60 Minutes Opioid Report: Whistleblower Drops Bombshells

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A recent joint investigation conducted by the CBS news program 60 Minutes and The Washington Post has made a bombshell claim about the relationship between Congress and the cabal of huge pharmaceutical companies known as Big Pharma. If the contained claims are accurate, then this report sheds new light on the factors behind the continuing and worsening opioid epidemic that is plaguing nearly every community in the United States. Identifying the Architects of the Opioid Epidemic “This is an industry that's out of control. What they wanna do, is do [...]

CDC Exposes HUGE Increase in Opioid (Pain Medication) Overdoses: Now Killing More People Than a Common Cancer

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Are Opioids the Killers No One Saw Coming in 2016, 2017 and 2018? Opioid overdoses have been a concern for quite some time. In fact, a few years ago, they went so far as to call it an epidemic. In looking at some of the more recent facts and figures, it’s clear that we have a crisis on our hands. According to an article on U.S. News & World Report’s website, O.D. deaths have risen 21% in the last year. That is an alarming jump, and it’s more than the last four years combined. [...]

The Ugly Truth About Pill Mills In the United States

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The term “pill mill” can describe a doctor, pharmacy, or clinic. Often, the drugs are given for non-medical reasons. Prescription opioids are very popular at pill mills. In recent years, states have taken measures to close these businesses. However, the current laws may not being doing enough. Learn more about what pill mills are, how they work, and how to spot one in your community. What Are Pill Mills? The definition of a “pill mill” is a business where narcotics are prescribed in large numbers. This term was coined by [...]

Lawsuits Against Drug Manufacturers Exploding Across the US

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Every day, it seems as another location joins the growing list of cities, counties, and states who are pursuing lawsuits against drug manufacturers and distributors. Local governments are trying to combat the worsening opioid epidemic in America, while at the same time, hold these corporate entities responsible. In 2016, there were more fatal drug overdoses in America than any other year on record – an estimated 64,000 deaths. That number is correct, it represents a 22% one-year increase over 2015. And the driving force behind this ongoing tragedy is prescription opioids. Right now, there are [...]

Reel Recovery: A New Film Festival Focused on Helping Others Get Clean

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Stories are powerful tools for creating change. A story is never just a story - it can inspire others, share a vision, and make hard to grasp realities easier to understand by making them more personal. This is true nearly everywhere. More recently, storytelling through film has been introduced as a means of sharing the stories of individuals caught up in the opioid crisis and other forms of addiction in the United States. “Recovery isn’t a cult or a dogma, it is a process unique to each individual, which is why it is an [...]

New Fingertip Drug Test: How Does it Work?

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Many people have participated in a drug test in one way or another. Maybe you submitted to a urine test during drug rehab, or maybe you just had to comply with the company’s mandatory annual drug test. Either way, drug testing is an important part of continuing to battle against the drug epidemic in this country. Drug testing has been around for a long time. But along with new technology has come a new, non-invasive method of drug screening: the new fingertip drug test. The concept is simple enough: the fingerprint drug test screens [...]

How Life Changing Liver Transplant Rules are Being Changed for Addicts

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Some people have views about alcoholics and whether they should receive liver transplants or not. Many of these views are based on little knowledge on the real facts of alcoholism and liver transplants. On a case by case basis, it’s hard to deny anyone lifesaving surgery. The reality is, that’s what the decision makers for liver transplants have been doing. Alcoholics have been denied their right to receiving liver transplants for years. The liver transplant waiting list by state will demonstrate why the guidelines are so strict on who should receive the procedure. The [...]

Sober Bars – The Newest Trend That We Are Crazy About

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If you think that the phrase "sober bars" sounds like a place that exists only in a fictional TV show (This Is Us, perhaps?), it's time to discover the hot new trend for those seeking things to do other than drink on weekends. Sober Things To Do At Night Sitting at home with a can of diet soda and your cat is one way to celebrate a sober lifestyle. But if you're looking for something more than a purring pet and diet drink when it comes to your nightlife, consider [...]

New Addiction Medicine Certification: What It Is & What It Means for The Future of Addiction Treatment

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We are currently facing the deadliest drug crisis in the history of the United States. Today, drug overdoses in America now kill more people than car crashes and gun homicides combined. And the rate of addiction is rising even higher. In fact, addiction has been labeled by some professionals as America’s most neglected disease. But with the development and sponsoring of the new Addiction Medicine Certification by the American Board of Preventative Medicine (ABPM), we’re one step closer to finally taking substance use disorders seriously and working towards a less addicted world. [...]

Sticks and Stones: Do Words Matter in the New Sephora Product Line?

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For many years, those struggling with addiction have faced a battle on two fronts. They have had to fight against their addiction on one side and, very often, against the stigma and ostracism associated with addiction in the United States. “I cringe every time I hear stereotypical words that label people with substance use disorders. Words like pothead, junkie, stoner, lush, or even addict hurt my heart.” ~ Jim Hood, CEO of Facing Addiction Thankfully, in recent years the stigma of addiction has been slowly decreasing. But a recent product line at Sephora shows [...]

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