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Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation Center Scams – What to Look Out For

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“It’s a horrible business. It’s ugly. It doesn’t mean all rehabs are bad. But because of the lack of regulation, there’s a huge potential for fraud.” ~ Deb Herzog, former federal prosecutor who has investigated the rehab industry Here’s the bad news –According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration’s most recent National Survey on Drug Use and Health, there are almost 23 million Americans aged 12 and up who have had a Substance Use Disorder within the past year. Here’s the worse news –Only about 3.8 million of those received ANY [...]

Top 10 Addictions People Go to Rehab For

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What are the most common addictions – the ones that are severe enough to necessitate a rehab stay? Top 10 Addictions People Go to Rehab For Right now, headlines are dominated by the ongoing opioid epidemic in the United States. But rehab programs are filled with more than just people who are addicted to painkillers. Understanding the drug hazards that exist is a crucial part of prevention and treatment. TEDS – Tracking Rehab Admissions The best resource for identifying those hazards is the Treatment Episode Data Set (TEDS), a system [...]

Explained: Narconon and Its Connection to Scientology

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Referring to Narconon, Tony Ortega wrote, “Scientology advertises that they’re going to give you individualized drug counseling. And they’re very careful never to tell you that you won’t be talking about drugs at all. You’re just getting Scientology training.” That assertion by Ortega, a journalist who has been writing about Scientology since 1995, does not present a unique or biased position. Rather, since its inception, Narconon has been a magnet for both controversy and criticism. First Things First – What Is Narconon? Narconon presents itself as a substance abuse treatment [...]

High Mortality Rates for Addicts Treated in the Healthcare System: Why Specialized Addiction Treatment is Necessary

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Recent research has shown that there is an alarmingly high mortality rate for addicts treated in the general healthcare system. This research insight makes at least one thing clear: specialized addiction treatment is more necessary than ever. With this in mind, the major question addressed here is: why is the mortality rate for addicts so high, and what can be done about it? The high mortality rate for addicts treated within the healthcare system is only compounded by other behavioral issues (such as tobacco and alcohol use or high-risk sexual behavior) and associated health problems [...]

Which Opioid Replacement Treatments Give You the Best Odds for Long-Term Recovery?

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More and more people are turning to opioid replacement treatments as an option for long-term recovery. Close to a million people in the United States suffer from some form of opioid use disorder – either heroin addiction or dependency on prescription painkillers. With the epidemic on the rise, doctors and treatment centers alike have increasingly been using opioid replacement therapies to address the physical symptoms of opioid dependency in the United States. With so many different pharmacotherapies available for treatment, many patients are left asking: which opioid replacement treatment can give you the best odds [...]

Good Addiction Treatment Could be Costly – But Can it Save Money in the End?

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It is a fact of life that good addiction treatment does not come cheap, leaving many individuals wondering if it can save money in the end. While addiction treatment may sometimes be expensive, this is not always the case. Even when drug rehab costs a great deal, there is no question that it is worth it. Research has shown that effective addiction treatment can save money in the long-run, both for individuals looking to get help with their substance abuse disorder and for society at large. The cost of drug rehab varies greatly, depending on [...]

Are We Really in the Middle of the Deadliest Drug Crisis Ever?

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A deadly drug crisis has swept across the United States in recent years – is this a statement of fact or fiction? From Reefer Madness to laced Halloween candy, there have been many drug scares in the United States. Many of these crises have been overblown, hyped up by the media and over concerned parents. However, the reality is that we may really be in the middle of the deadliest drug crisis ever – it just may not look like what you would expect. Just as truth is stranger than fiction, reality may be more [...]

Overdoses and Fraud Within the Florida Model of Rehab

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Drug Overdoses and Insurance Fraud Within the Florida Drug Treatment Industry Drug overdoses, deaths, and insurance fraud are rampant within the Florida model of drug treatment facilities. The Florida Model of Drug Rehab When this model first came about, it was done with the best of intentions. The goal was to help patients function within a community, without relying on drugs to do so. In many, this involves sober living homes that offer a safe living environment. Prior to this, patients attend an inpatient drug detox center, and then go on to inpatient rehab. Once [...]

How Patient Brokering is Ruining the Addiction Treatment Industry

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Patient brokering is ruining the addiction treatment industry, even though many people have not even heard of the practice. If that is the case, take the time to read through this post to understand how patient brokering works, what to look for, and what the alternatives to this approach are. While there may be laws against patient brokering, the sad fact is that some corrupt individuals will continue to try to make extra money at the expense of those they are supposed to help in the first place. And the practice of patient brokering in [...]

Can Vivitrol Help Me Quit Using Heroin or Painkillers?

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2,629,000 people ages 12 and older struggled with heroin and/or painkiller Substance Use Disorder in the United States in 2015, more people than the population of the entire state of New Mexico. Despite the small amount relative to the entire population, more than 2.5 million people is a significant number of people. The use of Vivitrol shots could help these individuals receive the treatment they need to get sober. Every year the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) conducts the National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH). The survey gathers data on the presence [...]