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Drug Rehab in Colorado: An Overview for Your Recovery

There's no doubt that the State of Colorado is one of the most beautiful places to live in the United States. It's a state that filled with technological growth and booming businesses, and it's actually the 22nd most populous state in the U.S., with an estimated population of 5,400,000 in 2015.

One of the most notable things about Colorado is its incredible geography. Mountain ranges, plains and deserts can be found throughout the state, and the picturesque sandstone cliffs, lakes and rivers all come together to paint a beautiful backdrop. It's not surprising that many college-bound students flock to Colorado every year. The Colorado State University System offers several options for students looking for a state school, and the University of Colorado System offers some great options for education in Boulder, Colorado Springs and Denver. In addition, Colorado is home to many major military bases, including the Buckley Air Force Base, Fort Carson, and the Air Reserve Personnel Center.

While it's certainly true that Colorado is a great place to work, live and raise a family, there's no denying that it has a serious drug addiction problem as well.

So many people who suffer from drug addiction in Colorado do so in complete silence. Many times they live their lives in denial, or they just don't see a way to escape their addictions. They often don't realize that going to drug rehab in Colorado is an option that's available to them, either because they feel they can't afford to go, or they feel they shouldn't take the time to invest in their recoveries from addiction.

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Perhaps you've felt that way too, and while you can see a need to get help for your addiction, you don't know where you should turn. You feel as though you're stuck, and you're looking for a way out. It can help to learn more about drug rehab in Colorado so that you can make an educated decision as to whether or not it's the right course of action for you.

Questions you might need the answer to include:

  • How serious is the drug problem in Colorado?
  • What types of people will you find in drug rehabilitation centers in Colorado?
  • When you go to a drug rehab center in Colorado, what are your options for treatment?
  • What makes inpatient drug rehab in Colorado the best option for most people when they need drug programs?
  • What are the signs that you need drug addiction treatment in Colorado?
  • What are the benefits of drug treatment centers in Colorado?
  • Do Colorado addiction treatment centers offer support and help for the families of those who are addicted?
  • How do I find a drug rehab near me in Colorado?

Getting the answers to these questions is so important because it's going to help you be successful going forward. Finding the right drug rehab in Colorado is the most crucial part of your entire recovery journey, and if you're thinking about getting help for your addiction, here at Northpoint Recovery, we want to assist you as much as we can.

Colorado Drug Rehab

The Drug Problem and the Need for Drug Rehab in CO: Statistics

Out of the 5,400,000 people who currently live in Colorado, you can imagine that the need for drug rehab is tremendous. Even among college students alone, 22.9% of college students in Colorado fit the medical definition of drug or alcohol addiction. This is incredibly high when you compare it to the national average of 8.5% of those who are age 12 or older.

In addition, there are many drug-related crimes and arrests in Colorado each year. Last year alone, there were 11,699 adult drug violations, and 3,021 drug violations among the youth population.

Other eye-opening statistics regarding drug addiction and abuse in Colorado include:

  • Cocaine is currently second most common drug in Colorado, behind alcohol
  • In 2012, Cocaine was the reason for 7.3% of most hospital admissions
  • Heroin ranked as the fourth most common reason for treatment admissions during the first half of 2013 in Colorado
  • Prescription medications ranked as the fifth most common reason for treatment admissions during the first half of 2013
  • The number of methamphetamine admissions has been steadily increasing over the years, and in 2013, they represented almost 17% of all treatment admissions

It's quite clear that something has to change in Colorado before the addiction problem becomes better controlled. There is definitely a need for higher levels of care, and improved drug rehab treatment plans for people who need them. However, it's possible that it's even more important to get the word out about the importance of getting professional help, rather than trying to quit using on your own.

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What Types of People go to Colorado Drug Rehab?

Quite often, people have a tendency to think that those who are in need of drug treatment are people who are of lower income households, or who are counted among the poverty population of Colorado. This couldn't be further from the truth. Of the 2 million households in Colorado, approximately 11% of them have at least one person who is struggling with a drug addiction, and it's so important to address those needs.

Colorado drug rehab facilities are for everyone, and as soon as you walk through the door, you'll see that you're going to encounter people from all walks of life. Many white collar professionals struggle with drug addiction, and you'll also find college students, skilled laborers and even those who hold high educational degrees.

Drug addiction does not discriminate, which is why if you're addicted to any type of drug, it's so important to get the help you need. You're going to find that there are so many others who are just like you, and they're facing similar circumstances in their own lives.

CO Drug Rehab Centers and Your Options for Addiction Treatment Centers

Another common misconception is that Colorado drug rehab centers are all the same. Many people don't realize that they actually have a lot of options available to them when it comes to getting help for their addictions.

  • Inpatient drug rehab – Inpatient drug rehab is what most people think of when someone mentions addiction treatment centers. When you choose to go to inpatient treatment, you'll stay at a facility for a certain number of days. Every facility is different, but you should expect to stay for 28 days to a month. Inpatient drug rehab offers you the ability to work within support groups and get help from your peers, and it also allows you to work with a therapist one on one.
  • Drug detox – Depending on the type of drugs you have been using, drug detox might be recommended for you, based on how long you've been addicted. For many people, drug detox is essential because it alleviates withdrawal symptoms, which can quickly derail even the best intentions to quit using drugs.
  • Outpatient drug rehab – Outpatient drug rehab is usually used as a step down after you've gone through inpatient drug rehab. However, there are those who choose to go to outpatient treatment right from the beginning. In most cases, you would spend appointments talking with your therapist, but there are cases when you might work with a support group as well.
  • 12 Step Programs – The 12 Step Program method of recovery has been around for a very long time. It actually started several decades ago as a way to help those who struggled with alcohol addiction. Participants work in a group setting, and they take turns sharing stories about their addictions. The fact that 12 Step Programs have lasted for so long proves their reliability, and how much they've helped people over the years.
  • Intensive outpatient drug rehab – There are those who aren't able to go to inpatient treatment for a number reasons, and in some cases, traditional outpatient treatment isn't a viable option for them because they need more support. In these instances, intensive outpatient drug rehab offers them the help they need. Participants can still live at home, but they attend treatment for up to five times a week in the evenings.

Is Inpatient Drug Rehab in CO Something You Should Consider?

It's possible that even after looking at that list, you're just not sure what the right solution is for you. Most people require a higher level of care when they first stop using drugs, and they truly benefit from having the support of professional staff members around the clock. It can be so easy to slip back into your old habits when you stop using drugs; especially if you are consistently around them while you're at home.

For these reasons, inpatient drug rehab is generally recommended for most people. This level of drug addiction treatment also gives you the opportunity to escape your usual responsibilities and stress so that you can focus completely on getting better. When you go to inpatient treatment, you have exclusive access to therapists and medical staff in the event of an emergency as well. Having that support is vital during the beginning of your quit, and for those who have chosen to go to inpatient drug rehab, they realize that it was a decision that helped them get back on the right track from the very beginning.

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How Do You Know if You Need Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Colorado?

Although you understand the different types of drug addiction treatment that are available to you, you might still be having a hard time coming to grips with the idea that you even need to get professional help for your addiction. This is not uncommon. Many people struggle with whether or not they would even be considered candidates for drug rehab in Colorado. If you're not sure, or if you wonder if your level of drug addiction would qualify you to go to an addiction treatment center in Colorado, there are some questions you can ask yourself to get a bit more clarity on your addiction and drug treatment needs.

  • Do I think about using drugs most of the time?
  • Has my drug use started to consume my day, and it's as though I'm either using drugs or recovering from my last use?
  • Has my drug use led to problems in my relationships with people I care about?
  • Am I having a hard time keeping up my progress in school?
  • Do I struggle with fulfilling my responsibilities at work because of my drug use?
  • Has using drugs led to one or more medical problems for me?
  • Do I struggle financially because of how much money I'm spending on drugs each month?
  • Have I started to become isolated from my friends and family because of my drug use?
  • Have my loved ones expressed their concern about my drug use and do they think I should be seeking out professional treatment?
  • Have I tried to stop using drugs on my own, but then found I wasn't able to?
  • Have I ever experienced withdrawal symptoms when I couldn't use drugs?

Answering these questions honestly will help you know what you should do, but keep in mind that even one “yes” answer to the above questions means you should think seriously about talking with a professional about your addiction history. They will be able to advise you about what you should do.

What are the Benefits of Drug Addiction Treatment in CO?

There are so many great benefits to getting drug addiction treatment in Colorado once you've made the decision to stop using. It can be hard to make that decision, but once you do, you'll find that when you go to drug rehab programs:

  • You'll receive top-notch addiction treatment from some of the best professionals in the industry
  • You'll be able to quit using drugs much easier because you'll get help with your withdrawal symptoms
  • You'll have the opportunity to connect with others who are facing the same situations you are
  • You'll be able to focus on your recovery and take a break from the stress you usually face in your everyday life
  • You'll be able to work on putting a plan in place that will guard you against relapsing once your treatment is finished
  • You can work on mending relationships in your life that have been harmed because of your drug use
  • You'll gain valuable insight into why you became addicted to drugs, and you'll heal from the cause of your addiction

It's amazing to think of all the benefits that can be gained by investing a small amount of time into your addiction recovery. Once you make the decision to get help, your life will change for the better, and you'll see that there are even more rewards in store for you down the road.

Help for Families from CO Drug Rehab Programs

For families who are concerned about a loved one's drug addiction, it's often difficult to feel encouraged when they're in treatment because they're so far removed from the situation. Most drug rehab centers offer families their own therapy sessions as a way to ease their minds, but also as a way to address any issues they might have that need to be worked out. Family sessions can be so helpful because they give families the opportunity to be involved in treatment.

For families who are having a difficult time communicating the need for addiction treatment, it's also helpful to know that intervention services are available. During an intervention, key family members and friends are invited to participate and express their concern in a group setting. Addiction treatment staff are also present, and it's also possible for admission into drug rehab to occur right away once the session is over. Many families have found intervention services to be so helpful because they allow them to communicate how they feel, and how their loved one's addiction has affected them in so many ways.

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Finding the Right Drug Rehab Near You in Colorado: Focusing on Your Recovery

One of the challenges of getting professional help when you have an addiction is knowing how to choose the right drug rehab near you in Colorado. Here at Northpoint Recovery, we understand how much you're struggling right now, and when you do a simple search online, you realize that there are so many options available to you.

As an accredited drug rehab facility, we have a smaller population so that we can provide our patients with the attention they need during their recoveries. We also make sure each patient's needs are addressed individually through his or her own, personal treatment plan. Our caring and qualified staff is standing by, waiting to discuss your drug treatment needs with you, and we can even check your insurance coverage over the phone.

If you'd like to know more about Northpoint Recovery, or if you're ready to get started with your addiction recovery right away, please contact us today.