Three 12 Step Benefits for Everyday Life

Making the decision to quit drinking or using drugs is the first step toward recovery. 12 Step Programs were designed to provide you with the tools you need to overcome your addiction, and if you’ve been contemplating getting addiction treatment, you’re in for a world of benefits. Today we’d like to discuss some of those benefits as they relate to many of the 12 steps.

Benefit #1: Reliance on a Higher Power

Many people struggle to quit using drugs or to stop drinking for years, and the reason they do is because they’re attempting to make a change on their own. The cornerstone of the 12 Steps is the reliance on a Higher Power (or God as you experience Him/Her/It). There is great freedom in coming to terms with the fact that you’re not able to tackle your addiction on your own. For many people, once they realize this, they’re finally able to break free and work toward recovery. Of course, your higher power isn’t only available to you for help in your recovery. It wants to be there for you in every part of your life. Knowing that simple truth is powerful, and it can give you courage and determination to take on challenges you never thought you’d be able to take on.

Benefit #2: Taking Responsibility and Righting Wrongs

Are there people in your life that you’ve hurt because of your addictions? Most addicts would say there are. In fact, perhaps you can list quite a few people who have cut you out of their lives, who have cried because of the pain you’ve caused them, or who have been desperately hoping you’d get addiction treatment. A major part of the 12 Steps is coming to the realization that you no longer have to carry those burdens because your higher power has forgiven you. However, it’s also important for you to make amends with others whenever it’s possible to do so. When you take responsibility for what you’ve done wrong and you apologize to those you have hurt, your life is enhanced because you’ll forgive yourself and be forgiven too.

Benefit #3: Helping Others in their Journeys

Once you’ve worked your way through most of the 12 Steps, you get to experience the joy of helping others. Of course it will be challenging, but there’s no better feeling than knowing you are doing your part to help another person find freedom through recovery from drug or alcohol addictions. You’ll be amazed at the valuable tools you’ve learned along the way, and you’ll be empowered to pass along that information as you encourage others to stay sober. Helping others can quickly become something you really enjoy, and so many people will be blessed because of your efforts.

Isn’t it time you took the first step in seeking help for your drug or alcohol addiction? These benefits are available for you to experience in your own life, and all you need to do is contact us. It’s our pleasure to get you started on your journey toward recovery.

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