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We Are Excited for the Grand Opening of Northpoint Washington, Our Newest Inpatient Addiction Treatment Center in Edmonds, Washington

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We have some exciting news! We’ve been preparing for the grand opening of our newest inpatient rehab facility, Northpoint Washington, and it’s finally ready! This addiction treatment center is located in Edmonds, Washington, and will offer the same addiction treatment programs as Northpoint Recovery. Patients can also enjoy the same quality of care. We are hoping that Northpoint Washington will be able to cater to residents who are closer to Washington or who are able to get there. We understand that not Northpoint Recovery may not be a convenient place for everyone to get [...]

Can Vivitrol Help Me Quit Using Heroin or Painkillers?

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2,629,000 people ages 12 and older struggled with heroin and/or painkiller Substance Use Disorder in the United States in 2015, more people than the population of the entire state of New Mexico. Despite the small amount relative to the entire population, more than 2.5 million people is a significant number of people. The use of Vivitrol shots could help these individuals receive the treatment they need to get sober. Every year the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) conducts the National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH). The survey gathers data on the presence [...]

How Can Buprenorphine Help Me During Detox?

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Buprenorphine may sound like another type of dangerous and addictive prescription opioid. It shares a similar ending with morphine, a heavy narcotic painkiller commonly used in hospital settings. With the rise in abuse of prescription narcotics, you may find yourself wary of any medication ending in -orphine. Buprenorphine, however, is used to help drug addicts wean off of other opioid drugs like morphine or Vicodin and opiates such as heroin. Buprenorphine is also an opioid medication. It activates the same opioid receptors in the brain that heroin and prescription painkillers do. When it activates these [...]

Syringe Vending Machines for Heroin Addicts: A Good Idea or Not?

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Intravenous drug users (IDUs) face a vast array of dangers, some that users of other drugs will simply never have to face. While these sufferers of addiction will, of course, have to deal with the typical fallout that comes with a life driven by the need to use, IDUs are also at a higher risk of multiple additional diseases due to the common practice of sharing needles among the addicted community. As such, establishing needle exchange programs (NEPs), also known as syringe-exchange programs (SEPs) and needle and syringe programs (NSPs), have become an effective method for [...]

Here is an in-depth list of the best rehabs available in the Pacific Northwest

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A List of the Best Rehabs in the Pacific Northwest There are many different options when it comes to rehab centers in the Pacific Northwest.  The treatment options and type of rehab programs available help people from all walks of life. Whether it’s outpatient or inpatient treatment for drugs or alcohol, this is a list of the best rehabs in the Pacific Northwest. 1. Schick Shadel Hospital Substance Abuse Program Schick Shadel Hospital has over 80 years of treating patients with proven methods to absolve substance cravings. Counter conditioning is their treatment for addiction which has [...]

Nutritional and Diet Changes That Really Do Support Detox and Recovery

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“Although we all eat, few really think about what we are eating and what it can do to our bodies. We rely on very incomplete, simplistic, and often incorrect bits of nutritional “knowledge” in making our food choices, and we expect our bodies to cope with whatever we give them. In recovery, this kind of behavior simply doesn’t cut it.” ~Dr. Joseph D. Beasley, MD, and Susan Knightly, Food for Recovery: The Complete Nutritional Companion for Recovering from Alcoholism, Drug Addiction, and Eating Disorders One important element of healing from addiction and a successful return [...]

Wait, Now I Need to Detox from Suboxone?

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“We replaced heroin – which is on the street, and you don't really know what you're taking – with Suboxone, which is still an opiate… Essentially they're addicted to Suboxone. It's substituting something LESS bad for something MORE bad." ~Dr. Peter Grinspoon, M.D. Opioids – which include prescription painkillers like OxyContin or fentanyl and the street drug heroin – are among the hardest of all drugs to quit. Opioid withdrawal symptoms can be harshly unpleasant, often leading to relapse. Medication Assistance Aids in Recovery from Opioid Addiction For decades, the first-line medication for opioid addicts [...]

Methadone: The Scary Truth

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Withdrawing from powerful opioids like fentanyl, oxycodone, hydrocodone, or heroine is hard. Opioid withdrawal symptoms can be both harshly unpleasant and long-lasting, and those withdrawal symptoms are often because of relapse. Most addiction specialists agree that people in opioid recovery need medication-assisted therapy (MAT), specifically opioid-replacement therapy (ORT), that allows them to stay clean and sober so they can progress in their recovery and live safer, more productive lives. The Benefits of Opioid Replacement Therapy ORT provides opioid addicts with the ability to slowly wean from their drug while avoiding the worst withdrawal symptoms. It [...]

Why Medical Detox Just Isn’t Enough to Beat Addiction

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"Imagine trying to live without air. Now imagine something worse." ~Amy Reed, author of Clean When a person has finally decided to get help for a substance abuse problem, the first step that most addiction experts recommend is that they go through a medically-assisted detox. This ISN'T recovery – this is getting ready to begin recovery. What Is a Medical Detox, Exactly? Drug or alcohol detoxification is period of abstinence so the intoxicating substance can leave the body. The main goal of a detox is to largely free the person from the physical compulsion to [...]

Detox Handbook: Withdrawal Information for Each Drug Category

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“The fact is that chemical dependency, the term that includes both alcoholism and drug addiction, is a progressive disease that can be cured. It can only be arrested – stopped in its tracks – through drastic, fundamental changes in the addict’s attitude and behaviors.” ~Chris Beckman, Clean: A New Generation in Recovery Speaks Out When someone has finally sought help for their substance abuse problems – whether it is alcoholism, illicit drug addiction, or the misuse of prescription medications – they are often surprised when they learn that the first step on the road to [...]