The Art of Fixing Broken Relationships Once You’re Sober

It's been said that addiction in any form is a lonely disease that can destroy the lives of everyone around the substance abuser. It's no exaggeration to say that years of deception, denial, and deflection can cause seemingly-irreparable rifts between you and the people you care about the most. One of the first things that each and every person in drug or alcohol rehab wants to do when they have a period of sobriety under their belt is to start to fix the damage their addicted, dysfunctional behaviors did to their closest relationships. They desire [...]

How to Throw a Great Sober Party for You and Your Friends

Sometimes, staying sober – or supporting someone else’s sobriety – requires a bit of preplanning. People in recovery are told to stay away from situations where alcohol and other intoxicants are present, because such events might trigger a relapse. So what do you do when you are hosting an event where alcohol is traditionally served – a party, for example? One of the first things that people in recovery are taught is to never let themselves get “too lonely, too hungry, or two bored”. Here’s your chance to combat all three. Here are some tips [...]

Addiction Intervention: How to Help a Loved One Before It’s Too Late

“…an intervention is about interrupting self-destructive behaviors with love. We are reminding someone that we care, we pay attention, and we see them for what they really are. And we know they are bigger and better than their nonsense of addiction and will help hold them accountable for making a change.” ~Kathy L., The Intervention Book: Stories and Solutions from Addicts, Professionals, and Families When you love someone who is addicted to drugs or alcohol, time is of the essence. Addiction is an insidious, progressive disease that can take the life of the sufferer and [...]

My Story of Intervention on My Spouse

"The solution for addiction cannot come from a mind-controlled by alcohol or other drugs. It must come from an outside source. Because we are the people who clearly see the problem, it is our job to bring a moment of enlightenment to the alcoholic. But first, we need to learn a language the alcoholic will understand." ~ Jeff Jay, Love First: a Family Guide to Intervention If you would've asked anyone, my wife and I had the perfect marriage. From the outside, we appeared to have it all – I had a good job, my [...]

How My Friends and Social Life Changed in Recovery

"A good friend will help you to discover the potentials you haven't uncovered. A bad friend will help to cover up the potentials you have already recovered. Make your choice!" ~ Israelmore Aylvor, inspirational writer and author of The Great Hand Book of Quotes Early on during my journey of recovery from alcohol abuse to sobriety, I learned that if I wanted to protect everything I had worked so hard to regain, I would have to separate myself from the People, Places, and Things that were part of my former drinking life. It would be [...]

The Journey of Forgiving Yourself and Others

"It's one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself, to forgive. Forgive everybody." ~ Maya Angelou Alcoholics and addicts know all about pain. While in active addiction, they were responsible for inflicting a lot of it, both upon themselves and upon everyone around them. Often, they were the recipient of the pain caused by someone else, as well. For many, some past trauma played a significant part in the development of the addiction, because the sufferer was looking for a way to numb the psychic pain. Because of the unhealthy ways that they dealt [...]

What Really Happens During an Addiction Intervention

When someone you care about has a problem alcohol or is addicted to either prescription medication or illegal drugs, understanding the steps to take to get help can be difficult. Many families and people in your position have found that an intervention, properly and timely conducted, can be an invaluable tool that can give their suffering loved one the needed impetus. What precisely IS an Intervention? The simplest explanation is this – an intervention is a guided conversation with an end goal. It is a face-to-face, direct, and heartfelt talk between the person abusing alcohol [...]

Does Tough Love Work With Addiction?

"Many parents hold off taking action or getting help because they feel like anything they do is dangerous. What they forget is that the situation they're in is terribly dangerous…you have to say , ‘We love you very much, but we’re not going to spend money so you can go buy drugs and end up in a worse predicament. We're not going to support your habit. So it means no money, no car, no food, no shelter, because ultimately, these are the things that can be converted into drugs.’ " ~board-certified psychiatrist Dr. David [...]

Growing up with an Addict for a Father

"For the epidemic of influenza, a hurricane, earthquake, or tornado, the worst is quickly over; treatment and recovery efforts can begin. In contrast, the chronic disaster that results from (Adverse Childhood Experiences) is insidious and constantly rolling out from generation to generation.” ~ Doctor Robert F Anda and Doctor David Brown, the Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) Study Sometimes I wonder how I survived my childhood. That's not an attempt at humor, because I am the child of an addict. I can tell you, it is nothing at all like the movies. There was nothing poetic [...]

Quit Blaming Yourself for Someone Else’s Addictions

Tips on How to Quit Blaming Yourself for Someone Else's Addictions Addiction is a disease that destroys entire families. Every bond feels its effects, and those individuals who are closest to the addict always end up suffering the worst.  It is a tragic but true certainty that if you love an active addict, it is frighteningly simple to get ensnared in the tangled web of the addict's behavior. When you love an addict/alcoholic, you will discover that you are accustomed to reacting to their actions. Eventually, you focus completely on them – what they are [...]

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