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Alcohol Rehab in Englewood, CO: Choosing Sobriety Over Alcohol Addiction

Once you realize you’ve become addicted to alcohol, what happens next is generally a terrible cycle of drinking, trying to quit, and then repeating those two behaviors over and over again. What many people don’t realize is that doing so is actually driving them further and further into their addictions. 

If you live in Englewood, Colorado, you’re a part of the Denver-Aurora statistical area, and the alcohol addiction problem is just as serious as it is in these more highly populated areas. Englewood is located in Arapahoe County, and in 2010, there were just over 30,000 people who call it their home. The Columbia Swedish Medical Center, Craig Hospital, and Englewood School District are three of the main employers in the city, and Englewood is located near several top colleges and universities. Some of these include Arapahoe Community College, Colorado Heights University, College America Denver, and the University of Denver. 

Englewood, Colorado is a great place to call home because of the wide variety of jobs that are available, the growing economy, and the many family-friendly activities there. However, when you have an alcohol addiction, it’s impossible to be able to enjoy everything the area has to offer you. 

The good news is that you can choose sobriety over addiction, and you don’t have to do it all on your own. Going to an alcohol rehab in Englewood, Colorado can change everything for you, and help you get your life back on track. 

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Alcohol Rehab in Englewood, CO: Am I Really Addicted to Alcohol? 

Alcohol seems fairly safe because it’s so easy to purchase it, and because it’s legal. However, this actually makes it one of the more dangerous substances available. Maybe you didn’t realize that it was possible to become addicted to alcohol, and you’ve only ever thought of your alcohol use as falling into the abuse category. Some of the symptoms of alcoholism include: 

  • Having tried to quit drinking in the past without success
  • Spending many occasions drinking while you’re alone
  • Avoiding events with family or friends when you know you won’t be able to drink
  • Lying to your loved ones about how much or how often you drink
  • Losing important relationships in your life because alcohol is more important to you 

If you’ve noticed any of these symptoms of alcoholism in your own life, there is a good chance that you’re addicted to alcohol. Talking with someone from an alcohol rehab program can help you know if you should seek out professional help. 

Alcohol Detox in Englewood, Colorado: Understanding Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms 

If you choose to stop drinking on your own, you’re probably going to encounter some alcohol withdrawal symptoms that are quite severe. They’re different for everyone, but they often include: 

  • Headaches or flu-like symptoms
  • Difficulty concentrating during the day
  • Insomnia coupled with fatigue because of lack of sleep
  • Stomach issues like nausea or vomiting
  • Digestive problems such as diarrhea or constipation 

You’re also at a higher risk for more severe symptoms, such as heart attack or seizures. Going to alcohol detox can help to alleviate these symptoms and shorten the withdrawal period too. 

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Inpatient Alcohol Rehab in Englewood, CO: Is it the Alcoholism Treatment for Me? 

Inpatient alcohol rehab is recommended for almost everyone who has an alcohol addiction, and there are a lot of good reasons why that’s the case. These include: 

  • Being able to provide you with immediate help for your alcohol withdrawal symptoms through alcohol detox
  • Offering you support 24 hours a day during every phase of your recovery
  • Providing you with access to an addiction therapist who will work closely with you on a regular basis
  • Giving you access to support groups, which will introduce you to other patients who share in your struggles
  • Giving you the best possible chance to be successful in your recovery 

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Are Improved Alcohol Treatment Centers in Englewood, CO Really Necessary? 

The alcohol addiction problem in Englewood, Colorado has gotten out of control, and addiction rates are climbing. It’s clear that better options need to be provided to those who are looking for a way to recover, based on the most recent statistics. 

  • Statistics show that the earlier teens choose to use any type of substance, the greater their chances are of being addicted.
  • The first substance teens usually turn to is alcohol.
  • 2/3 of all deaths caused by drunk drivers happen on their first offense.
  • During the course of a year, there are about 150 people in Colorado who lose their lives because of a drunk driver.
  • Each year, about 25,000 people are arrested in Colorado for drunk driving. 

Alcohol has already claimed so many lives; either because of drunk driving or alcohol overdoses. If you’re addicted to this dangerous drug, it’s time to consider getting help you so you can stop drinking for good. 

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Alcohol Rehab Programs: How Can I Find Alcohol Rehab Centers Near Me in Englewood, Colorado? 

It’s not a good idea to just do an online search and find an alcohol rehab center that seems as though it sounds pretty good to you. Unfortunately, that’s what many people do when they’re looking for a rehab for alcohol. Many times, they’re disappointed in what they experience once they become admitted. It’s helpful to know some of the qualities of the best alcohol rehab centers, and these include: 

  • Providing patients with their own personal treatment plans
  • Offering alcohol detox as a way to begin their alcoholism treatment
  • Maintaining a high staff to patient ratio
  • Providing nursing care 24/7
  • Offering various forms of addiction therapy 

Here at Northpoint Recovery, you’ll find all of the above, plus a lot more when you choose our alcohol addiction treatment center. We’re confident that you’ll know you made the right choice for your recovery once you talk with us. Please contact us today to get started.