Who’s Next? Why Utah Lowered Their DUI Limit to .05

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Just in time for April’s Alcohol Awareness Month, Utah legislators have just signed a new bill lowering the legal blood alcohol content down to 0.05%. And although many see the legislation as a step towards safer and more sober driving in the state, others are condemning the new law as harsh and unnecessary. What’s more, opponents say it might cause more people to be incarcerated for a crime that ultimately posed no threat to the safety of others. While the long-term effects still remain to be seen, Utah has still officially become the very first [...]

How Increasing Liquor Tax Can Decrease Drunk Driving

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Drunk driving killed an estimated 28 people a day in 2015. In total, about 300,000 people get behind the wheel of a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol every single day. A grand total of 28.7 million people drove drunk in 2013, or about 1 in 12 Americans. Getting a DUI is a decent deterrent to driving drunk, as it punishes people harshly for putting themselves and everyone around them at risk. People who get a DUI may face jail time, revocation of their driver’s license, and steep fines for their actions. Yet those [...]

Seeing the functional alcoholic signs and how you can help a loved one with their addiction.

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Solutions to Help the Functional Alcoholic in Your Life The definition of a functional alcoholic is that although they have a dependency on alcohol, they are still holding down their job and maintaining relationships. At the surface, things might look great, but statistics on struggles families go through when parents are functioning alcoholics will make you think differently. Living with an alcoholic who seems functional may seem normal on the outside, but there are underlying dangers that can cause a lot of pain and destruction. If you are in a relationship with a high functioning alcoholic, [...]

What We Can Learn from Tiger Woods’ DUI Arrest

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Is the DUI arrest of Tiger Woods simply an individual misstep, or is it a warning for the rest of us? The dash-cam video was clear and unmistakable. In the wee hours of Memorial Day morning, Tiger Woods, the most iconic golfer of his generation, was failing every roadside test being given. Woods was confused, slurring his words, and struggling to walk straight or even stand. For lack of a better term, it was a sobering sight. Arresting Officer: “Woods Was Asleep at The Wheel” The official arrest report of Officer Fandrey of the Jupiter [...]

I Got a DUI in Idaho – Now What?

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“…we want to remind anyone who might think about getting behind the wheel after drinking that real lives are at stake, and that it is just not worth the risk of killing someone else or yourself.” ~Idaho State Police Sgt. Rich Adamson If you have been arrested and charged with a DUI in the State of Idaho, the bad news is you are not alone. According to a report published in the USA Today, Idaho is the third-most dangerous state in America for drunken driving. Idaho also ranked #5 in the nation for the [...]

Back from the Deep End – How Michael Phelps Went from Alcohol Rehab to the Greatest Olympian Ever

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“I sent myself on a downward spiral. I think it was more of…of a sign than anything else. That I had to get something under control, whatever it was, I look back at that night and everything happened for a reason.” ~Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps interview for NBC’s Today If – as he says – the 2016 Summer Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro were Michael Phelps’ swan song, there could not be a more fitting goodbye. He was chosen to be a Captain of the American Olympic team and voted to be the United [...]