right alcohol rehab program is needed before you can recover. 

Will I Have Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms and do I Need Alcohol Detox in Longmont, CO? 

Because of how addiction works in the body, it’s recommended for everyone to go through alcohol detox prior to going to any other type of rehab for alcohol. You will have alcohol withdrawal symptoms, although the severity of them will vary person to person. Some of the more common alcohol withdrawal symptoms include: 

  • Becoming anxious or having panic attacks
  • Having pain in your stomach, or feeling nauseous
  • Becoming angry or easily irritated
  • Having extreme cravings for alcohol that can lead to relapse
  • Having flu-like symptoms, such as headaches, fever or body aches 

In some cases, more serious side effects have been reported, such as heart issues and even seizures. That’s why it’s best to go through alcohol detox so that you can rid your body of toxins much faster. 

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Can I Afford the Best Alcohol Rehab Centers in Longmont, CO? 

Going to an alcohol rehab center is more affordable now than it has ever been before. Perhaps you can remember a time when you had to pay for alcohol rehab out of your own pocket because your health insurance wouldn’t cover it. This factor alone has kept many people from getting the help they need. However, because of the newest changes in our country’s healthcare laws, this is no longer the case. 

Health insurance providers are now required to offer benefits for alcohol addiction treatment, which is such great news! Many people actually find that their insurance will cover it in full. 

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Inpatient Alcohol Rehab in Longmont, Colorado: Symptoms of Alcoholism 

If you’re feeling unsure about whether or not you’re actually suffering from an alcohol addiction, it can help to know what the symptoms of alcoholism are. They might include: 

  • Being unwilling to stop drinking, even though it’s causing problems in your relationships
  • Finding that your tolerance for alcohol is increasing and it takes a larger amount of it for you to feel the effects
  • Going through withdrawal when you stop drinking for a period of time
  • Trying to quit drinking but finding that you’re not able to
  • Having difficulty keeping up with your responsibilities at home, work or school 

Have you noticed any of the above in your own life? If you have, then it’s possible that you might have an alcohol addiction. Alcohol can easily take over your life, and so many people become addicted to it without meaning to. It’s important to consider whether or not an inpatient alcohol rehab is the right step for you to take. By choosing inpatient alcohol rehab, you’re giving yourself an excellent chance of being successful in your recovery. 

Inpatient Alcohol Rehab in Aurora, CO

Inpatient alcohol rehab is sure to be instrumental in your recovery. So many people have gone through these types of programs and found that they were able to pinpoint the cause of their addictions, and heal from them. It’s also helpful to talk with other patients about their experiences with alcoholism because those conversations can give you insight into your own addiction and behaviors. In addition, you’ll have the support you need 24/7, and studies have shown that this method of alcoholism treatment actually has a much lower risk of relapse.

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Alcoholism Treatment: Finding Alcohol Rehab Centers Near Me in Longmont, CO 

It’s not easy to come to terms with the fact that you need to go to alcohol rehab. It’s a difficult realization to come to. However, the experience of alcoholism treatment is going to be the most rewarding one you’ve ever had. When you choose to go to an alcohol treatment center, you’re making the right decision for yourself, as well as for your family and friends, who all want you to be well. 

Here at Northpoint Recovery, we want to help you by talking with you about your options for alcohol addiction treatment. We’re confident that we can assist you with figuring out the best way for you to proceed and get the help you need. If you’d like to learn more, or if you’re ready to get started right away, please contact us.