Everything You Need to Know about Emotional Relapse

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Did you know that there are definite warning signs that come before a relapse into drug or alcohol abuse? In fact, a relapse happens in stages. The first stage is known as “emotional relapse”. Addiction is a chronic and recurring disease of the brain. This means people recovering from any substance abuse disorder have to remain constantly vigilant if they want to avoid relapsing into active drinking and drug use. Creating a personal relapse prevention plan is a crucial part of any successful program of recovery. First Things First – [...]

How to Build a Solid Relapse Prevention Plan

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In the United States alone, there is an estimated 20 million people dealing with recovery from addiction right now. This includes addiction to both drugs and alcohol. Around every corner, there is risk of relapse as addiction has so many facets. Addicts will have to cope with triggers daily. Any one of these triggers can cause relapse. This is why relapse prevention is an important part of recovery. Medical experts and addiction specialists know this. What is Addiction Relapse? A relapse is what occurs when someone goes back to using drugs. This can happen [...]

The Ugly Truth About Crystal Meth

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Crystal meth can sometimes get buried when we talk about the most dangerous drug threats in America. We talk a lot about alcohol, which is and has been the top threat in addiction treatment ever since addiction treatment has existed. The headlines all seem to go towards prescription painkillers and heroin, the two sides of the same coin that have generated the ongoing opioid crisis. And there is no doubt that those headlines are warranted. Opioids have killed thousands upon thousands of people, just in the last few years, and is one of the biggest [...]

20 Alcoholism Facts You Might Want to Know

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Alcoholism is a devastating, potentially fatal disease. The primary symptom of having it is telling everyone – including yourself – that you are not an alcoholic.” ~ Herbert L. Gravitz & Julie D. Bowden There is at least one alcoholism fact that you might want to know: alcoholism is a dangerous, though often misunderstood, mental disease. With this in mind, here we present twenty specific facts about alcoholism and alcohol abuse that you may not know, though you most likely should know. Alcoholism is a reality for millions of Americans around the country, either because they [...]

Syringe Vending Machines for Heroin Addicts: A Good Idea or Not?

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Intravenous drug users (IDUs) face a vast array of dangers, some that users of other drugs will simply never have to face. While these sufferers of addiction will, of course, have to deal with the typical fallout that comes with a life driven by the need to use, IDUs are also at a higher risk of multiple additional diseases due to the common practice of sharing needles among the addicted community. As such, establishing needle exchange programs (NEPs), also known as syringe-exchange programs (SEPs) and needle and syringe programs (NSPs), have become an effective method for [...]

Kelly Osbourne turned to drugs as an emotional escape from painful experiences in her life.

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The Story of Kelly Osbourne and Her Addiction to Drugs Kelly Osbourne on her drug addiction: 'For me drugs were a coping mechanism that also fueled my self-destruction.' The rehab success of Kelly Osbourne is an inspiring story as she battled through emotional trauma to become the bright young woman she is today. Her story is about a chaotic lifestyle that simply became too much. Growing up in the spotlight at a young age brought her extreme success but there was also a darkness that nobody knew about. Her addiction to alcohol, opiate painkillers and sex [...]

Here is an in-depth list of the best rehabs available in the Pacific Northwest

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A List of the Best Rehabs in the Pacific Northwest There are many different options when it comes to rehab centers in the Pacific Northwest.  The treatment options and type of rehab programs available help people from all walks of life. Whether it’s outpatient or inpatient treatment for drugs or alcohol, this is a list of the best rehabs in the Pacific Northwest. 1. Schick Shadel Hospital Substance Abuse Program Schick Shadel Hospital has over 80 years of treating patients with proven methods to absolve substance cravings. Counter conditioning is their treatment for addiction which has [...]

Seeing the functional alcoholic signs and how you can help a loved one with their addiction.

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Solutions to Help the Functional Alcoholic in Your Life The definition of a functional alcoholic is that although they have a dependency on alcohol, they are still holding down their job and maintaining relationships. At the surface, things might look great, but statistics on struggles families go through when parents are functioning alcoholics will make you think differently. Living with an alcoholic who seems functional may seem normal on the outside, but there are underlying dangers that can cause a lot of pain and destruction. If you are in a relationship with a high functioning alcoholic, [...]

Addictionology Definition: Recognizing the Science of Rehabilitation

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If you are currently suffering from a substance use disorder or are close to someone who does then you’re probably curious about the exact definition of addictionology. You may have heard the term thrown around on internet chat groups or have seen it mentioned in your research of what exactly goes into treating these types of disorders. And while you feel like you might have a pretty good sense of everything the term represents, you may not know about how this type of research has helped to change the concept of addiction treatment entirely. Below, [...]

The Many Types of Substance and Behavioral Addictions

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Various Types of Substance and Behavioral Addictions Addiction types are varied and range from drugs like cocaine, substances like alcohol and behaviors such as gambling. Some addictions are very clear and specified by the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-IV-TR). Other addictions have been identified by professionals as addictive while others argue against it. An example of this can be marijuana which isn't considered as addictive in the traditional sense, but people can become dependent on it. The different types of addiction, including drug use, are found within the DSM-IV-TR but they are called [...]

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