NorthPoint Recovery – Currently Participates in the following Insurance plans and Networks:

/NorthPoint Recovery – Currently Participates in the following Insurance plans and Networks:

In an effort to make high-quality drug detox and addiction treatment available to more people, NorthPoint Recovery is working hard each day to get in-network with more insurance companies.

Northpoint Recovery Currently Participates in the following Insurance plans and Networks:

  1. Humana Behavioral Health, Inc.
  2. Cigna Behavioral Health, Inc.
  3. ComPsych
  4. First Choice Health Network (FCHN)
  5. Multi Plan Inc.
  6. Pacific Source Health Plans
  7. MHNet
  8. Select Health Inc.
  9. USAMCO – USA Managed Care Organization

Does Being In-Network Mean You Won’t Pay Anything for Drug and Alcohol Rehab at NorthPoint?

In short, no. It does mean that once your deductible is met, your insurance will likely cover the remainder of treatment costs. Deductible amounts vary from insurance plan to insurance plan. Some deductibles are very high (up to $10k) but many deductibles are more doable at around $2500 per year.

What’s the Difference Between In-Network and Out-of-Network Insurance Benefits when it comes to Drug Rehabs?

If you choose a drug or alcohol rehab that is in-network with your insurance company, once your deductible is met your insurance agency will usually cover the rest of the cost of rehab as they have already negotiated a rate with the rehab program. If the addiction treatment center is out-of-network, you may not only pay your deductible but also a percentage of the remaining costs. So of course, it’s a better scenario to choose a high-quality rehab that is ALSO in-network with your current insurance plan.

How Do I Find Out What Rehab at NorthPoint Recovery Would Cost with My Insurance Plan?

There’s no hard and fast answer to this question. There are thousands of insurance plans available and each will need to be checked individually to check you rehab benefits and coverage. Don’t worry though, at NorthPoint Recovery, we can verify and check your insurance benefits for addiction treatment at no cost and with no obligation. Check Your Benefits Now.




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