What is GHB and Why is it Abused?

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What is GHB? A Brief History on One of America’s Fave Club Drugs Gamma hydroxybutyrate – commonly known as GHB – is considered by many to be a super fun club drug that makes for one hell of a party. It is also known for something else – date rape. But, GHB didn’t always have the reputation it has today. In fact, until the FDA banned the stuff in 1990, GHB was a legal substance in the United States used for medicinal purposes. GHB is a clear liquid that looks just like water. It is tasteless [...]

Holistic Addiction Treatment: What Does It Mean and Is It Really Better?

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“Remember, too, when we practice and work on ourselves, it is not just our kinesthetic or body awareness, or our intellectual capacity, and it is not just our emotional intelligence, our spiritual depth, or our ethical clarity, but it is all these things together, the sum of all these healthy parts, that makes an extraordinarily healthy, and brilliantly capable whole.” ~John Dupuy, Integral Recovery: A Revolutionary Approach to the Treatment of Alcoholism and Addiction Among the many different addiction treatment approaches, one that offers holistic therapies may be the most comprehensive option, because it is [...]