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Alcohol and Drug Detox in Columbine, CO: Your Recovery from Addiction

Columbine, Colorado is probably best known for the school shooting that occurred in 1999. It’s located in Arapahoe and Jefferson Counties, just west of Littleton. There were 24,000 people who lived there in 2010. Some of the best colleges and universities are located near Columbine, and these include Arapahoe Community College, Colorado Christian University, and University of Denver. 

If you live in Columbine, Colorado and you’re struggling with an addiction to drugs or alcohol, you may feel like you’re all alone in that struggle. You’re not sure where to turn, or what you should do to get help. Statistics show that you’re definitely not alone. 

  • In both Arapahoe and Jefferson Counties, overdose deaths have quadrupled over the last few years
  • Prescription drug overdose is now the leading cause of death above car accidents
  • Colorado is on track to sell $1 billion in legal marijuana during the current year
  • When alcohol and drug use are combined, Colorado is at the top of the statistics for highest amount of drug use in the country
  • Jefferson County had more than 3,000 DUI arrests last year 

As you can see, there are so many people in Columbine and in the surrounding areas that need to recover from a drug or alcohol addiction. Regardless of what you’re addicted to, going to a detox center is the best way for you to start your recovery. 

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Medical Detox in Columbine, Colorado: Are Drug Detox Pills the Answer? 

Some experts believe that giving patients drug detox pills is merely swapping one addiction for another. Medical detox can result in a new addiction to the drugs, which is imminent if the drugs are abused. Also, drug detox pills often carry their own side effects, which can be difficult to manage during your recovery. 

There is a trend that is now shifting from medical detox to a more holistic approach for rapid drug detox. 

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Natural Drug Detox in Columbine, CO: Is it the Best Choice for Rapid Drug Detox? 

Many professionals believe that the best way go through rapid drug detox is to choose natural drug detox. This is a process that: 

  • Incorporates changes to your diet to help remove toxins
  • Encourages you to add regular physical exercise and activities to help in the removal process
  • Reduces your risk of forming an additional addiction
  • Creates healthy habits for your new lifestyle
  • Gives you the best chance for long-term success with a much smaller relapse rate 

Your goal is to stop using drugs or alcohol and not go back. A detox center in Columbine, Colorado can help you reach that goal successfully. 

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Where Can I Find Drug Detox Centers Near Me in Columbine, Colorado? 

Here at Northpoint Recovery, we offer both drug detox and alcohol detox that can help you overcome your drug detox symptoms. We recognize that it’s not easy to stop using drugs or alcohol, and going to a detox center offers you the best chance of a successful recovery. As one of the top detox centers in the region, we’re confident that you’ll benefit from our holistic approach to detoxification. 

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