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Drug and Alcohol Detox in Littleton, CO: Help for Drug Detox Symptoms

The drug detox symptoms that usually accompany addiction recovery are what drive most people back to using. Drug detox and alcohol detox has shown to be very effective, and if you’re battling an addiction, it’s an option you should definitely consider. 

If you live in Littleton, Colorado, you’re one of more than 41,000 people who currently call it their home. It’s located near Denver, and it’s a part of Arapahoe, Douglas and Jefferson counties. Littleton is growing in business and employment opportunities, and because of its location, it’s quite popular among college students as well. Schools like, Arapahoe Community College, College America Denver, and Jones International University educate thousands of students each year to prepare them to enter the workforce. 

Many people in Littleton, Colorado struggle with addictions. 

  • 6 gallons of beer are consumed by drinking age adults each year
  • This part of Colorado was listed as #2 on the list of most heavily-drinking cities in the state
  • 2/3 of the people in U.S. jails suffer from a drug addiction
  • ¾ of drug overdoses involve prescription drugs
  • In Arapahoe County, there were 100 drug overdoses in 2015 

When you have an addiction, you’re not able to accomplish the goals you set for yourself. You may be feeling lost and alone, and like you’re stuck in your addiction. At Northpoint Recovery, we understand, and we want you to know that going to a drug detox center can help you. 

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Alcohol Detox and Drug Detox in Littleton, CO: How Can Detox Centers Help in Addiction Recovery? 

Many people want to know why they should choose to go to a detox center instead of going straight to inpatient treatment when they’re ready to quit using drugs or alcohol. There are a lot of excellent reasons for this, including: 

  • Drug detox and alcohol detox are designed to help you see long term success
  • Detox centers will help you with your drug detox symptoms so you can focus on the psychological part of your addiction later
  • Going to a detox center can help you avoid medical complications from dangerous withdrawal symptoms
  • Detox centers offer you the support and help you need to stop using
  • At alcohol and drug detox, you can get a referral for the appropriate type of addiction treatment 

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What Types of Rapid Drug Detox are Available in Littleton, Colorado? 

There are basically two different types of rapid detox – medical detox and natural drug detox. 

Medical detox utilizes a medicinal approach by giving patients drug detox pills that can help with their symptoms. The downside is that, while it is effective, the effects are very short-lived. Many patients go back to using afterwards. 

Natural drug detox is a more holistic way of approaching detoxification through diet and exercise which has been shown to be much more effective in the long term. 

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Northpoint Recovery is a state of the art, comfortable and modern inpatient detox and drug rehab facility designed to help our clients get the help they need to overcome addiction.

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Can I Find Drug Detox Centers Near Me in Littleton, CO? 

Here at Northpoint Recovery, our focus is in natural drug detox as a way to help your body do what it was designed to do to remove toxins in a holistic way. We’ve found it to be very effective, as evidenced by our high success rate. 

Are you ready to take the first step in your addiction recovery? If so, please contact us today so we can help you.

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