Perks Pills: Everything You Need To Know

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Perks pills are the street name for the prescription painkiller Percocet, a drug used to relieve moderate to severe pain. Learn more about perks pills and their impact on the United States. Perks Pills: Everything You Need To Know Perks pills may sound like a stimulant, a drug intended to send your brain and body on an excited high. By name alone they sound similar to stimulants like Adderall or Ritalin, but they actually refer to a drug quite the opposite. Perks pills are a street term for Percocet, a painkiller made from a [...]

How Big Pharma is Paying Kickbacks to Opioid Recovery Advocacy Groups

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Why Big Pharma Donates Money to Opioid Advocacy Groups It raises questions when nonprofit opioid advocacy groups are being funded by pharmaceutical companies. These nonprofit organizations are set up as a way to protect patients’ rights. They also work hard to ensure patients get excellent care and treatment. There are many types of patient advocacy groups. However those who help addicted patients access opioid drugs for treatment are under speculation. New research has shown that many opiate advocacy groups are receiving funds from drug companies. This is a serious conflict of interest that must be [...]

What to Know About Tramadol and Addiction

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What to Know About Tramadol and Addiction In terms of prescription medication, tramadol is not well known – but that does not mean that you do not need to know about tramadol and the possibility of addiction. While tramadol (sold as Ultram in the United States) is usually deemed safer and less addictive than other opioids, there are still risk factors with both its prescription and non-medical use. With this in mind, this post examines everything that you need to know about tramadol and addiction, including the correct and incorrect use of the prescription drug. [...]

Is There a Possibility That Lyrica Can be Abused?

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Is There a Possibility That Lyrica Can be Abused? Dr. Richard Bruce Silverman, a chemistry professor at Northwestern University, discovered Pregabalin and the FDA approved it in 2004 for treatment of fibromyalgia pain, neuropathic pain, and generalized anxiety disorder. Nobody is certain how it works as an effective means to stop partial seizures. The original intention of Pregabalin was that it would be approved for epilepsy but was only found to be effective for partial seizures. Is There a Risk of Lyrica Abuse or Addiction? Pregalin is a drug that was FDA approved for convulsions as [...]

7 Signs Someone Close to You Is Abusing Pills

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Prescription drug abuse is quickly becoming one of the country’s most widespread and damaging problems to date. A combination of over-prescribing doctors and under-scrutinized medical guidelines makes it easier than ever to get your hands on these powerful and deadly pills. In fact, almost half of the population is currently on at least one prescription medication and over ten percent have used five or more prescription drugs in the past 30 days. In addition to the addictive qualities inherent in some of these medications is the fact that abusing them might be a precursor to [...]

Here is an in-depth list of the best rehabs available in the Pacific Northwest

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A List of the Best Rehabs in the Pacific Northwest There are many different options when it comes to rehab centers in the Pacific Northwest.  The treatment options and type of rehab programs available help people from all walks of life. Whether it’s outpatient or inpatient treatment for drugs or alcohol, this is a list of the best rehabs in the Pacific Northwest. 1. Schick Shadel Hospital Substance Abuse Program Schick Shadel Hospital has over 80 years of treating patients with proven methods to absolve substance cravings. Counter conditioning is their treatment for addiction which has [...]

Addictionology Definition: Recognizing the Science of Rehabilitation

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If you are currently suffering from a substance use disorder or are close to someone who does then you’re probably curious about the exact definition of addictionology. You may have heard the term thrown around on internet chat groups or have seen it mentioned in your research of what exactly goes into treating these types of disorders. And while you feel like you might have a pretty good sense of everything the term represents, you may not know about how this type of research has helped to change the concept of addiction treatment entirely. Below, [...]

The Many Types of Substance and Behavioral Addictions

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Various Types of Substance and Behavioral Addictions Addiction types are varied and range from drugs like cocaine, substances like alcohol and behaviors such as gambling. Some addictions are very clear and specified by the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-IV-TR). Other addictions have been identified by professionals as addictive while others argue against it. An example of this can be marijuana which isn't considered as addictive in the traditional sense, but people can become dependent on it. The different types of addiction, including drug use, are found within the DSM-IV-TR but they are called [...]

Learn the Signs of Darvocet Abuse and Addiction

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Darvocet – Are You Abusing this Dangerous Narcotic? Darvocet – also known as Propoxyphene or Darvon – is a powerful and dangerous narcotic. In fact, the drug is so dangerous, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) banned the manufacture and distribution of this medication in 2010. Even though the drug has been banned, the painkiller Darvocet is still available on the black market and is being sold on the street for as much as twenty dollars a pill. In spite of the ban, many people are still abusing Darvocet or struggling with an addiction to [...]