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What to Expect from Your Addiction Counselor

Boise Addiction Counseling: What to Expect from Your Counselor

Like many people, perhaps you've tried to avoid having to see a counselor for most of your life. Now that you've decided to go to drug rehab in Boise, addiction counseling is something that goes along with that decision, and you're aware of that. You're just not sure what to expect when you start talking with your new counselor.

The good news is that if you've chosen Northpoint Recovery as your addiction treatment center for inpatient drug rehab, you'll be able to work with some of Idaho's best addiction counselors. While you will find that there are many different approaches to addiction counseling in Boise, Idaho, the goals are all basically the same. Let's talk in more detail about what those goals are so that you can have an idea about what to expect.

Boise Addiction Counseling: Understanding how Powerful Addiction is

When you're addicted to drugs or alcohol, it's easy to trick yourself into believing that you're really the one who is in control of your addiction. You may have even fallen into the trap of telling yourself that you can handle it and that you can quit anytime you want to. It only takes one time of trying to quit on your own without going through any type of formal drug rehab or alcohol rehab to find that your addiction might just be a little bit more powerful than you originally thought.

When you work with a therapist who specializes in addiction counseling in Idaho, you'll gain a unique understanding into the power of addiction. You'll learn all about why your addiction has so easily taken over your life. This type of knowledge is a big part of your healing in recovery, whether you're in need of:

  • Treatment for a cocaine addiction
  • Alcohol rehab in Idaho
  • Rehab for marijuana
  • Heroin treatment
  • Prescription drug treatment in Boise

...or help for any other type of addiction.

Idaho Addiction Counseling in Boise: Your Personal Story

Every client who comes to us for drug treatment and alcohol treatment here at Northpoint Recovery has a unique story to tell. That means that you do too; although it's possible that you're not really sure what that story is. Maybe you're not sure what led to your addiction, but quite often, addictions are formed because of some sort of substance abuse. Treatment can uncover the reasons behind your addiction, and this is a big part of what you'll go over with your therapist. Perhaps you experienced a traumatic event when you were a child, but you can't really remember what it was, exactly. Or, it's possible that your drug or alcohol abuse began during a catastrophic life event, but you had never made the connection before.

Learning why you became addicted to drugs or alcohol in the first place with allow you to know what your triggers are and begin to heal from these wounds in ways that are therapeutic and healthy for you.

Learning New Coping Skills in Addiction Counseling in Boise, Idaho

Once you've targeted the issues that led to your addiction during your addiction counseling in Idaho, you can begin learning more about the different coping skills you can obtain for use in the future. Some of these include:

  • Journaling - This is a very effective way to release some of the feelings you've always buried or tried to cover up with substance abuse.
  • Meditation - Meditating is a great way to renew and refocus your mind. It helps to give you clarity and understanding of a situation that you probably wouldn't have otherwise.
  • Exercise - Physical exercise is a great way for you to refocus some of your frustrations and turn them into something positive for your body. It allows you to improve your sleep patterns and it gives you more energy to handle the challenges that come your way.
  • Communication - It's possible that you've gotten used to holding your pain inside and not letting anyone know how you're feeling. Communication is often a big key to feeling better; especially when you're able to talk with someone you really trust about how you're feeling.

Learning new coping skills in addiction counseling in Boise, Idaho will serve to assist you long-term as you continue on in recovery, and it will also help to guard against relapse in the future.

Northpoint Recovery Offers Excellent Addiction Counseling in Boise, Idaho

Here at Northpoint Recovery, we would love to talk with you about your needs for drug rehab and alcohol rehab in Boise, Idaho. Addiction counseling is a big part of what we provide for our clients, and we're confident that you'll find it extremely beneficial to your recovery.

For more information, please contact us.