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The Portland Oregon Drug Problem – Addiction Statistics You Need to Know

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The Portland Oregon Drug Problem - Addiction Statistics You Need to Know The Portland Oregon drug problem is scary, and identifying the true scale of the substance abuse problem here is key if effective remedies are to be found. Here is a sobering look at addiction in Oregon. “What many don’t realize is that someone with a serious addictions disorder is going to have their body fall apart in a relatively short period. They are going to become disabled, if they don’t die first. They’re going to end up costing the taxpayer an enormous [...]

Morning Glory High: How and Why Teens Abuse Flower Seeds

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Understanding the Hallucinogenic Effects of Flower Seeds What started out as a YouTube video from a Massachusetts teenager who consumed Morning Glory seeds to get high ended up as something of a public health crisis that put several other children in the hospital. The anonymous and reckless young man self-recorded the effects of what he claimed to be psychedelic plant seeds. The Morning Glory seeds he ingests “definitely make me laugh,” he claimed. As word spread, local police convinced the local Home Depot in Somerset, Massachusetts to pull Morning Glory seeds off the shelves, [...]

The Justice Department Claims that Drugmaker Indivior Lied About Popular Opioid Treatment

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If you’ve been following the news lately, then you’ve probably read some unsettling news. The Justice Department has recently brought charges against Indivior, the maker of Suboxone. There’s a lot of disagreements against whether Suboxone, the popular opioid treatment, actually works. This opioid treatment is currently being used by many doctors and rehab centers to treat opioid addiction. These charges come just as the government has been taking legal action against many opioid drugmakers. Many people believe that prescription opioids and opioid treatment have been driving the rise in addiction rates and have become [...]

About Flakka: The New Designer Drug

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About Flakka: The New Designer Drug https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gyeVhYTMtmY Flakka  - The New Dangerous Designer Drug Recently, there have been a lot of outrageous stories about people in Florida doing strange things. For example, a man rushed out of his house in Miami a month ago. He ripped off all his clothes and screamed violently while running. This occurred after smoking Flakka, a crystal-like drug. It took five police officers to take him down. The “excited delirium” that the user ends up in seems to create a superhuman strength. With this strength, there is delusion, [...]

Nootropics – Are These So-called Smart Drugs The Real Deal?

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Brain Enhancement in A Pill Form? Seriously? We live in a demanding world where we are being asked to do more (and more and more!). It’s no surprise that people are looking for a way to boost brainpower. And, as to be expected, Americans want brain enhancement to come in the form of a pill or some other easily accessible substance. (Hard work and diligence? Who has time for all that!?) This is where nootropics come in. These so-called smart drugs have been around for years. But, their popularity has increased since Dave Asprey [...]

Phenibut: Facing the Facts

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“There is no drug that is the same as phenibut in the country. So we are really working with an unknown substance here in Australia.” ~ Dr. Jim Finn, Queensland Vice President, Australian Medical Association In February 2018, seven Australian schoolboys from a prestigious private school were rushed to the hospital and treated for drug overdoses. But the real story is the offending substance – a drug so rare that doctors were clueless about the best way to treat them. Up to that point, most doctors had never even heard of using phenibut powder [...]

Lawsuits Against Drug Manufacturers Exploding Across the US

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Every day, it seems as another location joins the growing list of cities, counties, and states who are pursuing lawsuits against drug manufacturers and distributors. Local governments are trying to combat the worsening opioid epidemic in America, while at the same time, hold these corporate entities responsible. In 2016, there were more fatal drug overdoses in America than any other year on record – an estimated 64,000 deaths. That number is correct, it represents a 22% one-year increase over 2015. And the driving force behind this ongoing tragedy is prescription opioids. Right now, there [...]

The Ugly Truth About Drug Trafficking

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Drug trafficking is a serious problem. It goes hand in hand with an assortment of detriments to society: increased rates of violence, higher taxpayer contributions for the justice system designed to combat it, more healthcare costs for the entire country, and of course a more heavily addicted population as a whole. And although we’re funded up to the hilt when it comes to fighting drug smuggling, the truth is our current approach simply isn’t working. No Signs of Slowing Down The drug trafficking business is certainly booming. The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime [...]

What is Salvia and Can it be Abused?

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Salvia is a drug that has become much more common in recent years. It seems as though there are always new drugs being introduced all over the world. It’s possible that Salvia has grown in popularity because so many celebrities currently use it. Salvia is legal in the United States. This causes most people to feel that it is perfectly harmless. In fact, Salvia might not be as harmless as it appears. If you have been using Salvia, it’s important to get the right information about this drug. What is Salvia? Salvia [...]

Risks of Dissociative Drugs like Phencyclidine (PCP)

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What is PCP? Phencyclidine (PCP) was originally marketed as an anesthetic pharmaceutical. Parke, Davis and Company marketed it under the brand name Sernyl. It was used in clinical trials on humans as an anesthetic for surgeries. It was also used as an animal tranquilizer. At first, the medical industry thought of Phencyclidine was a miracle drug. It was an effective anesthesia that didn’t negatively affect the cardiovascular system. The medical industry found that it caused disturbing adverse side effects in humans. They allowed it to be used as an animal tranquilizer when it was rejected [...]