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Alcohol and Drug Detox in Fort Collins, CO: Because Long-Term Recovery Matters

From the moment you realized you were addicted to drugs or alcohol, you knew you had to do something to help yourself. Maybe you even tried to get help from an addiction treatment center in the past, but you found that it wasn’t long before you went back to using. 

Sadly, this is the case for a growing number of people in Fort Collins, Colorado. What you may not realize is that the best way to overcome your addiction is by beginning with drug detox or alcohol detox as a way to address the physical part of your addiction. 

Here at Northpoint Recovery, we realize that the idea of going to a detox center might be very new to you, and you may have a lot of questions that need to be answered first. You may be wondering: 

  • Are there a lot of people in Fort Collins who are addicted to drugs or alcohol?
  • Is medical detox right for me, or should I choose natural drug detox?
  • Will my health insurance company help pay for rapid drug detox in addition to addiction treatment?
  • What happens after I go to a detox center to get help?
  • Can I find drug detox centers near me that can help me recover? 

We want to help you get the answers you need so you can make the best decision for your recovery. 

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Detox Centers in Fort Collins, CO: Understanding the Addiction Crisis 

Fort Collins, Colorado is located in Larimer County, and there are an estimated 161,000 people who live there. Fort Collins is a mid-sized college city, and it’s home to schools such as Colorado State University, Aims Community College, University of Northern Colorado, and Naropa University. It’s about 65 miles north of Denver, and is the fourth most highly populated city in the state. It was founded as a military outpost, and today, it’s known for its annual festivals, many brewers festivals, and theatrical culture. 

It makes sense that there would be a serious addiction problem in Fort Collins, and the statistics show that this is quite accurate. 

  • Between 1999 and 2013, the number of overdose deaths from prescription drugs nearly tripled
  • Heroin deaths went up 39% between 2012 and 2013
  • In 2012, physicians wrote 71 prescriptions for pain medications out of every 100 prescriptions written
  • Kids between the ages of 12 and 17 use marijuana 74% more often than kids in other states
  • Last year, there were 240 DUI arrests in Fort Collins 

Clearly, something needs to change in Fort Collins, Colorado, and many of the current options for addiction treatment aren’t as effective as they should be. So many people neglect to go to drug detox or alcohol detox prior to any other type of substance abuse treatment, and this can make an incredible difference. 

Which is Right for Me? Medical Detox or Natural Drug Detox in Fort Collins, Colorado? 

If you’ve done any research on the various types of detox centers that are out there, you’ll probably find that there are two different methods. Medical detox is the one people are the most familiar with because for a while, it was the only one that was regularly used. Medical detox involves taking drug detox pills as a way to counteract drug detox symptoms. While it is quite effective in the short term, it’s questionable as a long-term solution. Quite often, people go back to using because their symptoms return once the medication is stopped. 

Natural drug detox is a newer method that many experts agree to be the best option. They’ve found that by making some simple changes to your diet and making sure you get adequate exercise, your body can remove toxins on its own. This shortens the length of your detox period without any negative side effects. 

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Rapid Drug Detox in Fort Collins, CO and Your Health Insurance Benefits 

The cost of rapid drug detox was once what kept so many people from opting for this type of addiction treatment. Fortunately, there have been a lot of positive changes in our country’s healthcare system because of The Affordable Care Act. Now, everyone who needs to get professional help for their addictions can afford to do so because insurance companies are required to help cover the costs. 

In fact, for many patients, this means that they pay absolutely nothing out of their own pockets. 

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After Drug and Alcohol Detox in Fort Collins, Colorado: Your Next Step 

Once you’ve completed alcohol and drug detox, you’re going to need to know what you should do next. Detox centers can help you with the physical part of your addiction, but it’s not an effective way to treat the psychological component. 

Choosing some type of addiction treatment is the best course of action, because you need to overcome the emotional attachment you have to drugs or alcohol. This will provide you with so many benefits, including: 

  • Getting the additional professional support you need to recover
  • Introducing you to new friends who can give you fresh insight into your addiction
  • Allowing you to identify why you became addicted in the first place
  • Helping you to heal from the source of your addiction
  • Getting you set up with follow up care to continue in your addiction recovery 

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Finding the Right Drug Detox Centers Near Me in Fort Collins, CO 

At Northpoint Recovery, we want to applaud you for taking these steps to recover from your addiction. We understand that it’s hard to make that first move to get help, but once you do, it’s going to be the most rewarding experience of your life. 

We would love the privilege to work with you and help you overcome your addiction to drugs or alcohol. To learn more about our detox center, or to schedule your intake as soon as possible, please contact us.