Synthetic Drugs

The DMT Trip: One You Won’t Want to Take

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DMT – A Hallucinogen That Takes Users on a Journey They May Regret You may have heard of LSD – commonly known as acid. Maybe you’ve taken magic mushrooms. Perhaps you’ve gone down the Ketamine K-Hole. You might’ve even smoked peyote. But, have you ever heard of DMT? This hallucinogen is the latest addition to a short list of drugs that promise to take the user on a psychedelic trip that won’t soon be forgotten. Although the drug has been used for centuries in various countries around the world, reports indicate DMT is gaining popularity [...]

What is GHB and Why is it Abused?

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What is GHB? A Brief History on One of America’s Fave Club Drugs Gamma hydroxybutyrate – commonly known as GHB – is considered by many to be a super fun club drug that makes for one hell of a party. It is also known for something else – date rape. But, GHB didn’t always have the reputation it has today. In fact, until the FDA banned the stuff in 1990, GHB was a legal substance in the United States used for medicinal purposes. GHB is a clear liquid that looks just like water. It is tasteless [...]

“Pink” Death: What You Need to Know About This Dangerous Synthetic Opioid

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Synthetic opioids aren’t anything particularly new. Methadone and fentanyl are completely synthetic opioids, which means they’re lab-created substances that are chemically similar to natural opiates, and produce similar effects on the human body. Oxycodone and heroin are semi-synthetic opioids, as well as a range of others. They were all manufactured for a good reason, and many of them are simply mixes of other drugs, thrown together in a cocktail, like Percocet (which is comprised of oxycodone and acetaminophen). But recently there has been a rise in something known as “designer drugs.” These are unusual blends [...]

11 Addictive Substances You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

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It seems as if every time you read the news, there is another new drug threat emerging. Largely due to inadequate legislation and their easy availability on the Internet, many of the newest – and scariest – drugs are synthetic, so-called “designer” drugs. Here is a list of some of the most terrifying drugs that you’ve probably never heard of. #1 Scopolamine – the Scariest Drug in the World Also known as "Devil's Breath",  this extract of the Borrachero tree (“drunken binge”) in Colombia has a reputation as the “world’s most dangerous drug”. Effects include: [...]

Kratom to Help with Addiction: What’s the Real Story?

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“It’s a fascinating drug, but we need to know a lot more about it. Recreationally or to self-treat opioid dependence, BEWARE – potentially, you’re at just as much risk (as with an opiate).” ~Dr. Edward Boyer, Professor of Emergency Medicine at the University of Massachusetts Medical School Every few years, the newest miracle herbal supplement hits the market, making all sorts of scientifically unsupported claims – “lose weight”, “stop aging”, “cure depression”, etc. In reality, most of these new panaceas of the modern-day equivalent of snake oil, good for little more than fleecing the American [...]

What Exactly Is Synthetic Drug Addiction? 

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"There's no such thing as a good batch when you're dealing with these synthetic drugs. You're using something you have no idea what it is. It's like Russian roulette." ~ Anthony Pettigrew, spokesman for the New England division of the Drug Enforcement Agency By its very nature, substance abuse can cause legal complications for drug users and addicts. People in search of their next "high" constantly run the risk of being arrested, and the penalties can be severe. For example, under Idaho law, if an individual possesses more than three ounces of marijuana, they can [...]