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Columbine, CO Alcohol Rehab Information

Columbine, Colorado is probably best known for the shooting incident that took place at Columbine High School in 1999. However, the city itself has certainly grown immensely since that time. There were just over 24,000 people who lived there in 2010, including almost 7,000 families. It’s a city that’s known for it’s economic growth, aspiring entrepreneurs and stellar educational system. Several colleges and universities are located nearby, which makes Columbine a very popular place among college students. These include Arapahoe Community College, Colorado Christian University, University of Denver, and Community College of Denver. 

While Columbine might be a wonderful place to live, work and raise your family, it’s difficult to do any of those things when you’re constantly battling an alcohol addiction. It’s possible that you didn’t even realize you were addicted to alcohol, and now that you know, you’re feeling very unsure about what you should do. Going to an alcohol rehab in Columbine, Colorado can provide you with the help you need to recover. 

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Alcohol Rehab in Columbine, CO: Are Alcohol Rehab Programs Needed There? 

In many ways, Columbine is actually quite similar to other areas of Colorado when it comes to alcohol addiction rates. It is a growing problem that needs to be addressed through improved treatment methods. Statistics tell us that: 

  • When alcohol is combined with other drugs, the number of people who use these substances is high enough to call attention to Colorado from the federal government
  • In Jefferson County, there were 3,684 arrests because of DUIs in 2015
  • More than 5% of people who choose to try to quit drinking on their own will experience Delirium Tremens (DTs)
  • DTs have a mortality rate of up to 25%
  • Between 2006 and 2010, 1,200 adults died from an alcohol-related incident in Colorado 

The alcohol addiction problem in Columbine is not going to go away on its own, and raising awareness about the availability of alcohol treatment centers is the best way to address this problem. 

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Alcoholism Treatment in Columbine, Colorado: What Happens at Alcohol Rehab Centers? 

When you choose to go to a rehab for alcohol, most likely, the first thing you’ll experience is alcohol detox. This process is crucial for addressing alcohol withdrawal symptoms, which can become quite severe for many people. By choosing alcohol detox, you’ll find that the withdrawal period will become quite a bit shorter. 

Once you’ve completed alcohol detox, most people participate in inpatient alcohol rehab, which incorporates multiple types of treatment, including: 

  • Group therapy to introduce you to others and help you work together with your peers
  • 12 Step Programs, which are among the most effective alcoholism treatment methods in the country
  • Individual counseling sessions with a therapist
  • Therapeutic events and activities
  • Nutritional counseling and physical fitness 

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How Do You Know You Need Alcohol Addiction Treatment in Columbine, Colorado? 

One of the most popular questions people ask is, what are the symptoms of alcoholism? This is because so many people don’t realize that they’re addicted to alcohol, even though they may drink excessively, or even binge drink frequently. 

The symptoms of alcoholism include: 

  • Struggling in school or with your job because of alcohol
  • Losing important relationships to you because you drink too much
  • Drinking when you’re alone, and preferring it to be that way
  • Avoiding social events because you can’t drink while you’re there
  • Experiencing medical problems that are linked to your alcohol use 

If you’ve experienced any of these symptoms of alcoholism, it’s worth talking with a professional to determine what the next steps are for you in your recovery. 

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Finding the Best Alcohol Rehab Centers Near Me in Columbine, CO 

Contrary to popular belief, not all alcohol treatment centers are designed to meet your unique needs. There are many who provide alcohol addiction services to so many patients every year, and they can’t possible take the time to provide each patient with an intricate treatment plan that addresses their personal recovery goals. 

Here at Northpoint Recovery, we do things a little bit differently. Our inpatient alcohol rehab was created to promote alcoholism recovery for patients on a one on one basis. We’re confident that you’ll find our approach to alcohol addiction treatment to be modern, different, and effective. 

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