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Drug Rehab in Golden, Colorado: Don’t Give Up on Your Recovery

Quite often, people try to quit using drugs dozens of times on their own. They are convinced that they can do it if they just have enough willpower. Unfortunately, that’s not the way drug addiction works at all, and if you’re suffering from an addiction, the best way to stop is by going to a drug rehab in Golden, Colorado. 

Golden, Colorado is located in Jefferson County, and it’s only about 12 miles east of Denver. In 2010, the population of Golden was just 18,867 people, and that number is sure to have grown since that time. Golden is a wonderful place to live, and it’s filled with communities of caring families and hardworking people. Several colleges are located nearby, including Colorado School of Mines, Red Rocks Community College and Colorado Christian University. These and other schools enroll thousands of students each year. 

Golden, Colorado is a prosperous place to live, work and raise a family. However, it’s not so easy when you’re constantly struggling with a drug addiction. If that’s you, there’s something you can do about it. You don’t have to continue to suffer in silence, hoping that you’ll be able to stop someday. Here at Northpoint Recovery, we want to help you overcome your addiction through a Golden, Colorado drug rehab. 

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How Can Inpatient Drug Rehab in Golden, Colorado Help Me Recover? 

Inpatient drug rehab can help you recover from your addiction in a multitude of ways. You’ll find that: 

  • You’re able to take some time alone to reflect on your recovery and relax
  • You’re removed from sources of temptation that would have led to your relapse
  • You’re able to learn more about your addiction and heal from the root cause
  • You’ll make many new friends who all understand what you’re going through
  • You’re able to make a plan of action to keep yourself from relapsing in the future 

Can I Afford to go to a Golden, CO Drug Rehab Center? 

One of the main reasons people fail to get the addiction help they need is because they’re afraid of how much it will cost them to go to a drug rehab center. There is no reason to be concerned because your health insurance will help you cover the costs. It may even cover it in full. Just be sure that you’ve chosen a provider that participates with your health insurance plan. 

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How Will Going to Drug Addiction Treatment in Golden, Colorado Affect My Future? 

For just a moment, think about all of the things you always wanted to do, but didn’t, because of your drug addiction. Addiction has a way of stealing our hopes and dreams, but once you go to drug addiction treatment, you may be able to: 

  • Return to school and finish your degree
  • Work on getting a higher paying job
  • Be there to spend time with your family and friends
  • Save money for a nice vacation because you’re not spending it on drugs
  • Embrace the return of your good health 

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Northpoint Recovery is a state of the art, comfortable and modern inpatient detox and drug rehab facility designed to help our clients get the help they need to overcome addiction.

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The Drug Problem and the Need for Addiction Treatment Centers in Golden, CO 

Every city in Colorado struggles with a drug problem that cannot be ignored, and Golden is no different. Statistics tell us that there is a serious need for drug rehabilitation centers in this part of Colorado. In fact: 

  • More teens than ever before are now using prescription drugs on a regular basis.
  • The death rate because of heroin overdoses has increased 68%.
  • Fentanyl is becoming more and more popular, and overdosing is very easy. It is 100 times more powerful than morphine.
  • The third post popular drug among those who have been in drug rehab centers in Golden, Colorado is cocaine
  • The most common drug to be used illegally are various types of prescription pain medications 

Maybe you’ve thought about going to drug and alcohol rehab in the past, but you just couldn’t make yourself make that one phone call. Now is the time to get help so that you can avoid becoming a part of these terrible statistics. 

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Finding a Drug Rehab Near Me in Golden, CO 

It’s not difficult to find a drug rehab near you if you live in Golden, Colorado, and here at Northpoint Recovery, we’ve worked with many people from that part of the state. We understand that it’s difficult for you to admit that you need to go to a drug treatment center. However, our caring staff members will be there to guide you every step of the way, and our unique approach to drug programs will ensure that you always get the care you need.

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