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Sex Addiction and Rehab

Northpoint SexAddictionMost people have the wrong idea about what sex addiction is. They wrongly assume that when someone is addicted to sex, it’s all about the sexual act itself. This is not true at all. It is not about morality or sex. Instead, sex addiction is about a compulsion to participate in reckless and destructive behavior as a way to stimulate the brain’s reward system. Sex addicts become addicted to sex because of what they experience when certain chemical changes occur in the brain. Sex addiction harms the addict and family members, and this impact only tends to increase as the condition progresses.

The mental health professionals at Northpoint Recovery understand the link between sex and drug addiction. If you or a loved one experiences sex addiction, reach out at 888.296.8976 to learn more about our sex addiction treatment program in Boise as well as our other co-occurring disorder programs.

What is Sex Addiction?

A sex addiction refers to a condition that causes people to engage in risky, dangerous behavior involving sex. However, it is not about sex at all. It’s more about the underlying problems that a person is dealing with, such as stress, anxiety, depression, and shame which contribute to the risky behaviors. 

Those who are addicted to sex will keep returning to their activities over and over again to experience the high they’re craving. Like with other types of addictions, someone addicted to sex will often experience a worse addiction as time goes on. A great deal of isolation and pain goes along with having a sex addiction, and tolerance often occurs, driving the addict to explore even more risky behaviors.

It’s important to note that most sex addicts do not seek treatment unless forced to do so. It usually takes a crisis, such as being caught by a spouse or experiencing legal problems because of their behaviors.

The Effects of Sex Addiction on the Body and Mind

Sex addiction has an incredibly profound effect on both the mind and the body. If it is not treated properly, the individual suffering from it will experience increased guilt. Their self-confidence will continually be shaken, and there may be a very low sense of self-worth. It’s very common for people with sex addictions to eventually develop anxiety, depression, or some other type of psychiatric condition or even lead to a substance use disorder.

There are, of course, other complications that come from sex addiction, including: 

  • Strained family relationships
  • Divorce
  • Unplanned pregnancies
  • Risk of sexually transmitted diseases
  • Legal complications

Far too many people continue their sex addiction, being too embarrassed to ask for help. As a result, they suffer in silence, and quite often, they turn to drugs to ease the pain they feel inside.

The link between sex and drug addiction

It’s not surprising that sex addiction and drug addiction are often linked. There are many reasons why this is the case, and yet, there are still so many clinics and facilities that refuse to treat the two conditions simultaneously. This is a disservice to people who suffer from these co-occurring disorders, and it’s a much better course of action to treat both conditions together.

Most people who have sex addictions will use drugs to cope with their feelings. However, the relief that is experienced never lasts for very long. Even so, sex addicts will frequently go back to using to experience that short burst of relief. Continually self-mediating can lead to an addiction.

Sex Addiction and Rehab in Boise: Finding Relief

Until the 1990s, treatment for mental health conditions like sex addiction and treatment for drug addiction were separate treatment modalities. It was thought that it was better to treat the addiction first and then offer treatment for the sex addiction once sobriety was reached. This method was problematic because the root causes of addiction could never be fully addressed in treatment. Also, treatment methods would often contradict each other, making it very difficult to recover properly.

Dual diagnosis treatment changes this in so many different ways. It allows for both drug and sex addiction treatment to occur simultaneously. Experts have found that they could produce much better outcomes for their patients by working together. This is done by:

  • Making sure every patient gets an accurate diagnosis before starting treatment
  • Ensuring that all staff members are trained in addiction treatment as well as in mental health treatment
  • Putting together individual treatment plans for each patient to improve outcomes
  • Providing individual and group therapy that fully addresses each patient’s needs
  • Spending time uncovering the source of the addiction so that healing can take place

Start Your Recovery Journey With A Sex Addiction Treatment Program In Boise At Northpoint Recovery

When you have a sex addiction, it quickly takes over your entire life, and it progressively gets worse as time goes on. When sex addiction is coupled with drug addiction, the situation becomes even more serious, and getting prompt and professional help is the best course of action. While not all facilities are equipped to treat co-occurring disorders such as sex addiction and drug addiction, Northpoint Recovery has programs and services to help you or a loved one on the road to recovery.

If you would like to learn more about sex addiction treatment in Boise at Northpoint Recovery, or if you’re ready to get started with your recovery right away, please contact us at 888.296.8976.