Frequently Asked Questions: Heroin Addiction Rehab

The use of heroin in the U.S. has been increasing noticeably in recent years. One of the questions most often asked during the national opioid epidemic has been “Does prescription opioid use become a risk factor for heroin use?” The answer is a resounding “Yes.” Research from the NIDA shows that, after the year 2000, nearly 80% of heroin users reported using prescription opioids before their first heroin use. In 2015, a study found that misuse or dependence on prescription opioids has been associated with a 40-fold increased risk of dependence on or abuse of [...]

Maintaining Sobriety in Times of Stress

  Whether you face a personal crisis or are witness to a national emergency such as the COVID-19 outbreak, maintaining sobriety in times of stress can be difficult. But you are not alone. At Northpoint Recovery, we are dedicated to recovery and helping you maintain your sobriety. We asked our clinical staff at Northpoint Recovery to share some tools, tips and tactics to manage stress (and sobriety) in uncertain times: 1. Meditate: Meditation has been used for centuries to relax, reconnect and calm your mind. It’s a practice that can be done anywhere… sitting at [...]

Opioid Withdrawal Treatment Medication Used During Detox

For many of those who have unintentionally become addicted to their opioid prescription painkillers, and definitely those who have abused opioids, such as heroin, for solely recreational purposes, the first step of any rehab treatment is detoxification, and that may require the use of opioid withdrawal medication to ensure their safety. For those who think opioid withdrawal surely isn’t dangerous, let alone fatal, we encourage you to think again. The abrupt cessation of opioids can produce opioid withdrawal syndrome (also known as opioid discontinuation syndrome) - a set of particular symptoms that occur when there [...]

Police Teach Teens About Drug Addiction in Boise, Idaho

In Boise, police officers have created a teen program that educates kids on what happens when they abuse drugs and alcohol. Addiction is an epidemic in the US and statistics have found it usually starts when adults are teens. In fact, 90% of addicts today will have started using drugs or alcohol during their teens. This is what has prompted Officer Jim Cromwell and others to educate kids from grade 8 to 11 about addiction. The police officers are stepping into health classes all over the Boise School District in an effort to inform [...]

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