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Here is an in-depth list of the best rehabs available in the Pacific Northwest

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A List of the Best Rehabs in the Pacific Northwest There are many different options when it comes to rehab centers in the Pacific Northwest.  The treatment options and type of rehab programs available help people from all walks of life. Whether it’s outpatient or inpatient treatment for drugs or alcohol, this is a list of the best rehabs in the Pacific Northwest. 1. Schick Shadel Hospital Substance Abuse Program Schick Shadel Hospital has over 80 years of treating patients with proven methods to absolve substance cravings. Counter conditioning is their treatment for addiction which has [...]

6 Lessons from My Experience of Working in the Addiction Field

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"In the past 20 years, a paradigm shift has occurred – the concept of recovery has firmly taken root in our collective consciousness… People from all over the world are starting to discover the joys of physical, emotional, and spiritual self-care." ~ Erica Spiegelman, Rewired: a Bold New Approach to Addiction and Recovery I recently celebrated my 10-year anniversary as a clinician specializing in addiction recovery, and as I look back, I can see my career's highs and lows – the triumphs and failures. In my time working in the addiction field, I have worked with [...]

Meet Our Director of Outreach, Marilyn Baughman

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As our new Director of Outreach and Marketing, Marilyn Baughman has been connecting with the Idaho community for over 25 years.  Living and doing outreach in Idaho, Marilyn has cherished the opportunity to help those with mental health and substance abuse issues. Because of her outreach efforts, she has been able to connect face-to-face with thousands of behavioral health professionals in the community. Because of high suicide rates in Idaho, Marilyn started our local SPAN (Suicide Prevention Action Network) chapter and has been chairing this group for 8 years in the Treasure Valley. She is very passionate about mental health, addiction recovery [...]

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