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FDA Approves New Non-Opioid Drug for Use in Reducing Symptoms of Opioid Withdrawal

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If you live in the United States, you’ve almost certainly heard of the opioid crisis. It’s been addressed by presidential candidates, doctors, and celebrities. It was the cause of death of about 42,000 U.S. citizens in 2016. Its effects are present in every state and amongst every demographic. The push for treatment and recovery options for opioid addicts is stronger than ever before because so many people are suffering. Thankfully for those trying to get help for themselves or those they love, the U.S. FDA recently approved a new drug. This new drug is [...]

Heroin Withdrawal Symptoms and Side-Effects: Must Know Info

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Heroin withdrawal symptoms are said to be one of the hardest things any addict will ever face. This is compared to other drugs that cause addiction. Decades ago, use of the drug would be unheard of in the mainstream. There is a stigma that only homeless junkies would ever get involved in such a dangerous street drug. Sadly, the prescription opioid epidemic has caused average people to turn to heroin because it’s easier and cheaper to obtain. The cause of addiction with opioids are due to how it works within the body. It doesn’t [...]

The Ugly Truth About Opiate Withdrawal

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The Ugly Truth About Opiate Withdrawal The thought of having to endure withdrawal is terrifying if you are addicted to opioid substances like heroin, Hydrocodone, Morphine, Oxycodone, or Fentanyl. You may be ready to kick your habit, but you’re terrified of what will happen if you do. This is what keeps you hooked even though you want to quit. Opioid Withdrawal – It’s A Necessary Evil If You Want To Kick Your Habit You know that if you stop suddenly using your drug of choice, your system will react in violent protest. Basically, your body [...]

Opiate vs Opioid: The Differences That Make a Difference

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Opiate vs opioid – opioid vs opiate: Are there really any differences? As it turns out, there are a few important distinctions between the two terms. And in today’s environment, with the continuing opioid epidemic, it behooves all of us to learn all we can about everything involved in what some are calling the greatest public health emergency in American history. First Things First – What Is the Definition of an Opiate? An opiate is a drug that has been refined or extracted from natural plant matter – the fibers or sap of [...]

Dealing with Suboxone Withdrawal: WARNING this drug may cause dependence

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Suboxone is a prescription medication FDA-approved to treat opioid addiction. It is combined with the drugs buprenorphine and naloxone. Buprenorphine is known as a partial agonist which relieves the symptoms of a powerful opiate withdrawal. Naloxone is an opioid antagonist which reverses the effect of opioid drugs. Dealing with Suboxone Withdrawal: WARNING this drug may cause dependence While the drug for opiate withdrawal has shown effective through a variety of studies, Suboxone withdrawal symptoms can make it hard to stop. Suboxone is often a long time treatment for those recovering from addictive opioids like [...]

How Addiction Experts And Governmental Agencies Are Working To Stop The Opioid Epidemic

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Experts Are Seeking New Treatment Options Fight Opioid Addiction The U.S. opioid epidemic is in full swing and the problem is escalating. Millions of Americans are addiction to opioids and there has been an exponential increase in the number of opioid related deaths in recent years. More than 64,000 people died of a drug overdose in 2016 and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control reports that approximately sixty-six percent of these deaths involved an opioid. To counteract the problem of opioid addiction, experts are seeking new treatment options in 2018. [...]

Naloxone Short-Term Savings: Alarming Overdose Rates Following Its Life-Saving Benefits

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Thousands of opioid users are saved from overdose each year thanks to the reversing effects of Narcan (naloxone). What is this miracle drug and how does it work? Have you ever seen someone overdosing on heroin? It is a terrifying sight, like something out of your worst nightmare. If someone smokes, snorts, or injects too much heroin, their breathing slows or stops entirely, decreasing or cutting off the supply of oxygen to the brain. When someone is overdosing, they are usually nonresponsive or passed out entirely. Without immediate medical intervention, their risk of sudden [...]

Heroin Overdose: Facts, Stats, Treatments and Odds of Recovery

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Heroin Overdose: Facts, Stats, Treatments and Odds of Recovery In 2016, 13,219 Americans died due to a heroin overdose. To put that number in proper perspective, that is a 533% increase since 2002.  In fact, heroin is one of the driving factors behind the ongoing opioid epidemic. Heroin – How Big Is the Drug Threat? According to the Drug Enforcement Administration’s 2017 National Drug Threat Assessment, “Heroin poses a serious public health and safety threat to the United States.” There are several reasons for this: Overdose risk – Even though [...]

Track Marks: Life as an IV Drug User

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“That’s when I saw the track marks. They ate away like a cancer at the time of her elbows and the backs of her hands…they were covered with the needle scars of an addict.” ~ Deborah Spungen, And I Don't Want to Live This Life: A Mother's Story of Her Daughter's Murder Track Marks: Life as an IV Drug User Heroin addiction is making a comeback in this country, even if it never really went away. 2017 is on a record pace to see 71,600 overdose deaths in America – the most ever recorded [...]

Buprenorphine Resources: Finding Suboxone Doctors and Discounts

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Buprenorphine Resources: Finding Suboxone Doctors and Discounts For the past 70 years, people addicted to opioids such as illicit heroin or prescription painkillers have been treated via Opioid Replacement Therapy (ORT), historically using methadone, and, increasingly, Suboxone. But even though this newer medication is starting to supplant methadone as the “go-to” ORT medication of choice, some people are still largely unaware of what Suboxone is, why Suboxone is a viable alternative to methadone, or where to find Suboxone doctors. First Things First—What is Opioid Replacement Therapy? “It gives the user [...]